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  2. Masters servers

    My mod is No Quarter Mod 1.2.9 Sorry Kate but the masters server is for server config.
  3. Masters servers

    It's okay, Kate. Needed help with the masters servers. I would like to know which ones are online. thank you very much for your attention. // Master Servers Settings set sv_master1 "etmaster.idsoftware.com" set sv_master2 "master.gamespy.com:27900" set sv_master3 "master0.gamespy.com" set sv_master4 "clanservers.net" set sv_master5 "" Advanced thanks
  4. TMM fotos

    fotos fun
  5. Berghof_Assault_A5 + waypoints

    tnkx worck now .
  6. Berghof_Assault_A5 + waypoints

    good afternoon . They are not from here. waypoints for boots
  7. LRS_Drydock_Sniper_2_beta + waypoints

    helllo no map :-) thanks , sorry to forgot the map pk3, i just updated kate
  8. Wolfadmin-v110

    good afternoon. I ask for help installing (luascripts) On my server. please . I never installed (luascripts) I liked to understand how to install step by step from root. thanks for listening .
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