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  1. [MAP] Minelabs Beta 1

    nope, but there's a video tutorial enjoy!!! and btw, I will make a tornament edition soon but to be honest I don't know how to make waypoints, tried before but I don't have the patience
  2. Hello!!! Minelabs Beta 1 is finally released!!! download the pk3 file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwE8VJHGQUuXR2JTUmFzNUFwQWc/view?usp=sharing And the changelog is here: *The gate that previously gave the axis instant acces to the delivery point of the key in the first stage of the map is now closed until the key is delivered forcing the axis to either take a longer route or push through the commanders room where the key is found in order to stack on the delivery point. this will make teamwork and communication more vital in the first stage. *An opel blitz with mg42 is added outside the forest route near the headquarters to give axis more control of the middle hill in the first stage. *The compound where the ammunition supply is has been mirrored and turned to increase the distance that the axis have to travel to the anti tank gun, this will make it easier for allied field ops to prevent the axis from defusing the dynamite once it's planted (using air strikes). furthermore a tunnel has been added to give the allies a protected route to capture the ammunition supply in the second stage as well as to sabotage the axis commandpost. *Once the tank reaches the house with the commandpost the axis can no longer spawn in the commandpost house no matter if they have constructed it or not. *The clip of the tank is now correct and custom command voices is now added, proudly recorded and created by Finn and Fabi. and yeah thats it have fun It has a scriptfix now as well
  3. I wait for working alpha 3 waypoints, then I will release it I dunno why it doesn't work, might be some kind of thing because of my recompile, a3 and a3f uses the same compile so the waypoints are interchangable between the maps. a2 and a3,a3f could be but they are compiled differently
  4. Hi, I've been working some time on a map called minelabs, and here it is finally: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2zdigzu5xwfwor/MineLabs_a3f.pk3?dl=0 Story: The germans has built a laboratory in an old mine since they discovered a copper-carbon based superconductor with the molar mass 666g/mol**The mineral offers exceptional magnetic features and this is now used in an anti aircraft prototype gun. It can launch time fused shell at 2 mach. this makes the gun extremely hard to avoid as pilot. The allies must destoy the prototype and transmitt the documentation. Objectives: (allied attack) Steal the key and unlock the gate Destroy the anti tank gun Escort the tank to the minelabs Steal the documents on the third floor and transmitt them Destroy the prototype gun on the third floor Other: Author: macchute aka oVe Avarage fps on 12v12 server: 40 (with intel HD graphics) you can find screenshots on trackbase http://et.trackbase.net/map/7862 or at thewolfteam: <not posted yet> will post on TWT with a download for waypoints. cheers.
  5. Hello

    Hi, just wanted to check this forum out and yeah, wish you a merry xmas guess it's appropriate to do so in this time of the year. It's gonna be so nice to go back home in 9 days from now after a hard period on le university with lots of work. btw, about work I've been working on my map minelabs for some time now and it's about to get finished and I really appreciate that Kate here has added my maps in the downloads on this site. thanks! I will of course post here if I make any maps and manage to remember it. well aint nothing more to write really, cheers!