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    Now here's the 12 pains of Christmas!
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    No Quarter is a modification for the freely available multi-player game, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory by Splash Damage. This Mod offers the public player a unique gaming experience with new weapons, extra class skills and many more new additions and features. This thread contains all of the versions of No Quarter, from 1.0.2 to 1.2.9b6, in their original .zips The last release of No Quarter is 1.2.9b6 - Modified: August 7, 2010. Here is the NQ Wiki on Web Archive: No Quarter Wiki, you will need to go here for all the information on the cvars and shrubbot features. NOTE: NoQuarter 1.2.7 and later require ET to be patched to 2.60b, it will not run on any lower et version. A big thank you to the people at shitstorm for making this extremely fun to play on mod!
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    I put this up to see what maps out of the ones in this list here that everyone wants, please vote for whatever you want. DEMOCRACY!!!! More can be added if desired!
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    voted but maybe post a poll for the maps we run atm on our main server ? and for sure not maps who cause issues with hunkmegs ( fueldump, cortex , transmitter and few others more ) resurrection ? lol it is an halloween map
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    This is part 2 of Gordon's video series, creating the new Panzerschreck model for "Wolfenstein - ET: Legacy" :
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    The Ets Menus for all supported mods, (current release, betas, and all older versions) can be found here: Ets Menus, Private Download Thread.
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    He's a good player, so i say yes!
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    ssword2 | barrocas_base_b8 | beerrun_b7a | villagun_b2 | western | pha_chateau | supplydepot2 | armada_b2 | eaxmas | negoshk_b2 | rocketrun_final | fasthold_sp1 | parisbastille_b3 | de_dusted2B1 | teuthonia_final | UJE_oil | etl_frostbite_v4 | UJE_xmas_warehouse | sp_delivery_te | the_port_b1 | weisbaden_final | river_port | braundorf_final | UJE_castle_xmas | capuzzo | bulldog | rommel_final | snatch3| base12_b6 | ea_base2 | crevasse_pe | northpole | sw_goldrush_te | maps in red are maps added recently and some maps with new botfiles still private cuz in test , thanks a lot To Ray to make all these new botfiles for maps http://enemyterritory-stuff.net/files/ and feel free to ask for maps u want to play Newest Maps
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    Version 1.0.0


    Lorenz presents his new sniper map for Xmas. We are on a Xmas dining table. So, snipe, but do not eat anything, it's all fake... Have fun.
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    Version 1.0.0


    [UJE]Rotterdam xmas 5-12-2015 By [UJE]Niek Adjusted version of Rotterdam for Xmas , so i hope you all like this one and get a warm feeling playing it. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Allies have liberated the Harbor of Rotterdam and are using it's valuable ports. The Axis are attempting to reclaim the city by stealing top secret war documents from the Allied Cargoship, and transporting them out of the harbor with a stolen boat. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Axis objective *Capture the flag *Destroy the power generator *fix commandpost *Build the Ship Bridge *steal the secret document *Steal the Boat *Escort the Boat Allied objective *Capture and Hold the flag *Defend the Power Generator *Prevent Axis from building a Ship Bridge *build commandpost *Prevent the axis from stealing the secret document *Prevent Axis from escaping with the boat ----------------------------------------------------------------- More [UJE] maps: You can see the info about our other maps on our website ----------------------------------------------------------------- [UJE]Clan site www.ujeclan.com ----------------------------------------------------------------- for campaigncycles the map is called UJE_rotterdam_xmas ----------------Credits------------------------------------------- The maker of these wonderfull boat models blackraynestudios for again some nice models to fill the map And too everyone who put in alot of time to keep this game alive. Thanks,