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Halloween for ETS 

From Wednesday 18 till 31 October our Silent server is going to change to Halloween.
all are welcomed to come to play with us the Halloween maps and with a new Halloween soundspack .





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  1. treelines_pack1

    very nice for creating good environments without cooking the cpu into metal vapor
  2. Hello

    Hi, just wanted to check this forum out and yeah, wish you a merry xmas guess it's appropriate to do so in this time of the year. It's gonna be so nice to go back home in 9 days from now after a hard period on le university with lots of work. btw, about work I've been working on my map minelabs for some time now and it's about to get finished and I really appreciate that Kate here has added my maps in the downloads on this site. thanks! I will of course post here if I make any maps and manage to remember it. well aint nothing more to write really, cheers!