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How To Set Your Hunkmegs, Soundmegs, And Zonemegs For Enemy Territory


Lots of players get disconnected when someone play's a song.
This is totaly a memory problem witch can be fixed by the steps as explaind

Now whe gone chance the value of hunkmegs, soundmegs and zonemegs.
Setting value:
Hunkmegs 128
Soundmegs 96
Zonemegs 96
Open your configs:
Go to your Enemy Territory directory example (c:\enemy territory\etmain\profiles\your player name\etconfig
Right click on etconfig and scroll to option open with…… notepad/WordPad select and press left mousse button.
Now the etconfig is opened and you must find hunkmegs, do that you must use the search button adjust, search and give in the word hunkmegs press enter till you found hunkmegs
You see now seta com_hunkmegs “and a value “chance that value to 128
So now you see seta com_hunkmegs “128” close the search and say yes when ask save file.
Now first step is ready
So do that with your soundmegs value must be 96(use steps explain above)
And with your zonemegs value must be 96(use steps explain above)
Go to your Enemy Territory directory example (c:\enemy territory\etmain\profiles\your player name. (Double click on your name)\etconfig.
Use the same steps explain above
Go to your Enemy Territory directory example (c:\enemy territory\noquarter\profiles\your player name. (Double click on your name)\etconfig.
Use the same steps explain above
If you installed this one
Go to your Enemy Territory directory example (c:\enemy territory\Jmod\profiles\your player name. (Double click on your name)\etconfig.
Use the same steps as explained above

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the hunkmegs with soundmegs and zonemegs are defined for the ammount of memmory used to game, sound and textures

The ammount of the 3 of them must not be over 3/4 of your total ram

default values for em:

com_hunkmegs "56"
com_soundmegs "8"
com_zonemegs "16

I think the following config can be the best for your ammount of ram:


/seta com_hunkmegs "96"
/seta com_soundmegs "24"
/seta com_zonemegs "32"

How much RAM do you have? If you don't have a decent amount (at least one gig), then setting higher numbers for ET is going to slow your system down. If you have less than a gig, you should seriously consider upgrading your computer. Basically, if you have a proper amount of RAM, setting your hunkmegs to 128 really shouldn't lag you. If you want to lower it, is to edit your etconfig.cfg files. To do this, go to C:/Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory (default on Windows XP). Open the etmain folder. Look to see if there's a file in it called etconfig.cfg. Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn't. If there is, open it with Notepad and find com_hunkmegs. Change that to 56 or whatever you want and save the file. Now, from etmain, open the profiles folder, then the folder with the name of the profile you use in ET, and open the etconfig.cfg file in there. Change com_hunkmegs to the same value. Go back to Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory and open the noquarter folder. Then go to profiles, choose your profile, and edit the etconfig.cfg file in there, too. Do the same thing for any other mods that you play for which you want the value to be changed. BE CERTAIN TO CHANGE ONLY THAT VALUE. You don't want to mess with your config files unless you know what you're doing. Now, load ET, drop the console, type /com_hunkmegs, and press Enter. You should see something like com_hunkmegs 56 (or whatever number you chose). Connect to WF and do the same thing. If you see something like com_hunkmegs 128 Latched: 56, type /vid_restart in the console. You shouldn't have a latched value if you changed the etconfig files correctly, though.

It seems that it can be changed. but you have to have the same setting in all config files in all mod folders (etmain included) worth a shot.          

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The Hunk Allocate Error Faq

You can check your Hunkmegs setting by starting ET and typing "com_hunkmegs" In the Console, Press Enter.

You will get a message telling you what your current hunkmegs setting is.

You can change it by typing "com_hunkmegs 128" in the Console, Press Enter.

You will be prompted to restart ET for the change to take effect.

The Change will only take effect for the particular Mod that ET defaults to.

To change the hunkmegs setting for a different Mod you must either choose that Mod from the Mod selection menu or connect to the server that is running the Mod that you want to use and Enter the above commands in the Console.

A/1. Quick Solution:
Copy the File
seta com_hunkMegs "128" or more watch before
into your ETmain folder

2. Solution to fix it in ETconsole:
Open your ET.exe, DON´T connect to any server, pull down the console with (~) and type /com_hunkmegs 128 close et now and it will work when you start it next time.

3. Third and definetley longest Solution to fix the problem but it will work for sure:

Go to your default Enemy Territory directory
2. Go into etmain ---> Profiles----> Yournickname ---> open etconfig.cfg with a standard editor

When you get disconnected with a message like:

hunk_alloc failed at xxxxxxx ...

just modify your variable : com_hunkmegs

default value is 56 but is not enough.
change it to 128 in this mode.


Copy the file autoexec.cfg from this LINK in your etmain folder.



Create a file called autoexec.cfg
add this line:

seta com_hunkMegs "128"

save the file

copy it in your etmain folder

NOTE* If you already have this file, just edit it and add the entry.

example 2:

Launch ET without join any server, pull down console (~) and write:  /com_hunkmegs 128 ....close et then the work is done.

example 3: 

edit your profile with wordpad in c:/program files/wolfenstein enemy territory/etmain/profiles/yourname/etconfig.cfg

search and change the line com_hunkmegs "56" to com_hunkmegs "128"

save it and the work is done.

What is com_hunkmegs?

the command com_hunkmegs is used to increase or decrease the size of memory used by the game. By default it is set to 56 which allows the game to run on computers with 64 megs of ram. If your system has more than 64 MB of RAM, you can adjust this value to allow for the loading of more unique models. For example: If you have a machine with 256 megs of RAM you can use the command com_hunkmegs 128 to allocate more memory to the program. You would do this by accessing the game console (press the ~ key), and typing in: \com_hunkmegs 128 (substitute the amount of memory that you would like to dedicate for the "128" in the example above).

4. one more option to fix it

Locate the Shortcut you use to start Enemy Territory
1. Right click the shortcut
2. Click Properties
3. Locate the Line that says Target
- It will look similar to this, 
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe"
Now click in that box and go to the end, then add this to the end of the line,
+set com_hunkmegs 256
It should look like this:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +set com_hunkmegs 256
Make sure you have a space between the " and the +


You are ready. All maps should work properly but remember that you have to do exactly the same in the mod folder if you want to play on our server or just delete the config files of the serverside mods like etpub, jaymod, shrubet etpro, nitmod, silent and it will automatically use the right one from etmain.

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list will stay updated

128mb is already more than enough for every ET maps

they don't even exceed 80mb.

maps/breakout_et_b2.bsp 47165344
maps/bergheim_b2.bsp 48156000
maps/sabotage_b3.bsp 51763840
maps/isle.bsp 38064608
maps/snatch.bsp 28687904
maps/escape_final.bsp 41959872
maps/sd4_wl1.bsp 32391680
maps/monte_cassino.bsp 47914048
maps/carnage2.bsp 35785856
maps/town.bsp 25624480
maps/darji2.bsp 40272256
maps/storehouse.bsp 58348576
maps/summer_palace_b1.bsp 36267936
maps/sot_b2.bsp 41615008
maps/WodanfiresAssault.bsp 35356896
maps/fasthold_sp1.bsp 48712608
maps/2hide_cal_r1.bsp 53284480
maps/school.bsp 34454720
maps/operation_v2_beta.bsp 55623648
maps/nachteinbruch.bsp 40547552
maps/rocketrace_b2.bsp 36220736
maps/marketgarden_et_r2.bsp 41812320
maps/base12_b5.bsp 32061504
maps/mitchelldown.bsp 38907040
maps/et_depot.bsp 48170400
maps/lp1_1.bsp 45851904
maps/ga_el_kef.bsp 32533024
maps/wolfsrudel.bsp 32749920
maps/return2goldrush_b1.bsp 40448864
maps/goldrush2_wx.bsp 45209664
maps/Goldrush2_fk_b1.bsp 47291904
maps/invertedgoldrush_b1.bsp 45917664
maps/sub_base_b3.bsp 47210048
maps/snatch_beta.bsp 30057120
maps/SuperGoldrush_Final.bsp 56320768
maps/xdam.bsp 42355040
maps/tbnsdba.bsp 28140640
maps/sw_fueldump.bsp 55982272
maps/q3dm17.bsp 25460736
maps/facility31_b1.bsp 42729600
maps/karsiah.bsp 36809120
maps/eagles2_a4.bsp 54119904
maps/haunted_mansionb2.bsp 29848992
maps/vio_grail_b3.bsp 42980288
maps/wolken1_cpc.bsp 33032832
maps/uranproject_b2.bsp 59372160
maps/field_hq_b2.bsp 37922528
maps/deltaforce_b.bsp 31250112
maps/colosseum_b5.bsp 45096768
maps/odenthal_b2.bsp 36084192
maps/beachwarbeta2.bsp 21326912
maps/raiders.bsp 58077408
maps/lmsm_final.bsp 56115872
maps/mp_assault_fal.bsp 37371488
maps/mp_beach.bsp 30505344
maps/rttr_b2.bsp 35956448
maps/mml_helmsdeep_b4.bsp 52309888
maps/rs_radars.bsp 48756320
maps/1944_cherbourg2.bsp 34397472
maps/Fata_Morgana.bsp 26245856
maps/starbase_beta.bsp 32180960
maps/doverbridge_final.bsp 26860544
maps/bremen_b1.bsp 36248448
maps/kotr_te.bsp 23281568
maps/uboot.bsp 38462304
maps/wolfsrudel3.bsp 31001344
maps/wolfsrudel3_final.bsp 31265408
maps/mlb_bergheim_09.bsp 47432640
maps/v2base_te.bsp 33494592
maps/leningrad_b2.bsp 53798752
maps/cortex_who.bsp 50462080
maps/wolken2_final.bsp 39595296
maps/base12_b6.bsp 29358688
maps/springfield_pb.bsp 78614624
maps/ruins23.bsp 43621184
maps/beta_low_mount_ass.bsp 32456896
maps/rtcw_depot2.bsp 33846016
maps/ae_sniper_challenge.bsp 31034496
maps/caha_tavern_b2.bsp 49687232
maps/fun_beach_final.bsp 41793216
maps/byzantine.bsp 48941824
maps/Out_Coldv2.bsp 28647936
maps/resurrection.bsp 49017536
maps/snipercastle_b2.bsp 39612192
maps/sniper_marina_b2.bsp 41682464
maps/UJE_CLV.bsp 48893312
maps/chartwell.bsp 35752992
maps/ron_sniper_ruine.bsp 34674272
maps/UJE_hospital_sniper.bsp 48754080
maps/sandheli01b.bsp 29841280
maps/outpost.bsp 31396672
maps/1944_omaha_b3.bsp 33271232
maps/ctf_face.bsp 30024736
maps/ammo_bunker2_b1.bsp 50593920
maps/frost_final.bsp 28742880
maps/glider.bsp 43661152
maps/wurttemberg_b1.bsp 32541408
maps/rfarm_b2.bsp 30696224
maps/reriver.bsp 29982144
maps/baserace_b3.bsp 36789312
maps/Antarctica.bsp 38536704
maps/mp_theriver_2nd.bsp 42889632
maps/duplex_towers.bsp 29574592
maps/ralfunpark2.bsp 28193248
maps/et_assault_beta4.bsp 56926112
maps/supplydepot3.bsp 29204768
maps/whoreage_canyon10.bsp 41677376
maps/xposed.bsp 36517920
maps/chariot.bsp 48735040
maps/svarvadel.bsp 27611264
maps/v1rocket_b2.bsp 46872736
maps/goldrushtest.bsp 50153568
maps/neuschwaben_final2.bsp 48644480
maps/2tanks.bsp 45109120
maps/aa-guns.bsp 39530944
maps/mlb_d_day.bsp 27895520
maps/el_kef_final.bsp 30660320
maps/haunted_mansion.bsp 35710464
maps/al_kad_fp.bsp 57730016
maps/well_d.bsp 42921280
maps/vesuvius_rev_beta.bsp 49525952
maps/vs_radar_camp_b4.bsp 39751584
maps/al_kad_b2.bsp 57538432
maps/bba0-beta2.bsp 45733632
maps/nfl_b2.bsp 34157472
maps/sw_goldrush_te.bsp 44579488
maps/sp_delivery_te_b1.bsp 36692800
maps/goldendunk_a2.bsp 28287872
maps/navarone.bsp 46859360
maps/battery_recharged.bsp 46940768
maps/bloody_omaha.bsp 39266432
maps/trooptrain.bsp 40131424
maps/pha_chateau.bsp 38640512
maps/fueldump_eu.bsp 53502784
maps/transmitter.bsp 52591648
maps/karsiah_te2.bsp 29777440
maps/aus.bsp 50116224
maps/penemuende_b2.bsp 36538400
maps/pha_horus.bsp 39899040
maps/cortex.bsp 49815712
maps/UJE_00.bsp 37051680
maps/StarGate_1945.bsp 38920864
maps/venice_tcrc2_v1.bsp 45651360
maps/graverob_b1.bsp 33946752
maps/baserace_b3a.bsp 34933984
maps/dubrovnik_final.bsp 33725280
maps/cttp_b1.bsp 32450272
maps/tc_base.bsp 29213600
maps/GreatPyramid.bsp 50267328
maps/et_mor2.bsp 40332640
maps/et_ufo_b3.bsp 30777536
maps/jff_playground_b1.bsp 37099264
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maps/dubrovnik_etc.bsp 33580320
maps/rommel_final.bsp 40676768
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maps/mlb_starbase.bsp 31266112
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maps/1944_beach.bsp 35578144
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maps/vio_grail.bsp 51752704
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maps/bucket_v2.bsp 31637056
maps/mml_minastirith_fp3.bsp 30525088
maps/caha_tavern_b1.bsp 51700160
maps/UJE_egypt_attack.bsp 51059456
maps/etdo5.bsp 40316800
maps/etdo6.bsp 34028000
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maps/over_the_top.bsp 34531968
maps/northpole.bsp 55905696
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maps/mlb_hotchkiss.bsp 41726944
maps/goldrush-ga.bsp 49428384
maps/oasis.bsp 51908704
maps/battery.bsp 46973696


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