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  4. Merry Christmas!!

  5. Demos of weard stuff... and such.

    i just put in a new demo from my NQ server, to demonstrate the features i remember.
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  7. InspirationTuts

    did you heard about Jeremy ? dont saw him active at discord anymore
  8. InspirationTuts

    The final part of Gordon's video presentation, folks, the panzerschrek has been finished :
  9. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    Yep, they don't know how to fix it. The fix is quite straightforward, but it's only easy if you know it . Here's a detailed explanation of the hunkmegs fix on one of our old Clan websites: Hunkmegs Problem Fix
  10. Merry Christmas!!

    Now here's the 12 pains of Christmas!
  11. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    Wolfie i noticed than we still have new ET players (prolly somes are still interested to play this old game and they dont know this hunkmegs issue
  12. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    That means that they have no cap goal, they haven't been shown where the objective is or where it should be placed. @Kate I'm amazed that in 2017 you still have hunkmegs problems in Wolf:ET. We removed that problem years ago, simply by upgrading our old computers .
  13. waypoints requests

    Hi, I couldn't find waypoints for V1 Rocket (Beta 2). https://www.wolffiles.de/index.php?filebase&fid=977 Maybe somebody knows if there are some and where to find them? Update: I found some.
  14. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    The bot problems is that bots dont know where to go with the keycard, they just run around in circles back and forth not knowing where to go with it. I like the goldrush version we have on now
  15. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    will have more times tomorrow to start a poll what are the botfiles problems for beerun ? i like lmyself a lot this map
  16. nc_dyno_11292010b7

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    get into the christmas spirit with christmas dynomite! do not modify any of the models without permission from admin @ noobcity.com
  17. zdrcxmas06

    Version 1.0.0


    **DRC** DAS REBELLION CHRISTMAS PACK repacked by **DRC**SIPPENHAFT This is a combination of a few great christmas packs from years gone by with some added items by me! INCLUDES: Santa hats for Allies Reindeer hat with antlers for axis Snowball grenades Christmas tree minemarkers Colored satchels for axis and allied cov opts Ribbons on ammo and health packs Rockin Christmas tunes at map end for axis and allies Red and green constructables ORIGINAL WORKS and BIG THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: Meyerinchains - [email protected] SlauGhteR [NAD] EB www.spyjuice.com towofu [email protected] http://towofu.s5.xrea.com/rtcw/index.html How to use this file: Place the pk3 file in your ET folder for whichever game you play. IE etmain, ETpub, ETpro etc... You can modify this item but PLEASE leave the thanks to the original creators!
  18. z__christmas_aio

    Version 1.0.0


    This mod was created by -=([A])=-Hudson: This will make the allies and the axis have a fairy wand instead of knives, the landmines will be santa sacks throwing presents, the ammo crates are christmas crackers helmets are replaced with halo's and wings mortar shells will be huge santa's Installation: Put the file pk3 in your mod folder (Jaymod/etpro/etpub or etmain if no mod installed) then start your server, that's it. Distribute it as you wish but if you would like to say thanks come to: http://alienz.clanservers.com/phpBB/index.php or The Alienz server at: contact: beemans_hunny at hotmail dot com
  19. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    cuz with silent mod players have crash with these versions : is why we run sw_goldrush_te and all the fueldumps versions cause hukmegs issues for guys except the fueldump_uvf
  20. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    The original bremen is fine. do go on about that script for saberpeak. why not go back to the classic goldrush, sw_goldrush_te sucks. i like the classic fueldump, however that tigerdump map sounds interesting.
  21. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    nope for our server to many problmes with maps and hunkmegs and with silent goldrush ga and gals suck bad for saberspeak we have the script already
  22. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    For Goldrush use Goldrush GALS, it eliminates the Axis camping the gold so much in the bank, there's new ways into the bank: Goldrush GALS For Saberpeak, make sure you have the new Allied spawn scripts or the Axis will own them. For Bremen, use Bremen Truckmod, the version where the truck can be destroyed, this gives the Axis a fairer chance to win the map: Bremen TM For Fueldump, use Fueldump Z Beta 2, it's a beautiful version of the map: Feuldump Z For some different Fueldump fun, play Tiger Dump, where the Axis attack the fueldump instead. This version is amazing and includes the superb Tiger Tank Model, created by Ischbinz: Tigerdump
  23. InspirationTuts

    Yes, Kate, they are finishing their version of "Bergen", which will be superb fun to play .
  24. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    @Kate That's a great idea! if i am to post it, i will need the entire map rotation of the main server. but it's probably better if you post it since you know the entire map rotation.
  25. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    voted but maybe post a poll for the maps we run atm on our main server ? and for sure not maps who cause issues with hunkmegs ( fueldump, cortex , transmitter and few others more ) resurrection ? lol it is an halloween map
  26. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    I put this up to see what maps out of the ones in this list here that everyone wants, please vote for whatever you want. DEMOCRACY!!!! More can be added if desired!
  27. InspirationTuts

    they dont created other maps since the etl_frostbite_v4 ?
  28. InspirationTuts

    This is part 2 of Gordon's video series, creating the new Panzerschreck model for "Wolfenstein - ET: Legacy" :
  29. InspirationTuts

    Gordon from "InspirationTuts" has now started his new Panzerschrek model for "Wolfenstein - ET: Legacy", a weapon that I'd love to see being added to the game :
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