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fa_italy_b2 + waypoints in test 1.0.0

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About This File

LightRay mades the actuals botfiles 

sources : discord

fa_italy_b2 Changelog

Tons of feedback and testing brings us a new and improved version of Italy!

-More Roof access

-New route to Flag

-New route to CP

-More mining areas for encouraged Engineer play

-other changes, open areas to improve over all flow of the level

bspname: fa_italy_b2


A remade version of Italy is here and coming to a server near you!

Took a lot of feedback and level testing to bring about a version that should be more balanced and a lot funner to play!  Kind of a shoots and ladders feel to it granting a lot more roof access and new routes to ease the push for the flag and cp along with more!

Smiley and I put a lot of time into this and had some some great help and feedback from @Chuckun @RENEGADE* @CheepHeep and of course @daredevil

Thanks guys for all your helps!!



-Added new route to CP through lower entry way for better level flow and challenge

-All drain pipes are now climbable for more balanced roof accessibility

-Some Roof areas opened for more open play style and play ability

-New route to First flag granting allies a bit more ease from the first spawn and more open space to work with along with a back way to the flag

-Added in more bushes, boxes, table, and trees to new access for cover and accessibility

-More mineable areas including new routes to both CP and flag along with several small missing brick areas in the streets

-Courtyard flag area has second climbable ivy patch to roof

-A good size hole in the old CP spot for level flow and need of use


-A couple of the new mining spots will help stop Jeep from moving forward

-A smoke coverage spot for them folk that like to hide

-A few new sniping and sten work spots

-More mining in general to encourage Engineer play!


allied "Escort the Jeep, steal the Goldcrates, escape!"
axis "Stop the Jeep, don't let them steal the Goldcrates!"
neutral "The Allies have to steal the Goldcrates. Obviously, Axis have to prevent them from doing that at all costs!"

allied_desc 1 "The Marketgate! Dynamite it and drive through!"
axis_desc 1 "The Marketgate! Defend it in order to stop the Jeep!"
allied_desc 2 "Don't let them build another Jeep Barrier!"
axis_desc 2 "Construct another Barrier!"
allied_desc 3 "Last Barrier! Both stairs need a Ramp!"
axis_desc 3 "Last Barrier! Prevent them from building both Ramps!"
allied_desc 4 "Door Gets bombed away when Jeep is in position!*"
                   "Escort the Jeep near to the tower!"
axis_desc 4 "Door Gets bombed away when Jeep is in position!"
                  "Stop the Jeep before it reaches the tower!"
allied_desc 5 "A usual neutral Command Post*"
                  "with another Spawnpoint!"
axis_desc 5 "A usual neutral Command Post*"
                  "with another Spawnpoint!"
allied_desc 6 "Capturable Spawnpoint!"
axis_desc 6 "Captureble Spawnpoint!"
allied_desc 7 "Steal both Goldcrates!"
axis_desc 7 "Don't let them steal both Goldcrates!"
allied_desc 8 "Faster escaping would be made possible*"
                    "by a hole in this wall! Destroyable from inside only!"
axis_desc 8 "Destroyable wall from the inside! Let's escape Allies*"
                 "easier from the Tower!"

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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we just crashed twice at the new FA italy  map

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