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bergen + bergen_pro script + waypoints 1.0.0

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About This File

Welcome to Bergen by The Wolfproject Mapping Team.


A Multi Player map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein-Enemy Territory.

***IMPORTANT*** Please remove bergen_a3.pk3 if you have it on your system!!!***

Please install by unzipping this file to C/…/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain.

This will place the bergen.pk3, bergen_readme and bergen_pro.folder within your etmain folder.

If you wish to play this map on servers running ETPRO then please remove the bergen_pro.pk3 from the bergen_pro.folder and place it in C/…/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etpro.

The map can now be run from the server menu in all game types.

Game Information.

File name:    bergen
Menu name:    Bergen
Game types:    wolfmp wolfsw wolflms.
Players:    6 to 12 per team
Version:    Final


"The Unterseebootwaffe of the 11th flotilla is harassing Allied shipping in the North Sea. As Operation Arrow descends on the Bergen area of Norway the Axis must protect the base from Allied attempts at sabotage."

Allied Objectives:

1. Protect the Armour and escort it until the Front gate is destroyed.
2. Gain a foothold in the Front Bunker.
3. Construct bridge and distroy Back Door.
4. Gain control of the Generator and repair so the base's doors can be used.
5. Set up a Command Post inside the sub pen.
6. Access the Transmitter area by opening doors.
7. Destroy the Transmitter by placing explosives in Bunker below tower.

Allied Constructions:

A. MG nest over-looking the Axis Bunker and Back Door
B. Repair Door control, if the Generator is running then this door can be opened.

Axis Objective:

1. Disable or obstruct the Allied Armour to prevent it destroying the Front gate.
2. Prevent the Allies from gaining a foothold in the Front Bunker.
3. Stop Allies building the bridge and defend the Back Door.
4. Prevent the Allies from using the Generator.
5. Set up a Command Post inside the sub pen.
6. Prevent the Allies from accessing the Transmitter area.
7. Stop the Allies from destroying the Transmitter.

Axis Constructions:
A. Build the Barricade to stop the Allied Armour.
B. MG nest facing Front Bunker.


The Generator is the key to this map. The team that controls the Generator, controls the doors.
The doors are the only way into the Transmitter area.
Each door and the pump in the Generator room have a pressure metter, if the arrow points to red then the Generator has been distroyed and the door can not be used, green indicates that the Generator is working and the doors can be used.

Disguised Covert Op's can use the back door but not the team door at the Axis second spawn.

Bergen was made by:

We would like to say thanks to:
King Lugwigs Army, The Lang Clan, Chosen-Reborn, Shit-storm and all the other folks who helped with testing.

Please report any faults found to: [email protected] or [email protected]

Any comments please post at our forum http://www.wolfproject.net/

Hope you like it and happy hunting.

Copyright Permissions.

ID, Activision & Splash Damage. Original game rights
Original textures have been renamed and included within this file for numerous shader effects.

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional level.
Authors may NOT use Wolf Project Textures from this file.
Authors may NOT use Wolf Project Models from this file.
Authors may NOT use Wolf Project Sound Assets from this file.

You may download the Models for your own use from our site http://www.wolfproject.net/.

You may distribute this BSP through any electronic network, provided you include this file and leave the archive intact.


What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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