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NoQuarter Commands

!admintest - Prints out level name and number of the current user.
!ammopack - Gives ammo pack or medic pack to named user.
!ban - Bans a user from the server.
!burn - Sets the target user on fire. They lose many hitpoints.
!cancelvote - Passes the current vote
disguise - Disguises named player.
!disorient -Disorient a player, by flipping their view upside down.
!finger - Gives the current level, IP,Mac and guid of the target player.
!fling - Flings the named user.
!freeze - Freezes the target player in place. They cannot be shot during this time.
!gib - Gibs the target user or all players.
!give - Gives something to target player
!glow - Makes the target glow red (Axis) or blue (Allies).
!help - Shows available commands or shows description of each command.
!kick - Kicks target player off the server.
!launch - Launches the named user.
!listplayers - Lists all players and info about each. Including their team, admin level, mute status, player slot, fireteam letter, and guid stub.
!listteams - Lists all players and info about each
!lock - Locks a team, allowing no one to join it.(r,b,s,all)*
!medpack - Gives medic pack to named user.
!mute - Mutes a player for an amount of time.
!nade - Drops nades around the target player or all players.
!news - Plays the news audio for the named map. If no map is given, the current map is used.
!nextmap - Moves to the next map in the cycle.
!orient - Orients a disoriented player.
!pants - Removes the pants off target player. If no players are specified, it removes the pants of every player.
!passvote - Passes the current vote.
!pause - Pauses the current match.
!pip - Sprinkles pixie dust around the target player. If no players are specified, it sprinkles pixie dust around everyone.
!poison - Poisons the target player or all players.
!pop - Pops off the helmet of the target player. If no players are specified, it pops off the helmet off of everyone.
!putteam - Puts the named person on the specified team.(r,b,s)*
!readconfig - Reloads the shrubbot config file to load any changed made manually to the file
!rename - Changes the name of a player.
!reset - Resets the current match.
!resetmyxp - Resets the XP of the player who gave the command.
!resetxp - Reset the XP of the tager player.
!restart - Restarts the current match.
!revive - Revives the target dead (but not gibbed) user.
!setlevel - Sets the level of the named user to the given number.
!showbans - Lists current server bans in console.
!shuffle - Shuffles the teams based on XP.
!slap - Slaps the target player or all players by a certain amount. Default is 20hp.
!spec999 - Moves players with 999 ping to the spectator team.
!swap - Swaps the allied and axis teams.
!throw - Throws the named user.
!time - Show current local time to the player.
!unban - Removes a userban from the server.
!unfreeze - Unfreezes the target player.
!unlock - Unlocks a team, allowing people to join it.(r,b,s,all)*
!unmute - Unmutes a player.
!unpause - Unpauses the current match.
!uptime - Shows uptime of the server.
!warn - Warns the named user for the given reason.

**r=Axis , b=Allies , s-Spectators , all=All Teams**

NoQuarter Immunities

1.Player cannot be vote-kicked, vote-muted, or complained against.
2.Player will not be auto-censored or spam protected.
3.Player can run commands silently in the console using /!command.
4.Player can switch teams at any time, regardless of team balance.
5.Player can !kick or !ban without a reason.
6.Player can call vote at any time. Disabled voting or voting limits do not apply to the player.
7.Player can !ban without a time limit, the ban is a perma-ban.
8.Player cannot be automatically kicked or put spec due to inactivity.
9.Player is shown as a level 0 with no AKA output in !listplayers.


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Command Flag

admintest a
ammopack J
ban b
banguid b
banip b
burn U
cancelvote c
disguise T
disorient d
dw D
finger f
fling L
freeze E
gib g
give e
glow o
help h
kick k
launch L
listplayers i
Command Flag

listteams I
lock K
medpack J
mute m
nade x
news W
nextmap n
orient d
pants t
passvote V
pause Z
pip z
poison U
pop z
putteam/put p
readconfig G
rename N
reset r
resetmyxp M
resetxp X
Command Flag

restart r
revive v
setlevel s
showbans B
shuffle S
slap A
spec999 P
swap w
throw L
time C
unban b
unfreeze E
unlock K
unmute m
unpause Z
uptime u
warn R
resetxp X
- -
- -


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