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public_qw_skin_v1 1.0.0

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Enemy Territory-Quakewars-Skinpack
        (2006) by yakusha

         Public RELEASE V.1.0

this skinpack is for all, who cant wait for the ET-QW release.
there a some changes by me taken. this is the first personal version.
you will installed it at ET at your own risk.
if you find bug, feel free to contact me.

    1. delete all other skinpacks in your et folder.
    2. unzip the user_public_qw_skin_v1 file
    3. if you play the et_pub mod plz copy the .pk3 file to this folder
    4. if you want this skinpack on all, copy it to the et_main folder.

        allied troops are changed to GDF forces
        they got desert camo unis and new helmets

        axis troops are changed to STROGG forces
        parts of old axis unis taken

        some sounds of the game are changed
        like the nades explosions, the smoke nade, footsteps

        the loading map and the loading panel are changed
        a new progressbar is added

        there are some huds changed. like the dyno
        new dyno, mine flags eg.

        the limbo menu is changed to new colors

    6.comeing soon
        new weapons will be added
        some more gfx changes

        this is my first skinpack. maybe there will be some
        errors in it. if you find bugs, feel free to contact
        me. i will be very pleased.

    1.new skins not shown
        are you sure, that you have delete or moved all other

        it is possible that the sever didnt have this skinpack?
        to play a skinpack, you need a server with it on.

        for testing, host a own game, unpure server.

 thanx to:    georgedubyabush, reiver, allanon,ezee

 greets to:    (FTP) - <=RoM=> - |WF| - [TFL] - LU - {DAO}

special greets to:    haz, dragonkiss, sloompy, virtoc,arf, alf, duke, yiorgie, syphilis,gourg and all the others

   [email protected]

// you want to run this skinpack at your server?
// contact me at [email protected]

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