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  1. Request for Asylum

    There are two kinds of spurs, my friend. Those that come in by the door; those that come in by the window.
  2. Demos of weard stuff... and such.

    i don't understand
  3. Demos of weard stuff... and such.

  4. glitchy

  5. Ode to Wolfenstein

  6. WHY did you like so much ET ?

  7. Addicted to ET when ...

    im half the vote lol
  8. ET pics

  9. enemyterritory_bug_005.jpg

    was i driving that?
  10. 2017-10-03-113033-cluedo.jpg

    i can do it too hehehe
  11. pappy.thumb.jpg.445c47156deeed9407ae7de4dab5aedd.jpg

    1. PsychoPappy 4

      PsychoPappy 4

      Dayum! that looks awesome!

    2. Deaditeprime


      i gatta get some more sometime.....seen some cool patterns with you


  12. Arta Test version 2 + unfinished waypointing for testing

    it seems my lag issues were from low processor speed (1gigahertz) I have a faster laptop now and the lag is gone.....just need more ram lol
  13. Anidees

    hmmm....new computer thinks its 2014 ....excellent.....now all I have to do is trash the firewalls lmao
  14. Anidees

    well if all goes well i will have a new system soon.....trading out for something better
  15. Anidees