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Bunch of ET Friends
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  1. if you lie down on the very top of plane you go for a ride...capuzzo airport
  2. From the album REQUIRED

    taking a plane ride in capuzzo
  3. lol
  4. classical rocks...so does Queen...welcome
  5. welcome rogue
  6. he was binging on anime then wandered off for 2 days
  7. sig

  8. hiya everybody i'm Gordon, i'm an Omaha native, i used to play a lot about 5 years ago on the GOC server mainly, please excuse my bad English as i am American:)
  9. playername: Deaditeprime invited by Kate Received Invitation from: Kate In Game Name: Deaditeprime Real name: Gordon Hendrix Usher Location: Omaha Nebraska USA Gender: Male Age: 26 1/Reason you want to join: Answer questions 1. What is the best thing about the Ets server? Friendly players 2. What is your opinion on the following things -the map rotation: Is fine and new content added regularly. -the regulars on the server: They are friendly and helpful. -the Ets Friendly group on the server: They seem fine. 2/Reason you want to join (Please put a yes or no beside the choices provided) : 1) To have more power on the server: NO 2) To be part of a friendly community of gamers: YES 3) Other reasons (give them): I like playing on the server and having the chat might be useful. Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? NO Clan name and Reason for leaving? (if you answered yes to above question): Do you have Teamspeak? NO Do you have Skype ? NO How Many Hours A Day Do You Play ET ?: 5 How Many Hours A Week Do You Play ET ?: 36 Prefered Class: Engineer Primary Weapon: MP40 Backup Class: Soldier Secondary Weapon: Flamethrower Hobbies: Dominoes, Sci-Fi, Gaming Favorite Movie: Army of Darkness What music do you listen to: Rock and Metal mainly
  10. or you can go here and click connect... http://et.splatterladder.com/?mod=serverinfo&idx=760215