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    ETS Servers and nickname generator

    By Kate,



    To use nickname generator select the color you want from the drop down list and enter your letter. After you had entered your full name with desired colors from the drop down list click on copy to clipboard and start your game. Use ~ key to open your console and type \set name "your name with color code". Make sure you use quotes i.e. " ". You can also use ctrl + v to copy paste your name from clipboard. 

    Steps to generate color nickname for Enemy Territory 

    1. Generate your name with color code. 
    2. Left click on copy to clipboard. 
    3. Start Game. 
    4. Open your console using ~ key. 
    5. Type in console \set name "press ctrl key and then v key" and now press enter. Make sure you use " ". 
    6. Example: \set name "Ets|Kate" 



    we will never forget you