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Halloween for ETS 

From Wednesday 18 till 31 October our Silent server is going to change to Halloween.
all are welcomed to come to play with us the Halloween maps and with a new Halloween soundspack .





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  1. salve, question was ... ">what are the 10 maps you like the more to play <" goldrush orig ... first time hear this fueldump orig... first time hear this baserace.... right ..... version 2 worked on 0.9? haunted mansion..........what is this Halloween ? Not asking to load them all on your server,....smile but if you are able, from time to time load some older/orig Maps on...this would make me happy! Grazie - for your great ET. work!
  2. Salve all, away from....Goldrush, Oasis, Fueldump, orig. maps Caen 4, V2base, Venice, Baserace 2, Fata Morgana, Hunted-mansion, TC-Base, Stalingrad, Uje Amsterdam, Library b3, Capuzzo, Mlb Egypt-fix vale
  3. Greetings All

    Salve Morte, what land of Ronaldo .... Madeiras?.......but what is TMM? Vira Vira Vira!