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Halloween for ETS 

From Wednesday 18 till 31 October our Silent server is going to change to Halloween.
all are welcomed to come to play with us the Halloween maps and with a new Halloween soundspack .





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  1. z_pcr_skins_v2.pk3

    work with >> mods ?
  2. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    King of the Hell - Chaos version by Saussage Warrior -- based on kothet2 and inspired by Ressurection a lil map to play for halloween
  3. Gardenn_b3

    Version 1.0.0


    Author : Mjx - Scorp. // Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**defendre la porte d entree." 2 "Primary Objective:**empecher la construction de l echelle." 3 "Primary Objective:**defendre le moteur sur le toit." 4 "Primary Objective:**garder les documents secrets."5 "Primary Objective:**defendre l acces au sous sol" 6 "Primary Objective:**construire la barriere a l interieur." 7 "Secondary Objective:**ne laisser pas les allies construire le command post." 8 "Secondary Objective:**construire le command post" // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**detruire la porte d entrée" 2 "Primary Objective:**construire l echelle dans le jardin" 3 "Primary Objective:**detruire le moteur sur le toit." 4 "Primary Objective:**voler les documents secrets et s enfuire avec la moto" 5 "Primary Objective:**créer un passage dans le sous sol." 6 "Primary Objective:**ne laisser pas les axes construire la barriere." 7 "Secondary Objective:**construire le command post." 8 "Secondary Objective:**e laisser pas les axes construire le command post."
  4. enemyterritory_bug_005.jpg

    nope it is a very old image
  5. enemyterritory_bug_005.jpg

    From the album Web clan album

    poor gondola
  6. Web clan album

  7. 2017-10-03-113033-cluedo.jpg

    dunno how he can move on himself like that lol
  8. 2017-10-03-113033-cluedo.jpg

    From the album Web clan album

    psychopappy at cluedo burning the map
  9. will ask Nick to convert , u dont use Fraps for demo ?
  10. Version 1.0.0


    waypoints are private for test Author: H. Jordan (s7ven) Created: 2006 The Allies must infiltrate the Axis Dam to destroy the Main Water Regulator: either through the Forward Spawn or Back Doors. The Axis must protect the Main Water Regulator
  11. ship + waypoints

    Version 1.0.0


    Author - fetchinist Axis Primary - Defance Allies Allies Primary - Capture the Enigma box And Top secret document, than go to the boat Secondary - Destroy Two 180 rotate rader
  12. zz-usef_player_skins

    Version 1.0.0


    tested with silent mod give different colors to the allies and axis but it is just to play for fun
  13. glad to heard but first when guys lag you have to use WinMtr so i can forward the problem to our servers hoster http://winmtr.net/history/
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Meyerinchains's grinch skin pack adapted to the lates nq version. Tested on nq v1.2.9 Tha pack made on 30.10.2010. - including Meyerinchains's grinch skin pack !!!Activate g_realism 4 bitmask in your server config (Covert Ops will inherit opponent's facial features (head) when stealing a uniform (1.2.8 and higher) ) to ensure the best covert experience with grinch!!! and - included Bremen Winter mod - added some snowy textures for different maps - added santa style build sound - added snow_on_battery_v1 mod - champaing mortar bullet and snowball nade - mortar with snowman bullet - added cookie style medpack (like the aura sprite, by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta) - santa rocket ((by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta) + weap file for the proper popup message - xmas tree with stars ornament (by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta) - xmas truck ((by eCo|ischbinz and eCo|katta with a little bit modification) - goat sound changed to xmas style wav - added Easy Company's smoke mod with stars - included fix for basereace winter map - snowman on Baserace map (by |>B<|WingWong and |>B<|peyote) - ribbons on ammo/medic packs - team colored santa hats - xmas themed sounds, ingame sounds (few of them by Hewster from Santamod) - xmas colored effects - xmas themed satchels and mine flags Molotov
  15. Anidees

    what is that ?