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  1. omni-bot_0_85_RTCW_Raspberry_Pi + omni-bot_0_85_RTCW_64bit + omni-bot_0_85_RTCW

    RTCW:Omnibot is a modification for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Return_to_Castle_Wolfenstein. Some general modifications have been made to the 1.4 SDK. 
    ===Bot Features===
    * 99 fully supported maps (complete waypoints / scripts)
    * Complete Class and Weapon support
    * Riding movers (trams, trains, etc)
    * Targeting of breakables
    * Customizable difficulty settings
    ** Aim skill
    ** Combat behaviors
    * Elevator usage
    * Switch usage
    * Routing
    * Class Management
    * Role Management
    * Complete Goal Support
    ** Artillery
    ** Dynamite
    *** Plant
    *** Defuse
    ** Steal
    ** Return
    ** Checkpoint
    ** Attack
    ** Defend
    ** Roam
    ** Panzerfaust camps 
    ** Snipe camps
    ** Flamethrower camps
    ** Venom camps
    ** Revive Teammate
    * Scripted Goal Support
    ** Airstrike
    ** Call for supplies ( medic packs and ammo ) 
    ** Deliver supplies
    ** Dispense ammo
    ** Grenade target 
    ** Supply self ( for medics and lieutenants )
    ===General Mod Features===
    * Hitsounds
    * Colored Crosshairs
    * Local time in hud
    * Crosshair Pulse
    * ET / OSP style Table Stats
    * Shrub like /stats command
    * Private Messages
    * Fixed Physics
    * Helmet Protection
    * Drop Items
    * Throwable Knives
    * Instagib game mode
    * ET / OSP colors
    * Weapon Flash
    * Blood Flash
    * Objective Info Prints
    * Warmup Damage
    * Water Revive
    * NQ / ETPub Killing Sprees
    * ETPro Antiwarp
    * End of round awards
    * Banner Messages
    * Goombas
    * Shoving
    * Corpse Dragging
    * Tap out reports
    * Revive reports
    * Gib reports
    * Right aligned overlays for fps, kills, spree, speedometer, and ping
    * Extra clips
    * OSP's goat sound for knife kills
    * Reinforcement time offsets
    * Poison needles
    * Betting and Buying system
    * Deathmatch support
    * Kickable Airstrikes and Grenades
    * Binoculars for all classes
    * Unlockable weapons
    * Flag locking
    * Grenade Packs
    * Smoke Grenades
    * LUA support

    The mod is installed in two locations; an omnibot folder for the game folder and an omni-bot folder which contains the bot dll as well as waypoints and scripts.
    Unzip the archive to your Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder.
    It is recommended that the zip be copied to the games root folder as a user with root priveledges (default is /usr/local/games/wolfenstein). Extract the zip to this location. Once extracted, the omnibot_path must be set in either the server config or wolfconfig_mp.cfg. It must be set to the exact path of the omni-bot folder. Alternatively, you can start the game and set the value in the console; /seta omnibot_path /usr/local/games/wolfenstein/omi-bot for example. If set with the console, a map_restart is required.
    Copy the lua library from the with_lua folder to the RTCW root directory that contains the game executable ( wolfmp.exe / wolfmp ). Copy the qagame library from the with_lua folder to the omnibot mod folder (replacing the existing qagame). Note that for linux, the file extension is .so while in Windows it is .dll.
    ==Starting Omnibot==
    There are two ways to start the mod. One way is to start Wolfmp.exe, then select options / mods / omnibot. The other way is to create a shortcut. To do this, copy your Wolfmp.exe to the desktop, then right click it. Select properties, then add +set fs_game omnibot to the target line:
     "C:\games\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\WolfMP.exe" +set fs_game omnibot

    ===Difficulty Settings===
    Aim and Combat movement difficulty can be set with bot commands.
    * /bot difficulty - from 0 to 5, default 3. 0 is easiest, 5 is hardest
    * /bot moveskill - from 0 to 4, default 3. 0 = off, 1 = easy, 2 = medium, 3 = hard, 4 = random per bot
    ====Server Vars====
    =====Extra Clips=====
    Add extra clips to players when they spawn
    default 0, x : x = number of extra clips
    *g_engExtraClips - max 9
    *g_ltExtraClips - max 9
    *g_mauserExtraClips - max 3
    *g_medExtraClips - max 9
    *g_panzerExtraClips - max 3
    *g_pistolExtraClips - max 3
    *g_soldExtraClips - max 9
    *g_venomExtraClips - max 3
    Enables the usage of the /giveammo # command
    default 0, 1 to enable
    NQ / ETPub Killing Sprees
    default 0, bit flagged cvar:
    *1 - killing spree
    *2 - death spree
    *4 - multi-kill
    g_announcer 7 enables all messages / sounds 
    zinx ETPro antiwarp
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Display end of round awards'
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Allow players to bet against each other
    default 0, bit flagged cvar:
    *1 - enable betting
    *2 - enable buying
    Limit bots to a specific team
    default 0,  1 = axis, 2 = allies
    Supply classes other than lieutenants with binoculars
    default 0,  bit flagged cvar:
    *1 - soldiers
    *2 - engineers
    *4 - medics
    Allow bots to target injured players
    default 1, 0 to disable bot gibbing
    Enable team deathmatch mode
    default 0, 1 to enable. requires map_restart
    Cheat Protected, renders client hitboxes
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Enable dragging of corpse using +activate
    default 0,  1 to enable
    When enabled, Medics and Lt's will drop packs when gibbed
    default 0, 1 to enable 
    Simulate fps movement advantages for 125 or 333 fps
    default 0, 1 = 125 fps, 2 = 333 fps
    Checkpoints cannot be re-captured
    default 0, 1 = disable recapturing of checkpoints
    Enable Shrub like goomba kills
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Optional override of default goomba damage
    default 0, #: g_goombaDmg 999 for instagib at all fall distances
    If a player has a helmet, headshot damage is reduced to 20. Ammo replaces a missing helmet.
    default 0, 1 to enable
    The http server for windows clients to download maps from
    default www.s4ndmod.com/downloads
    An alternate game mode where all players use an unscoped mauser. Headshots, thrown knives, and some explosions instantly gib
    default 0, 1 to enable
    Allow kicking of Airstrike cannisters and / or grenades
    default 0,  bit flagged cvar:
    *1 - grenades
    *2 - airstrike cannisters
    The amount of damage a thrown knife deals
    default 35
    The amount of grenades a Lieutenant spawns with
    default 1
    Display the amount of ammo a teammate currently has
    default 0, 1 to enable.
    The directory in which to load map specific configs
    default ""
    example: g_mapconfigs "mapconfigs" will search for omnibot/mapconfigs
    note: a default.cfg in the map config directory is loaded in cases where a map specific config does not exist
    The amount of throwable knives a player can have
    default 5
    The amount of grenades a Medic spawns with
    default 1
    =====g_msg1 - 10=====
    Banner message strings
    messages for the banner as strings. g_msg5 = "This is my message" for example
    Banner message position
    default 0,  0 = console, 1 = chat, 2 = center print
    Enable Banner Messages
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Time in milliseconds for multikill registration
    default 1000
    Disable global voice chat for spectators
    default 0,  1 to mute spectators
    Allow lieutenants to supply grenade packs
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Medics can poison enemy players
    default 0,  1 to enable
    The amount of damage each tick of poison deals
    default 10
    Allow player to player private communication
    default 0, 1 to enable
    Enable gib reporting
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Enable revive reporting
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Enable Tap out reporting
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Enables usage of shortcuts in chat messages
    default 0, 1 to enable
    Enable Shrub like shoving with +activate'
    default 0,  1+ to enable where 1+ is the distance to shove.
    example: seta g_shove 60
    Disable shoving along Z axis (prevents wall boosting)
    default 1,  0 to disable
    Allow lieutenants to throw smoke grenades
    default 0,  1 to enable
    The amount of throwable knives a player starts with
    default 0, any number greater than 0 enables usage. -1 grants infinite throwable knives
    Unlock all weapons for all classes
    default 0, 1 to unlock weapons
    Allow damage to be given in warmup
    default 0, 1 to enable
    Allow players to be revived under water
    default 0, 1 to enable
    ====Client Vars====
    Enable the OSP style announcer sounds
    default 0, 1 to enable
    * prepare to fight
    * fight
    * axis win
    * allies win
    Disable the blood splotches when taking damage
    default 0, 1 to remove the blood splotches
    Disable the full screen flash when taking damage
    default 0, 1 to remove the flashing
    Adjust color of crosshair as string or hex
    Default white
    Strings for colors:
    * white
    * red
    * green
    * blue
    * yellow
    * magenta
    * cyan
    * orange
    * mdred
    * mdgreen
    * dkgreen
    * mdcyan
    * mdyellow
    * mdorange
    * mdblue
    * ltgrey
    * mdgrey
    * dkgrey
    * black
    note: this can also be changed via the in game menu
    Toggle the pulsing of crosshair
    default 1, 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled
    Toggle the different modes for display of crosshair names
    default 1, 0 = disabled, 1 = white names, 2 = colored names
    Enable drawing of kills or current spree in right aligned overlay - '''version 2 only'''
    default 0,  1 = kills, 2 = current spree
    Toggle the drawing of local time in the hud
    default 0, 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled
    Enable drawing of ping in right aligned overlay - '''version 2 only'''
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Enable drawing of speedometer in right aligned overlay - '''version 2 only'''
    default 0,  1 = mph, 2 = kph, 3 = ups
    Enable drawing of the stopwatch sprite - '''version 2 only'''
    default 1,  0 to disable
    Enable flashing of weapon icon on certain events ( firing, etc )
    default 0, 1 to enable
    Enable OSP goat sound for knife kill - '''version 2 only'''
    default 0,  1 to enable
    Enable playing of sounds when shots hit a player
    default 0, 1 to enable
    Disable the flash when firing a weapon
    default 1, 0 to disable the flashing
    Enable usage of OSP fonts in hud. Requires vid_restart
    default 0, 1 to enable
    Enable info prints when objectives are completed
    default 0, 1 to enable
    ====Client Commands====
    Bet against an opponent that you will kill them before they kill you
     /bet <partial name> <num credits>
    Buy some items with your earned credits. Players earn credits by killing, completing objectives, and betting other players
     /buy <ammo | health> 
    example: buy health
    Displays in console how many credits you have accumulated
    An alternative to /kill that does not send the player to limbo. Useful in friendly fire off games to benefit from a quick revive
    Send a private message to one or more clients
     /pm <full or partial name> <message>
    Print current round stats to console
     /resettimer - restarts the spawn timer countdown. use this command when you notice an enemy has just respawned 
     /timerset <seconds> - the spawn time in seconds for the enemy team
    using this command will render enemy spawn time in cyan next to your own spawn time. note that you must use the command /resettimer in order for it to be accurate.

    * crapshoot - integrated omni-bot support, added mod features, waypointing, and scripting
    * DrEvil - creator of the omni-bot framework
    * palota - updated omni-bot for RTCW from version 0.82 to version 0.85
    * Jaskot / GeekFestStarter - omni-bot team member
    * AG3NT - provided some mod code, beta testing, waypoints / scripts
    * 420Blunt / FireItUp - beta testing, waypoints / scripts
    * S4NDM4NN - provided some mod code and bug fixes
    * Guerna - dedicated server beta testing
    * TeamWhore / Old Lady Giblet - ubersoldat mod developer, provided some mod code
    * tjw - private messaging code from etpub mod
    * Denny - Fritzbot team member who graciously gave permission to convert his waypoints to omni-bot
    * The BindleStiff - Fritzbot team member who graciously gave permission to convert his waypoints to omni-bot
    * OSP - Announcer sounds, goat sound, fonts and some mod code
    * (LuNaTiC)Marcus - beta testing, feature requests
    * NoQuarter - Killing spree code, debug player hitbox code
    * Chruker - some bug fix code from project bug fix
    * etpub - LUA api code, fling code, spawn timer code
    * splashdamage - antilag code in the et sdk
    * |ToaK|JD - feature requests, bug reports, beta testing, hosting of several omnibot rtcw servers
    * n00b-l00ps - mp_depot waypoint improvements
    * madaaron - feature requests
    ==0.85 RTCW Change Log==
    64-bit iortcw is supported
    === BOT ===
    Added cvar omnibot_logsize (maximal file size in KB), -1 will disable logs, 0 will overwrite file every match
    Added script goal property LimitToNoClass
    Added you can pass 0 for all teams to MapGoal.SetAvailable and MapGoal.SetAvailableInitial
    Added WeaponFireMode.AimOffsetZ
    Changed log files are written to omni-bot/rtcw/logs (if the folder exists)
    Changed initialization is logged only if LogInfo is true in omni-bot.cfg
    Changed waypoint property is cleared if value is empty string
    Improved Server table is immediately updated when players connect or disconnect
    Improved help command is sorted
    Fixed memory leak caused by GameMonkey threads
    Fixed crash in AddBot if bot is kicked in ClientUserinfoChanged
    Fixed jumplow waypoint flag did not work at tank barrier or pile of box crates
    Fixed weapon mask was 64-bit and could not be used for mod specific weapons, now it's 128-bit
    Fixed InFieldOfView returned correct result only if bot had same Z coordinate as enemy
    Fixed DrawTrajectory was not accurate
    Fixed CalcTrajectory always returned null
    Fixed CheckCharged parameter of HasAnyWeapon
    Fixed Utils::ConvertString returned true even if string could not be converted
    Fixed some console commands expected integer parameters, but got float
    Fixed waypoint connection remained closed after blockable flag was removed
    Fixed new connection between blockable waypoints was not blockable
    Fixed crash if there was error in waypoints file
    Fixed bot killed himself after command bot.Enable(false)
    Fixed stuckage if paththrough navigation called Goto to unreachable destination
    Fixed bot sometimes could not reload if two weapons needed to be reloaded
    Fixed GetRandomWeapon
    Fixed indentation in log files
    Added trigger Flag dropped
    Added new functions IsCarryingFlag, CanGrabItem, GetNearestDestination, GetAllEnemy, GetAllAlly, GetMountedPlayerOnMG42
    Added TraceLine returns contents and surface
    Added DistanceBetween and DistanceTo parameters can be MapGoals
    Added GetGoals and QueryGoals have parameter Sort (values are none,priority,name,random)
    Added GetWaypointByGUID and GetAllWaypoints return waypoint name in result table
    Added Goto parameter can be a table of vectors
    Added HasAmmo can have 2 parameters (ammotype, amount)
    Added GetNearest,GetNearestEnemy,GetNearestAlly can search for multiple classes
    Added constants SURFACE.SLICK and SURFACE.LADDER
    Added file names in gm script error messages
    Added rtcw_autoexec_user.gm is executed after rtcw_autoexec.gm
    Added InitializeRoutes script function for Map scripts
    Added SetAvailableMapGoals 3rd parameter can be a table of goal expressions
    Changed MaxUsers trackers are separate for each team
    Changed QueryGoals and GetGoals delete all items from table before writing result
    Changed GetGoals does not sort goals by priority
    Changed console commands are sent to goals even if they are handled by global Commands table
    Changed BlackboardDelay,MarkInProgress,MarkInUse do not require mapgoal parameter
    Changed blocked waypoint connections are visible, color is dark grey
    Changed errors from SetAvailableMapGoals are printed by Util.MapDebugPrint
    Fixed crash if dlclose fails
    Fixed crash in ClientJoined event
    Fixed Finished did not work inside Enter callback
    Fixed condition if(vector) failed if vector.x was zero
    Fixed GetUsePoint
    Fixed ConfigGet with 2 parameters saved null to config file
    Optimized region triggers
    Optimized initialization of file system and weapons
    Removed options [Script]/Debug, [Script]/EnableRemoteDebugger, [Debug Render]/EnableInterProcess, [Downloader]
    Removed empty lines in error messages
    Added functions IsNull, SetGoalRole, ClearGoalRole, GetLocalCommand, Wp.GetClosestWaypoint
    Added waypoint navigation flag INFILTRATOR
    Added function Log has optional parameter: 0=info, 1=warning, 2=error, 3=critical
    Added path not found message if goal is unreachable
    Added parameter to SetAvailableMapGoals to ignore error if goal does not exist
    Added constants DEBUG.FPINFO, DEBUG.EVENTS
    Improved ReloadGoalScripts replaces scripts for all bots, it's not necessary to kick them
    Improved navigation at beginning and end of path
    Changed current goal is not aborted if bot is stuck and finds new path to the goal
    Changed ScriptGoal is delayed or disabled after script exception
    Changed global Server table is initialized even if map has no waypoints
    Changed IsStuck returns true if StuckTime is equal to parameter
    Changed functions SetGoalPriority, SetMapGoalProperties, SetGoalRole, ClearGoalRole print error message if goal does not exist
    Fixed crash in Omnibot_LoadLibrary if omnibot_rtcw.dll was not a valid Win32 application
    Fixed function UnitCircleNormalize
    Fixed IsStuck returned false if bot was stuck and jumped
    Fixed IsEntityValid called GetEntityClass if entity handle was invalid
    Fixed gm table indexes of type Vector3
    Fixed current goal was instantly aborted if LimitTo was used inside Enter
    Fixed deleted ROUTE goal remained visible
    Optimized updating blocked or dynamic paths
    Optimized Goto if bot is already at destination
    Removed goal loading and weapon loading messages from log file
    Optimized path planner
    Optimized sensory memory
    Updated ladder navigation
    Fixed ENT_ENTER_RADIUS to fire if bot is already within radius
    Fixed QueryGoals to randomly shuffle all returned goals
    Fixed ScriptGoal.LimitTo issues
    Fixed SetAvailableMapGoals was enabling all goals if parameter 3 was not a string
    Disable LookAroundState at doors
    Fixed Route nodes to work on slopes
    Fixed SetMapGoalProperties to work inside trigger functions
    Fixed MapGoal.RemoveWithEntity
    Fixed logger error masks
    Fixed some events were not always fired
    Fixed paththrough goals were able to be interrupted
    Added paththrough property set on waypoint does not require reload
    Fixed b.HasRole, b.HasPowerUp, b.HasAnyEntityFlag, and b.HasEntityFlag to check all parameters
    Added bot has default spawn point at start
    Added waypoints are loaded from nav and incomplete_navs folders
    === MOD ===
    Added cvar omnibot_render_distance to limit waypoint drawing distance from the player
    Changed drawing does not use boost interprocess library
    Changed message "Omni-bot Loaded Successfully" is printed only after successful initialization
    Fixed GetEntityOwner sometimes returned invalid entity
    Fixed crash if print parameter was too long
    Optimized drawing of waypoint radius
    Added version info to DLL files
    Fixed Axis engineer got XP for defusing his own dynamite
    Fixed error SP_team_WOLF_objective: exceeded MAX_MULTI_SPAWNTARGET
    === GOALS ===
    Added coversplit property to PLANT goal
    Changed ATTACK goals are limited to 3 bots in progress
    Changed AIRSTRIKE,ARTILLERY,SNIPE goals are limited to 1 bot in progress
    Fixed stance property could be set to wrong values
    Removed many useless properties from goals gm file in nav folder
    Changed high level goals were moved from library to gm scripts
    Changed DEFUSE goal prefers dynamite which has been planted sooner if there are 2 dynamites at the same objective
    Changed FLAGRETURN goal has limited range
    Improved MOUNTMG42 can be used concurrently by both teams
    Added timedout message in CHECKPOINT, REVIVE, MOUNTMG42, REPAIRMG42, SWITCH
    Fixed priority was not reset to zero after map goal became unavailable
    Fixed new ARTILLERY_S or ARTILLERY_D goals were sometimes created in ground
    Fixed error if test bot was kicked during Goto
    Changed medics don't kill teammate who is carrying a flag
    Changed disablecm property of CAMP goal is toggled if goal_setproperty command has only 1 parameter
    Improved Util.SetMaxUsersInUse can be used to limit number of planted dynamites
    Improved medic does not reload after every bullet when killing teammate for revive and he gives medkits if he fails to kill
    Fixed bots often killed themselves in combat
    Fixed bots were stuck forever if they met in a narrow corridor
    Fixed engineer waited 0.25 seconds before planting dynamite
    Added support for interrupting Defuse goals for higher priority Defuse goals
    Fixed high cpu utilization in goal_paththrough_navigation
    Improved goal selection to be random for equal priority goals rather than sequential
    Fixed goal_paththrough_useswitch behavior while bots are riding in movers
    Fixed bots could not shoot fixed mg42 if reloading while mounted
    Fixed goal_checkstuck to allow enough time for revived bots to be able to move
    Optimized goal_deliversupplies
    Fixed issues in goal_watchforprojectile
    Fixed evaluation used by bots to determine when to reload
    Fixed FlagReturn goal to not query for "Flag.*"
    Improved priority to pick up medkits depends on current health
    Changed bot can say "Hold your fire" more than once per match
    === SCRIPTS ===
    Added ability to give unique names for re-usable region triggers
    Changed Util.ListTableMembers prints both keys and values
    Fixed Server.MinBots
    Fixed script errors when bot is kicked from server
    Improved server manager to balance number of humans and bots
    Added Util.ChangeCrucialClassForRole
    Added Util.QueryGoal, Util.InvalidGoal, Util.RouteTo
    Added region type in debug messages when entering/exiting re-usable region trigger
    Changed debug messages in disablepush,disablecm,breakabledist regions are printed only for bots
    Changed Util.UpdateSwitchData is called automatically by paththrough switch
    Added Util.GetGoal, Util.GetGoals, Util.RandomChat, Util.GetPriority
    Added Util.MapDebugPrint writes warning to log file if last parameter is 2
    Added Util.OnTriggerPosition parameter can be Vector3 instead of waypoint name
    Added all pathfailed messages contain waypoint UID and blackboard delay is randomized
    Changed Util.GetTableValue is case insensitive
    Changed LimitToClass, ExcludeClass, RollCall moved from RTCWUtil to Util
    Changed Util.RandomSpawn does not run in new thread
    Changed Util.ChangeSpawnForRole changes spawnpt in Map.Roles table
    Fixed some functions (Util.SetMaxUsers, Util.OnTriggerPosition, ...) did not print any error message if goal did not exist
    Fixed error in Util.UpdateSwitchData if WaypointName was undefined
    Removed Util.AddBotKickWhenDead, Util.WaitForPlayerSpawn, Util.FollowWaypoints, Util.SetPropertyTeamClassGoal, Util.BotsWithGoal, Util.TeamClassCounter, Util.TestGoalPriorities, Util.AllTeamPlayers, Util.QueryGoal
    Removed global table bot.QueryGoalsTable
    Added Util.ScriptDebugPrint with filtering capability
    === WEAPONS ===
    Changed VENOM aim offset
    Changed weapon desirabilities
    Improved melee weapon is used to attack only if distance is within range
    Optimized some weapons cannot be reloaded and some weapons don't require ammo
    Removed unused weapon properties
    Added WeaponType "item"
    Changed SetDesirabilityRange can be less than DefaultDesirability
    Changed sniper weapons have smaller AimError
    === COMMANDS ===
    Added trigger_bounds command supports writing the RegionTrigger.Create function call to file
    Added optional TRACE parameter to showentityinfo command
    Changed command botgoal prints MapGoal name, not ScriptGoal name
    Fixed difficulty command could not change difficulty of newly added bots, dead bots or bots waiting for a medic
    Fixed difficulty could not be set to -1 which means random difficulty
    Fixed difficulty could be set to 8, but maximal difficulty is 7
    Improved command ab is much faster, it can add 20 bots per second
    Improved sag command (ShowActiveGoals) prints priorities and roles
    Improved sei command (ShowEntityInfo) prints entity categories
    Improved rollcall command prints roles, goal, weapon, ammo, health, difficulty, view distance, reaction time
    Improved tracearty command renders pink line to point of collision if trace fails
    Fixed difficulty command is listed in help and don't need connected bots
    Removed TestMap conditions and ShowMovers from makemapgm command
    Added help with parameter prints usage info for that command
    Added debugbot parameters planner, steer, target
    Removed debug command
    Removed assignment to variable in trigger_bounds
    Improved waypoint_stats prints number of connections
    Fixed crash in waypoint_mirror of selected waypoints
    Added bot goto and bot wait commands for testbot
    Added waypoint_split and waypoint_unsplit commands
    Added warpto command can be used for paththrough points
    Added waypoint_startover command which removes all waypoints without flags or properties
    === TOOLS ===
    Route Maker does not require windows-1252 code page, output script is copied to clipboard
    Updated Notepad++ for omnibot (thx d00d)
    ==0.82 RTCW Change Log==
    === Mod ===
    * Added betting system
    * Added dropped weapons include ammo from clips
    * Added g_mutespecs cvar
    * Added Round End trigger passes along winning team
    * Added /injure command for self kills without limbo
    * Added g_kickItems for kickable airstrikes and grenades
    * Added lua binding for etpub style fling command
    * Added g_binocs to unlock binoculars for different classes
    * Added auto cancellation of complaints if team killer revives the player
    * Added g_unlockWeapons for allowing all classes to use heavy weapons
    * Added g_flagLock to disable recapturing of checkpoints
    * Added lua binding for SetTeam which ignores restrictions
    * Added lua binding for setting map while preserving nextmap ( so rotations continue to run )
    * Added g_poisonDmg
    * Fixed hitbox for injured players
    * Fixed several issues related to extraClips and weapon / ammo pickups
    * Fixed dyno chaining to not explode enemy dynamite
    * Fixed max lives temp bans to not be enforced for bots
    * Fixed remove weapon event to not be called for bots entering limbo
    * Fixed unnecessary /killing for bots in some instances
    * Fixed defuse event to always be fired for bots
    * Fixed GetEntityTeam for dynamite
    * Fixed buffer overrun in the say_team command
    * Fixed bots avoiding team grenades / airstrikes when friendly fire is disabled
    * Fixed revived client sometimes being warped to wrong client
    * Fixed an aim spread issue for smg's
    * Fixed and re-enabled g_antilag
    * Fixed bug with multikill
    * Fixed goombas to ignore dmflags
    * Improved the /follow command to accept a partial name
    * Increased range for dragCorpse
    * Removed buggy g_smoothclients cvar
    * Replaced death spree award with knife kill award
    * Several code cleanups based on valgrind output, gcc warnings, and static analysis tools
    === Bot ===
    * Fixed mg.SetRoles and mg.ClearRoles to preserve existing roles
    * Fixed b.SetRoles and b.ClearRoles to preserve existing roles
    * Fixed duplicate GetPriority calls when a bot spawned
    * Fixed crash in waypoint_mirror command
    * Fixed script goal OnSpawn callback
    * Fixed option table parameter in GotoRandomAsync and GotoRandom script functions
    * Fixed potential buffer overrun in CheckWaypointForGoal
    * Changed PostMapLoad to not require a map script
    * Updated PHYSFS from 1.1.1 to 2.0.2
    === Goals ===
    * Added optional UseAsync property to goal_paththrough_useswitch
    * Added traceline property to grenade goal
    * Added count property to grenade goal to limit number of grenades thrown 
    * Added bots will search for unarmed dynamite at plant goals
    * Added disablecm property to camp type goals to disable combat movement
    * Added Range property to script goals
    * Added RandomUsePoint property for randomizing position for bot to use a goal
    * Added "peek" stance to camp type goals for duck and cover emulation
    * Fixed dispenseammo to not activate when a bot is revived
    * Fixed issues with goal_paththrough_artillery
    * Fixed issues with delivering supplies
    * Fixed bots sometimes not delivering objectives
    * Moved checkpoint goal to script
    * Moved defuse goal to script
    * Moved repairmg42 goal to script
    * Moved revive goal to script
    === Scripts ===
    * Added regular expression support for route tables
    * Added support for passing a table of roles to util functions that set and clear roles
    * Added Util.FindClosestGoal() (thx d00d)
    * Added automated end of round bot chat
    * Fixed script errors on bot disconnect in goal_voicechat
    * Fixed issues in server_manager.gm
    * Fixed issues with the role manager
    * Moved ClassPrimaryWeaponChoice from global to bot
    * Removed death event from class manager
    * Seperated class manager logic into rtcw_classmanager.gm for global accessibility


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