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apennines_b2 + waypoints 1.0.0

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About This File

By: Jacques "Mlehliw" Kvam

Changes from Beta 1
1. No more spawn bugs! Yay
2. Fixed that damned terrain.  It shoots up snow and lets you lay landmines.
3. A little brushwork here and there.

1944.  In the Apennines Mountains, located in central Italy, the axis have construced a remote secret research laboratory.  Through covert operations allied forces have gotten wind of this operation.  They have inserted troops in the immediate vicinity of the facility.  Carnage ensues.

Extract the pk3 out of the zip file, put the pk3 into your etmain folder.

File Info
This is a beta map of Apennines Research
It will only work with Enemy Territory
Build Time: Approximately 1 month
Compile Time: About an hour

Other Readme Crap
If you have stuff to criticize about or just want to tell me what a swell guy I am for releasing this beautiful map for your playing pleasure, email me @

[email protected]

If you really want to you can visit my site http://jacques.curvedspaces.com/et.html
I don't really use or update it but you can still go there if you really want to.

Thank You's
I spose I should thank some people
Splash Damage Forum People: I know I couldn't have finished my map without you guys.
Draker: For releasing that awesome collection of prefabs
All the people who gave great feedback to me.


// Axis Objective Descriptions

 1    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Garage Door from being destroyed."

 2    "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from constructing the Bridge."

 3    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Generator from being destroyed."

 4    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from destroying the Foot Bridge."
 5    "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from breaching the Cellar Entrance."
 6    "Tertiary Objective:**Hold the Forward Spawn."
 7    "Tertiary Objective:**Construct the Command Post."

// Allied Objective Descriptions
1    "Primary Objective:**Dynamite the Garage Door to gain entry into the Axis Garage."
2    "Primary Objective:**Construct the Bridge to gain access to the Complex."
3    "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Generator to gain access to the Foot Bridge."
4    "Secondary Objective:**Construct the Foot Bridge gaining access to Cellar Entrance."
5    "Secondary Objective:**Breach the Cellar Entrance."
6    "Tertiary Objective:**Capture the Forward Spawn."
wm_objective_allied_desc    7    "Tertiary Objective:**Construct the Command Post."

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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