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waypoints on youtube

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Kate    126


a ssf sage tip 


/bind V omnibotmenu

Create a shortcut of ET.exe with "target box information":

C:\Path\to\W-ET\ET.exe +set fs_game omnibot +exec etserver.cfg +set omnibot_render_distance 2000 +team b  +sv_pure 0 +devmap mapname

How to Start waypointing:

!!Remember to save all the time or you will lose all work!! Press V 1 0. You should get a message "waypoints saved"

/Exec wp.cfg

Press insert to start adding waypoints, run one path, press insert to stop adding waypoints. Repeat this until you have run all possible places bots might go into.

To automatically connect waypoints type this: /bot waypoint_autobuild 1 1 32 400 4        (If you are not satisfied change the last 3 numbers)

Now run around the map and see if there is missing connections or some waypoints are connected only one way. Also make sure that there are no connections that goes through some walls or props. Fix these manually: Press V+1 set waypoints on. Then open waypoints actions window. From there you can connect and unconnect them.

After this you will need to add abilities to bots. Like Jump/Swim/Climb/walk over bridge etc. These are well covered in the tutorial http://omni-bot.invisionzone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Basewaypointing

Tutorial how to waypoint: http://omni-bot.invisionzone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Template:Basewaypointing
Waypoint commands: http://omni-bot.invisionzone.com/wiki/index.php?title=Waypoint_Commands


do note that all commands can be done from the pop up menu by pressing V
or you can type them into console

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-SSF-Sage    11

Also worth to notice that if you use /bot waypoint_autobuild 1 1 32 400 4  you will lose all previous connections. So tweak the last 3 numbers until you get the best predone connections (every map is different). Only after that you should start manually fixing connections. You will always have to manually fix them. There is no way to undo this command.

You can use the command without disconnecting by setting the first 1 to 0. Recommend a manual backup of files in the folder. I only use this command before doing anything else.



Usage: waypoint_autobuild dc[1/0] bbox[1/0] limitheight[#] limitdist[#] maxconnections[#]

Example: waypoint_autobuild 1 0 32 1024 4

  • This command automatically creates connections between waypoints based on the parameters used. It is a time saving function that can generate a pretty good starting point for paths between waypoints. It is not meant to do all the work for you, and will likely need additional cleanup after using where you may need to add additional connections it missed, or removed bad connections in may have added.
    • dc - Disconnect all current connections before auto connecting.
    • bbox - Use a small bounding box when casting the ray between waypoints. Useful for filtering out some connections that clip closely to a wall.
    • limitheight - Only make connections to waypoints that are only within this height difference. Useful to prevent connections between multiple levels in a wide open room, even if there is line of sight between them.
    • limitdist - Only make connections to other waypoints within this distance.
    • maxconnections - Only make a maximum of this many connections. 3-5 tends to be a good range to start with.

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