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warmissile_fp4 + waypoints 1.0.0

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FPS problems

  Authors  ETc|gouki Nico$ and ETc|#.Jay.#

Axis Objective Descriptions
 1    "Primary Objective:**Axis -> **Capture The Flag! **Defend the Flag!"
 2    "Primary Objective:**Axis -> **Defend the Generator!"
 3    "Primary Objective:**Axis -> **Destroy the Allies Command Post!"
 4    "Primary Objective:**Axis -> **Repair the Axis Command Post **Defend the Axis Command Post!"
 5    "Primary Objective:**axis -> **Defend the Main Generator!"
 6    "Primary Objective:**axis 6 **example **example "

 Allied Objective Descriptions
 1    "Primary Objective:**Allied -> **Capture The Flag! **Defend the Flag!"
 2    "Primary Objective:**Allied -> **Destroy the Generator!"
 3    "Primary Objective:**Allied -> **Repair the Allied Command Post **Defend the Allied Command Post!"
 4    "Primary Objective:**Allied -> **Destroy the Axis Command Post!"
 5    "Primary Objective:**Allied -> **Destroy the Main Generator!"
 6    "Primary Objective:**allied 6 **example **example"

Changelog for warmissile_fp4

fixed minlight (whole map)
fixed caulk at main generator
fixed cam at main generator
added cams
fixed caulk and brush on flag allies axis
fixed light at main door
added details (whole map. trucks ect...)
added door near main generator
fixed door sound
fixed angle at door
fixed some lights
fixed minimap tracemap
fixed health ammo cabinets
fixed cmarkers on minimap
fixed models on keycard
added cmarker keycard
removed some old models
fixed textures and brushes
fixed landmines on texture grass
added fog
added ambient sounds crickets-, truck/tank-, war- and other sounds.
added rocket start sound
fixed objdata (still not final)
removed spawnflags 2 on all models and added clip
added texture obj map


add sound for both commandposts.
gouki fucked up command post spawn :D

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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