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  1. InspirationTuts

    did you heard about Jeremy ? dont saw him active at discord anymore
  2. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    Wolfie i noticed than we still have new ET players (prolly somes are still interested to play this old game and they dont know this hunkmegs issue
  3. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    will have more times tomorrow to start a poll what are the botfiles problems for beerun ? i like lmyself a lot this map
  4. nc_dyno_11292010b7

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    get into the christmas spirit with christmas dynomite! do not modify any of the models without permission from admin @ noobcity.com
  5. zdrcxmas06

    Version 1.0.0


    **DRC** DAS REBELLION CHRISTMAS PACK repacked by **DRC**SIPPENHAFT This is a combination of a few great christmas packs from years gone by with some added items by me! INCLUDES: Santa hats for Allies Reindeer hat with antlers for axis Snowball grenades Christmas tree minemarkers Colored satchels for axis and allied cov opts Ribbons on ammo and health packs Rockin Christmas tunes at map end for axis and allies Red and green constructables ORIGINAL WORKS and BIG THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING: Meyerinchains - [email protected] SlauGhteR [NAD] EB www.spyjuice.com towofu [email protected] http://towofu.s5.xrea.com/rtcw/index.html How to use this file: Place the pk3 file in your ET folder for whichever game you play. IE etmain, ETpub, ETpro etc... You can modify this item but PLEASE leave the thanks to the original creators!
  6. z__christmas_aio

    Version 1.0.0


    This mod was created by -=([A])=-Hudson: This will make the allies and the axis have a fairy wand instead of knives, the landmines will be santa sacks throwing presents, the ammo crates are christmas crackers helmets are replaced with halo's and wings mortar shells will be huge santa's Installation: Put the file pk3 in your mod folder (Jaymod/etpro/etpub or etmain if no mod installed) then start your server, that's it. Distribute it as you wish but if you would like to say thanks come to: http://alienz.clanservers.com/phpBB/index.php or The Alienz server at: contact: beemans_hunny at hotmail dot com
  7. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    cuz with silent mod players have crash with these versions : is why we run sw_goldrush_te and all the fueldumps versions cause hukmegs issues for guys except the fueldump_uvf
  8. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    nope for our server to many problmes with maps and hunkmegs and with silent goldrush ga and gals suck bad for saberspeak we have the script already
  9. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    voted but maybe post a poll for the maps we run atm on our main server ? and for sure not maps who cause issues with hunkmegs ( fueldump, cortex , transmitter and few others more ) resurrection ? lol it is an halloween map
  10. InspirationTuts

    they dont created other maps since the etl_frostbite_v4 ?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    16/12/05 mapname: X-factory Author: s7ven ---> #s7ven or #cfet ! Build time: 9 weeks #|------Instructions------># Map for Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory Place xfact_b3.pk3 into you "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain\" directory. Gamemodes supported: Objective, stopwatch. LMS not supported #|---------Tools----------># -GtkRadiant 1.4.0-ET -Q3map2 -Photoshop CS -http://easymapping.free.fr/ #|---------Thanks---------># -Splash Damage and Activision for the free game! -D3vi4nt, Killerman, K!ller, Aniki, D3vils, Marcus, Ry4n, Apogee... and a lot of others ET players for Beta Testing et bugs reports! -All mappers of http://easymapping.free.fr/ -My team and ex teams and their members : fk (#fk.et), KLR, Docters (#Doc.et), GoC (#GoC*et), TFW (#fusion.wolf), FoS, Army... -Sp├ęcial Thanks to D3vi4nt for the tracemap
  12. kastellederhennes

    Version 1.0.0


    Author: Kyle Lance Proudfoot aka MAZZSiber inspired by a WWII Film Axis 1 "Primary Objective:**Blow The Primary Bridge to slow the Allied assault down!" 2 "Primary Objective:**Destroy The Secondary Bridge too to stop the Allied escape!" 3 "Primary Objective:**Rebuild the Radio Tower to call in reinforcements!" 4 "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allies from Finding and Rescuing the French servants!" 5 "Secondary Objective:**Capture The Command Post to slow the Allied attack down!" 6 "Primary Objective:**Stop the Allied Escape with The Silver Box!" 7 "Primary Objective:**Rebuild the Gas Chambers with the Evil Relic!" Allies 1 "Primary Objective:**Rebuild The Primary Bridge too, to successfully attack!" 2 "Primary Objective:**Rebuild The Secondary Bridge to help Allied escape in vehicle!" 3 "Primary Objective:**Blow up The Radio Tower to stop Axis communices!" 4 "Primary Objective:**Find and Rescue the French servants!" 5 "Secondary Objective:**Capture The Command Post to hasten the Allied attack!" 6 "Primary Objective:**Escape with The Silver Box over The Secondary Bridge!" 7 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the Gas Chambers with the Evil Relic!"
  13. Version 1.0.0


    waypoints private author: maker author : M4ST3R-K1LL3R // Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Protect the military warehouse artillery on B-Site B." 2 "Primary Objective:**Protect the the rocket launcher on B-Site A." 3 "Primary Objective:**Defend the middle door from being breached ( not to repair)." 4 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the barrier roasts on the left." 5 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the defense Back Door." 6 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the rock wall on Top Short A." 7 "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post at here spawn-house and use cover-opp to open the doorlock." 8 "Secondary Objective:**Set up a Command Post inside the warhouse on second floor ." // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:** Destroy the military warehouse artillery on B-Site B." 2 "Primary Objective:**Destroy the rocket launcher on B-Site A." 3 "Primary Objective:**Breach the middle Door." 4 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the barrier roasts on the left." 5 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy defense Back Door." 6 "Secondary Objective:**destroy the rock wall on Top Short A." 7 "Secondary Objective:**Establish a forward Command Post at the house." 8 "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post in the Upper warhouse and use cover opp to open the doorlock."
  14. apennines_b2 + waypoints

    Version 1.0.0


    By: Jacques "Mlehliw" Kvam Changes from Beta 1 ------------ 1. No more spawn bugs! Yay 2. Fixed that damned terrain. It shoots up snow and lets you lay landmines. 3. A little brushwork here and there. Story ------------ 1944. In the Apennines Mountains, located in central Italy, the axis have construced a remote secret research laboratory. Through covert operations allied forces have gotten wind of this operation. They have inserted troops in the immediate vicinity of the facility. Carnage ensues. Installation ------------ Extract the pk3 out of the zip file, put the pk3 into your etmain folder. File Info ------------ This is a beta map of Apennines Research It will only work with Enemy Territory Build Time: Approximately 1 month Compile Time: About an hour Other Readme Crap ------------ If you have stuff to criticize about or just want to tell me what a swell guy I am for releasing this beautiful map for your playing pleasure, email me @ [email protected] If you really want to you can visit my site http://jacques.curvedspaces.com/et.html I don't really use or update it but you can still go there if you really want to. Thank You's ------------ I spose I should thank some people Splash Damage Forum People: I know I couldn't have finished my map without you guys. Draker: For releasing that awesome collection of prefabs All the people who gave great feedback to me. // Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Garage Door from being destroyed." 2 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from constructing the Bridge." 3 "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Generator from being destroyed." 4 "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from destroying the Foot Bridge." 5 "Secondary Objective:**Prevent the Allies from breaching the Cellar Entrance." 6 "Tertiary Objective:**Hold the Forward Spawn." 7 "Tertiary Objective:**Construct the Command Post." // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Dynamite the Garage Door to gain entry into the Axis Garage." 2 "Primary Objective:**Construct the Bridge to gain access to the Complex." 3 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Generator to gain access to the Foot Bridge." 4 "Secondary Objective:**Construct the Foot Bridge gaining access to Cellar Entrance." 5 "Secondary Objective:**Breach the Cellar Entrance." 6 "Tertiary Objective:**Capture the Forward Spawn." wm_objective_allied_desc 7 "Tertiary Objective:**Construct the Command Post."
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Map made by [UJE]Niek and [UJE]C A very peacefull city in the mountains is being disturbed by snipers. No rest now and no peace anymore. Only fights. This is a snipermap with some special stuff. In the beginning of the map there is almost no snow, and after 20 mintes it's loaded with snow. The map is not completely finished but it's good for a beta test. There is a way to cross but it will not be easy. You can go with the gondels to the other site. Hope you get a warm feeling playing in this map and maybe get a winter feeling or christmas feeling.. Have fun ----------------------------------------------------------------- * at the start of the map there is almost no snow and after 20 minutes it's loaded with snow * passing availeble with the gondels * 4 points medic * Funny sounds and christmas sounds * lot's of sniper places * made the map more a christmas map * better vis this time Please take your time to post on our forum for any questions [UJE]Clan site http://www.ujeclan.com