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Return to Krefeld Battleground [ET-LAN], Last chance for a LAN event this year

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sources Kemon @discord

http://static.teamoxid.de/kbg2/logo.png https://www.crossfire.nu/news/9078/return-to-kbg-last-chance The "Return to Krefeld Battleground" ET LAN event is currently starting a last attempt at getting an event going this year. If you are interested in participating in the LAN tournament head over to the article linked above. "We need exactly 10 6on6 teams and 12 3on3 teams to make the event happen. If we can surprise ourselves and make it, the event will happen from November 2nd 2018 to November 4th 2018. We need the teams signed up and paid by August 30th 2018!

The prize pool would be 3160€!" 

It would be fantastic if there were enough interest for another ET LAN. The last one was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I'm neither a good/competitive player, nor am I here in November, otherwise I would have suggested a ETL dev team participation to the others^^ Nevertheless, I'm hoping there will be interest from the community. Please share this to all Community Sites you know of.


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