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Scrim Guide

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The purpose of this scrim guide is not to significantly improve your shooting and strategic skills but provide you base elements for building a scrim career. This guide makes an assumption that you have good understanding of Enemy Territory and have played public games (not scrimming) for a while. This guide focuses on explaining what scrimming truly is and especially major differences between public and scrimming.
Also in this guide, we will take a look at setting your configuration.


Ultimately, scrimming is a timebased-objective-completition race between two teams.
There are two teams which are trying to complete the objective as fast as possible (attack) when other team is trying to prevent it (defend).
A scrim match usually has 2-3 maps and each map has 2 rounds (one where you attack and one where you defend). First round will be always played against predefined timelimit while second round is played against completition time of the first round (so if enemy team wins in 4 minutes you have to win faster!).
The maps are decided by the teams (if first map is the decided by one team then the second map is decided by the other team). 3rd map is played as a tiebreaker and then cointoss decides the decider.
Winner of the match is obviously the team with more map victories.
Scrimming is a highly competitive game mode, the most important thing is winning and not stats such as kills, damage, accuracy and so on. Also contrary to popular belief, shooting doesn’t play major part in scrimming. Tactics and stragedy does. And , individual skill is shadowed my the team play.

Also, as scrimming is highly competitive, you will face lots of idiots. It’s a lot more harsh than in public so be prepared.

About server configs and their point.
Scrimming should always happen in a server with a config. Configs are files which force specific settings in order to make the game fair.There are different configs for different amount of players (1v1, 3v3, 6v6, etc).

Important thing to know is that even good configs can be modified. They will look mostly same except "This config is certified" is missing above the config name while spectating. If that sentence is missing you can't expect the other team play fair.

Here are also some useful commands which every scrimmers should know.
/cl_maxpackets 100: This command will put maxpackets to 100. High maxpackets value reduces lag. Your maxpackets should always be over 60.
/speclock: Your team can’t be viewed by spectators (excludes referees).
/specunlock: Your team can be viewed by spectators.
/lock: Players can’t join your team.
/unlock: Players can join your team.
/specinvite X: Player with id X can spectate your team.
/players: Here you can see each players id and maxpackets (including yours).
/readyteam: This readies your whole team (don’t use it if your team isn’t ready).
/pause: Pauses the game for 200? seconds (usually you have two pauses per round).
/unpause: Unpauses the game if pause was called by your team.
/cl_allowdownload 0: This disabled download from the server, some servers can have useless must download files with bad download speeds.

Basic Strategy

The basic idea is very simple, kill enemies on long spawn (> 20 spawn time left) which allows you to proceed the objective. Doing this isn’t that simple .
First, you have to known when they spawn. Second is to know which spawn point the defenders will use at each point in a map. So what can you do? Obviously try to weaken them that you can make a push which hopefully gets them down for a while. Second option is to go spawncamp, and when they spawn give them a nice long sleep.
The basic idea is very simple, kill enemies so that they can’t proceed.
You have to create an advantage, an edge. This means that you need to have very good probability to repel their attack. This is why you stick together to outnumber them temporarily.
Crossfire is very efficient because results of 2v1 are usually very predictable. But the biggest problem is that there are different paths and you can’t have superior power everywhere.
That leads to the second big thing which is knowing where they are. Once you know, you can create very powerful defense barrier consisting crossfire and camping.

Probally the most important thing to do whether defending or attacking is to gib killed enemies.

Setting up your enviromentt:

Your gaming environment is also a very important factor as there is no need to try handicap yourself for no reason!


These options can be found from the game. I have also put the cvar value (if I know it) that you can put it in your config. But changing them just here should do the trick.

Double-Tap Prone: Off. Just because of it sucks to go prone accidentally.
Automatic Reload: Off. Sometimes, while fighting it may be wiser to switch Pistol instead of reloading. seta cg_autoreload 0
Autoswitch: On/Off. I like it being off because when I and the game try chance weapon together the result is devastating. It’s all up to you though. seta cg_autoswitch 1/0

Draw Gun: On/Off. This is a bit tricky. It’s weird play without a gun and sometimes you have wrong weapon. But after all, putting it off increased my accuracy. seta cg_drawgun 1/0
Show Compass: On. It’s useful. I use one thing to make Compass appear instead of my face. I think it is Alternative HUD 2 from Et Pro Settings.
Crosshair: I really suggest a small dot. It’s small which easies seeing. Then pick a color like green or red or magneta or cyan. Oh, and shutoff Pulsing.
Custom crosshair size: /cg_crosshairsize xx
Low Quality Sky: If you like beautiful sky then put it off. It eats some FPS though. seta r_fastsky 1/0
Blood Flash: Off. Makes shooting harder. seta cg_bloodFlash 0
Blood Splatter: Off. Makes shooting harder. seta cg_bloodTime 0

Pick nice settings which give steady 60+ FPS. FPS means Frame Per Second which is how fast your screen updates.
“/set com_maxfps XX†to cap your maximum FPS to one point. If your FPS is always same it makes shooting easier.
“/cgdraw_fps 1†to show your FPS.

Sound Quality: 44 khz (Ultra High). Hearing is very important.

Et Pro Options

You can find these by loading EtPro Mod.

Here isn't much things but you can look around and change what you wish. I'm not 100% what all of those settings do.
Bullet Tracers: Other players' only/Off. I think this shows bullets. Seeing your own bullets distracts aiming.
Hitsounds: On. Umm, helps a lot.
Enemy SpawnTimer Menu: This is spawntimer by ET Pro. Easy to use.
Reset Enemy SpawnTimer: It should be clear what this does.
'+activate' Leaning: If you don't use activate button to lean this should be No.
I don't see promotions or player ranks. But it's up to you do you want see them or not.
Draw Fireteam Overlay: Next Spawning Class. This is good. You see what class they are going to use next.

There are several useful binds for scrimming. For example:
Selfkill with forcetapout
Spawnpoint changer
Class changer

Tips & Tricks

Here are the most useful tips I know, most of these are hard to do at the beginning but practice!

Spin, spin!: Whenever you enter a room take a quick look around because camping is very common.
Gibbing: Disabling enemy teammembers gives a big advantage, for example dead Engineer can't plant/defuse.
Grenades: Grenades are very useful because ammo is limited and well a well-placed grenade gibs target instantly.
Selfkilling: Selfkill is very useful way to replenish ammo and health or change class. Do this when several seconds left for spawn.
Pick enemy’s weapon: Good way to get some ammo.
Drain ammo/health cabinets: When you are defending (such as in Oasis) don’t hesitate to grab some ammo. When they capture the Old City they can’t get almost any ammo from cabinets!
Not killing: Scrimming is about the objective, not killing. So if killing has no point (usually it has), don't do it.
Dynamite kills: When defending with Engineer, feel free to plant a dynamite (it's not that rare that it explodes right when enemy passes).
Wait for a medic: Tapping out is usually a very big mistake because of long respawn times.
Knife gibbing: Gib enemies from behind with knife for instant gib.
TK revive: Kill low-health teammate and revive with syringe (saves health packs).
Dynowatch: Cool program, dynamite counter.
Fire in the hole!: Right clicking when holding a grenade automatically sends that voice message.
Detect disguise: When everyone is on fireteam push Num0. After that your fireteam members will have a mark above their head (and disguised enemies won't have this mark).

In the official six map campaign (most common on public servers), Allies are offense for all but one map, Railgun. In Stopwatch Mode (most common for locked or a LAN servers) two teams — most common setups: 5vs5 (previously 6v6) or 3vs3 — will play the same map twice, once on each side and the winner is the team with the fastest offense (it can be a tie when both teams defense manage to keep the offense from completing the objectives until time runs out (commonly known as a "full hold")).

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