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Halloween for ETS 

From Wednesday 18 till 31 October our Silent server is going to change to Halloween.
all are welcomed to come to play with us the Halloween maps and with a new Halloween soundspack .




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  2. z_pcr_skins_v2.pk3

    work with >> mods ?
  3. z_pcr_skins_v2.pk3

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    my fave skins I have had them for >10 years. made by [email protected]
  4. Yesterday
  5. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    King of the Hell - Chaos version by Saussage Warrior -- based on kothet2 and inspired by Ressurection a lil map to play for halloween
  6. Last week
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  8. glitchy

  9. Gardenn_b3

    Version 1.0.0


    Author : Mjx - Scorp. // Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**defendre la porte d entree." 2 "Primary Objective:**empecher la construction de l echelle." 3 "Primary Objective:**defendre le moteur sur le toit." 4 "Primary Objective:**garder les documents secrets."5 "Primary Objective:**defendre l acces au sous sol" 6 "Primary Objective:**construire la barriere a l interieur." 7 "Secondary Objective:**ne laisser pas les allies construire le command post." 8 "Secondary Objective:**construire le command post" // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**detruire la porte d entrée" 2 "Primary Objective:**construire l echelle dans le jardin" 3 "Primary Objective:**detruire le moteur sur le toit." 4 "Primary Objective:**voler les documents secrets et s enfuire avec la moto" 5 "Primary Objective:**créer un passage dans le sous sol." 6 "Primary Objective:**ne laisser pas les axes construire la barriere." 7 "Secondary Objective:**construire le command post." 8 "Secondary Objective:**e laisser pas les axes construire le command post."
  10. Ode to Wolfenstein

    haha funny video
  11. Ode to Wolfenstein

  12. WHY did you like so much ET ?

  13. Addicted to ET when ...

    im half the vote lol
  14. ET pics

  15. enemyterritory_bug_005.jpg

    nope it is a very old image
  16. enemyterritory_bug_005.jpg

    was i driving that?
  17. 2017-10-03-113033-cluedo.jpg

    i can do it too hehehe
  18. Web clan album

  19. 2017-10-03-113033-cluedo.jpg

    dunno how he can move on himself like that lol
  20. Me admin abusing on my silent test server with 50 Bots!!!

    WIll do it either later today or tomorrow depending how tired I am when I get home.
  21. Me admin abusing on my silent test server with 50 Bots!!!

    nah, it's easy enough to plop it into your silent demos folder and watch it in-game. and making this into a video just makes a large video file, rather than a tiny 1-5mb demo file. Also, more guts galore admin abuse here with 59 Bots! and also gives the scope of this being too many bots for a regular game This server should jokingly be renamed to: TooManyBOTS Silent XPsave! 2017-10-02-062411-cortex_who.dm_84
  22. will ask Nick to convert , u dont use Fraps for demo ?
  23. Put this in your silent demos folder and watch the magic happen as you view it! Silent 0.9.0 seems pretty dam stable! 2017-10-02-034835-cortex_who.dm_84
  24. Version 1.0.0


    waypoints are private for test Author: H. Jordan (s7ven) Created: 2006 The Allies must infiltrate the Axis Dam to destroy the Main Water Regulator: either through the Forward Spawn or Back Doors. The Axis must protect the Main Water Regulator
  25. ship + waypoints

    Version 1.0.0


    Author - fetchinist Axis Primary - Defance Allies Allies Primary - Capture the Enigma box And Top secret document, than go to the boat Secondary - Destroy Two 180 rotate rader
  26. pappy.thumb.jpg.445c47156deeed9407ae7de4dab5aedd.jpg

    1. PsychoPappy 4

      PsychoPappy 4

      Dayum! that looks awesome!

    2. Deaditeprime


      i gatta get some more sometime.....seen some cool patterns with you


  27. zz-usef_player_skins

    Version 1.0.0


    tested with silent mod give different colors to the allies and axis but it is just to play for fun
  28. glad to heard but first when guys lag you have to use WinMtr so i can forward the problem to our servers hoster http://winmtr.net/history/
  29. Arta Test version 2 + unfinished waypointing for testing

    it seems my lag issues were from low processor speed (1gigahertz) I have a faster laptop now and the lag is gone.....just need more ram lol
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