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Some info from TheWolfTeam

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Again something wierd happend to our site and we are tired of needing to backup, fix, upload stuff.
So We are doing some BIG changes.

Our main site and forum will now be hosted at ModDB:


our prefabs if not hosted here or on wolfiles will be on github:


There will also be tutorials on github:

I am sorry for all inconvinience this may cause, but also me and the others would like some time to do other things like mapping and playing.
myself is very occupied in ETLegacy development atm trying to give us a better game visually and is pretty deep into renderer2 and bringing normalmapping,specularmapping and other cool stuff to the game.
so if you want to contact us, you either need an ModDB account or you can join us at Discord at following link:


here you most of time can actually chitchat live with us

Happy Hunting,

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Nice to gave us  your new site link

is a pain when site problems but glad you sorted it out

Thunder can you give me  please the new lines so i can  ypur new site to our affiliates

thanks you



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yes we have mappers around here i will contact them, thanks thunder

and thanks you very much for the donation  :new_give_heart:

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