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  1. still no waypoints ?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Release Date: 01/02/17 http://forums.warchest.com/showthread.php/39432-MAP-RELEASE-Dingenskirchen-a-tribute This map is a collaboration between phisherman and me and the result of, in total, more than 4 years of more or less continuous development. It was created as a tribute to the good old times of RtCW. We hope it will bring back some memories to the old-schoolers amongst you. Since this is the second public release, any feedback (ranging from bad texture-alignment to glitches) is welcome. -----Story----- December 1944: The noose tightens around the Reich's neck as Allied forces threaten to cross the Siegfried Line and advance into Germany. In a strategy meeting in an Eifel castle, Kraut high command has worked out plans on how to repel the invaders. Allied intelligence wants these plans destroyed before they can be distributed to the front line. This map has three main objectives instead of one, two of which must be completed by the Allies in order to win the match. This was done in an attempt to prevent the massive objective camping by the defending team on some maps. -----Beta 2----- • The primary subject of the complaints about the first beta were low FPS, which rendered the map virtually unplayable as soon as some action came into play (support fires, explosives etc). Due to the initial openness of the map, which didn't allow for any vis-blocking, a substantial rework of the basic layout was necessary. As a result, the openness has been ditched in favor of a mountain range in the center. This separates the map into two outer parts, village and river/tram. The third part is the castle, which still rests comfortly on top of everything awing the puny player. It was an intentional design choice to keep the castle visible in both outer parts of the map. This obviously means that on the very top of the castle's Bergfried you will see the entire map, which will drain your FPS. This has no huge impact on gameplay, as the Bergfried basically just serves as a cinematic lookout and has no purpose regarding the main objective. If you decide to camp on the Bergfried, we can't help you. • Another big issue was the cluttered castle layout, which made people get lost in the corridors and staircases. The castle interior derived from the Singleplayer structure of the first two RtCW levels and thus, did not look as streamlined as the Multiplayer maps we are all used to. The castle layout has since been improved: Staircases have been reduced to a minimum and all doorways have been set to a wider opening size, allowing for quick movement. There is now also proper routing inside the castle, which allows a bit diversity while still creating viable chokepoints. The overall castle has also received a visual remake increasing the nostalgic effect for the RTCW players among you. • The rather large pk3 size when comparing the map to other custom ET maps has been reported by many as well. A map is downloaded once in your entire ET career (unless you re-install). Modern internet connections aren't as shabby as they used to be. Hence, the pk3 size has increased from 50mb in beta 1 to 60mb in beta 2. There will never be a 'light' version. • We have also received complaints about the Nazi symbolism in the map. The banners have been present in RtCW and leaving them out would (in our opinion) take away some of the original atmosphere. You are playing a World-War 2 shooter game. Denying the fact that the Axis were actual Nazis is denying history. Never deny history, learn from it! Don't fear symbols, remember what they stand for and never let it happen again! -----The End?----- We consider this beta to be the final version of the map. However, you can never know what issues may arise, so we released it as a second beta. Depending on the feedback we receive there might be a third, final version of this map, however it will not receive another total make-over. The .map source-file is planned to be released with the final version. If this version is the final one, then we will release the source-file in the coming months. However, we first want to wait for the feedback. If you find script bugs, map glitches or new places for binocs, please report them to us. -----Specs----- Author: keMoN & phisherman Brush count: 24.541 Entity count (total): 2.680 Entity count (clean): 557 (without misc_model, func_group, splines, light, worldspawn) Compile time: 5 hrs 28 min Development time since last version: 3 years -----Thanks to----- • ischbinz for direct support and his most awesome Tiger Tank • Backsnipe for his eagle model + direct support, suggestions & feedback. • Thunder for the falling tree trunk model. • FireFly for direct support in beta1 + textures. • Krischan for his House Prefab • Gordon 'digibob' Biggans [SD] for his purely magical MD3-to-TAG tool • Detoeni for the animated Tiger tag from Breakout 2 • hipshot for his "stormy days" skybox • simonoc for tutorials + textures. • Eugeny for his HD Retexture Pack • WL6 for textures • McNite for textures • Diego for textures • RayBan for his roq_flame_2 model • The UJE clan for play-testing beta 1 on their server. • The {WeB} clan for play-testing beta 1 on their server. • Everyone else who played beta 1, gave feedback and suggestions or helped in any other way.
  3. yes it is easy to configure an enhmod silent server but i am not sure guys will like so much
  4. Version 1.0.0


    WolfAdmin is a Lua module for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory servers created by Timo 'Timothy' Smit. It is an enhancement of the existing game, mod and shrubbot functionalities, providing you with extra tools to administrate your server. Among the features are advanced logging of player data, a new set of commands your administrators may use and a new set of custom voting options. Finally the module also provides some functionality which was originally provided by popular mods and makes them available on all mods. Features Auto-kick players with no GUID Balancer (both automatically and manually) New voting options New voting menu Admin chat Rulebook Player greetings Database (MySQL, SQLite3) Spree records Alias history Warn history Level history Incognito mode (toggles the @ flag, shows as guest and no aka in !listplayers) Voice muting (blocks vsay and vsay_team) Player locking (same as !lock but now player-specific) Voting timeout (for !nextmap voting) New shrubbot flags to grant new commands and features New CVARs to customize above features Many thanks to the contributors of ET: Legacy, NoQuarter, ETPub and the other modifications for their Lua implementation and inspiration for new features. Also, thanks to: IR4T4 – advice, testing and contributions Ninjadeer – ideas and testing Old-Owl – ideas and testing Spyhawk – advice, testing and contributions Stephan – advice and ideas And last but not least, the Splash Damage team for releasing such an epic game. Download the new version HERE Wolfadmin website HERE Source - Splatterladder Forums - VWOer
  5. Version 1.0.0


    ETJump 2.2.0 is out! ETJump is a trickjump modification for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It is based on etmain and includes bugfixes and lot's of features to give you the perfect trickjumping experience. Changelog: Increased progression tracker limit from 10 to 50. K43 and Garand no longer have any spread. Added spawnflag 8 to target_startTimer to reset the runtimer if pmove is not fixed Added spawnflag 16 to target_startTimer to disable use of save slots and backups Portal gun changes: Both portal gun fire rates are now equal. Lowered the minimum allowed distance between the portal gun portals. Changed other players' portal color 1 to green to make it more distinct on light surfaces. Enhanced vote UX Spectators can now see the y/n count. Selected y/n is highlighted. Revoting is now possible. Players can change their vote 3 times 10 seconds after the vote. Removed unused cvars. Vsay now plays the same voice for every player. Fixed a click event issue in the widescreen UI. shooter_rocket can now hit players. renamed target_tracker tracker_setIf key to tracker_set_if to match the other keys. fixed long map name not flipped correctly on map loading added spawnflags 2 for weapon_portalgun entity to make it rotating around its center added spawnflags 4 for all item_* and weapon_* entities to make them bobbing if they are floating in the air (1) vid_restart no longer breaks timerun timer. misc_landmine no longer crashes the client. CHS 50 displays the last jump coordinates. !spec now correctly only tries to match players that are not spectating. Added two new spawnflags for target_startTimer 32 disable explosive weapons pickup 64 disable portal gun pickup Drowned players are now correctly put to spec after a period of inactivity. Added worldspawn key nooverbounce. Disables overbounce if set to anything but 0. Surfaceparm monsterslicksouth enables overbounce on maps with no overbounce enabled. Added spawnflag 8 to target_teleporter. Works like 4 (preserves yaw) except keeps the pitch value as well. trigger_teleporter now supports same spawnflags as target_teleporter. Added overbounce watcher. You can save a position and the watcher will display whenever you are pointing at an OB location. etj_drawObWatcher to toggle the OB watcher. etj_obWatcherX/Y to change the location of the watcher. ob_save <optional name> to save the current position. Saved position will be displayed. ob_load <optional name> to load the saved position to be displayed. ob_reset to remove the displayed position. (Nothing will be displayed) HUD/UI clean up (replaced some drawchars on proper text drawing method) Value 9 for etj_drawSpeed2 now displays only tens in speedometer (ignores hundreds & thousands) Added 'etj_drawMaxSpeed' variable and etj_maxSpeedX/Y/Duration to display max speed from previous load session Fixed a bug in etj_noActivateLean Added vote_minVoteDuration to limit how fast a vote can pass after the callvote. Source: etjump.com
  6. What is the CONSOLE? How do I open it? * Press your ˜ (tilde) key to bring down the console. (Normally the key above the TAB and below the ESC). Every command should be entered in the console to make it work. Too bring down the console in full screen press ALT + ˜ (tilde) and use the scroll wheel of your mouse to navigate up or down inside the console. Demos: You can take a demo doing this: /autorecord This is to start recording.(It goes into the console) /stoprecord And this is to stop it. (It goes into the console) Other way to take a demo is inserting this in your cfg: Bind F12 "vstr demotoggle" set demostop "set demotoggle vstr demostart; stoprecord; echo ^(Stopped Demo set demostart "set demotoggle vstr demostop; autorecord; echo ^(Recording Demo set demotoggle "vstr demostart" This gonna start recording when you press "F12",and then stop it, when you press it again. The videos that you take,gonna be placed here: Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etpub(jaymod/nq/silent/etc)/demos Well, this is the default location. To see the video,you only have to start the game W:ET,go where it says "MODS",clikc in the "MOD" that is your demo,then,go where it says "REPLAYS",and open your demo. If you want to share your video or post it in forums,you can do it from here: Mediafire Screenshots: You can take a screenshot in ET doing this: / autoscreenshot (It goes into the console) Other way to take a screenshot is inserting this in your cfg: Bind F11 "Autoscreenshot; screenshotjpeg" This gonna take a screenshot everytime that you press "F11" The screenshots that you take,gonna be placed here:Program Files/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etpub(jaymod/nq/silent/etc)/screenshots Well, this is the default location. If you want to share your screenshots or post it in forums,you can do it from here: ImageShack
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Map made by [UJE]Niek 08-08-2009 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Pretend youreself in the Wildwest. Only this time no cowboys and indians but snipers. It's set in 2 towns both on the edge of a river. Go find some good spots and kill them all ----------------------------------------------------------------- More [UJE] maps: You can see the info about our other maps on our website ----------------------------------------------------------------- [UJE]Clan site www.ujeclan.com you can get omnibot waypoint files from our site by [UJE]map info ----------------------------------------------------------------- for campaigncycles the map is called UJE_wildwest_sniper ----------------Credits------------------------------------------- Too all who keep this game alive
  8. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Supply Depot (pro version) Name : Supply Depot (Night) Map File : supply_pro.bsp Script File : supply_pro.script Release : 18.01.2009 Changes by : eTTp`Igloo Website : www.WolfTeam.pl Total Size : 3,23 MB Players : 28 Allies : 28 Axis Mods : All PROPERTY : supply_pro.tga;supply_pro_cc.tga;cm_depotwall.tga;cm_thegate.tga;cm_blank.tga <-------------------------------------------------> HINTS: -> (very bright configs are IMO not looking good at all) So visit the folder /cfg/ and see some infos about configs! -> I left some possibilites to edit the map with mapscripts <-------------------Contributors------------------> This great map was created by: -> Ginc Name : Supply Depot Release : 15.10.2006 Map File : supply.bsp <-------------------------------------------------> <--------------------Changelog--------------------> <-------------------------------------------------> -> December 2008 Added/changed: - map's lighting (the night theme) - truck has the health bar (it's destructible/repairable now) - the truck stops - mg42 bunker & tunnel's entrance - new, modified from supply3 piece of bunker in the base - 2 glass windows in the base, near crane controls (undestroyable) - ammo/hp cabinets (axis base) - spawn protections over the sky - (off by default) - some door & window frames are wider - mine protection (can't arm a landmine near allies' primary spawn) - more spawns (better possitions up to 28 vs 28) - clock is set to 20 minutes - new textures - more clipping - corona lighting (except tunnels) - and many small things... Fixes: - the broken-for-artillery roof in axis' supply depot - scripting (details in the .script file) - gold's loading process (pure animation) Bugs: - some VIS bugs at the top of the CP's roof.. (if you strongly don't like it, it's possible to disable this new feature) Note #1: This edition was created with a view to upgrading all bugs, enlarging the spawns (& doors/ways/areas), reducing spawnkilling for public servers with lots of players. The map looks similar but I've reworked many things from the very beginning (like rocks/trees/light bulbs)... now it should be more interesting! It's a different version, I wanted to make it another way.. but that's everything I can do for now. Note #2: Unfortunately I couldn't find a person with map's source so I had to redo everything from scratch (it seems the source was permanently lost?!). But the quality remains high (if it's not higher!) :> Note #3: Nah, just play it and enjoy the Enemy Territory <---------------------Details---------------------> Description : A large crate full of gold is being temporarily stored in an Axis supply depot. The Allies are attempting to break in and steal it with the aid of a truck. The Axis will defend their supply depot at all costs. Objectives : : Allies 1. Primary: Breach the Forward Bunker Gate with dynamite. 2. Primary: Breach the Depot Gate with dynamite. 3. Primary: Escort the Allied truck to the Depot crane. 4. Primary: Construct the crane controls on the upper level of the Depot warehouse, and operate the crane to load the gold onto the Truck. 5. Primary: Escort the Allied truck out of the Depot and escape with the gold. 6. Secondary: Breach the West Depot Wall with dynamite. 7. Secondary: Breach the East Depot Wall with dynamite. 8. Secondary: Build a command post at the abandoned cabin, and do not allow the axis to do the same. : Axis 1. Primary: Stop the Allies from breaching the Forward Bunker Gate with dynamite. 2. Primary: Stop the Allies from breaching the Depot Gate with dynamite. 3. Primary: Ensure that the Allied truck does not reach the Depot crane. 4. Primary: Stop the Allies from constructing the crane controls on the upper level of the Depot warehouse, and don't let them operate the crane. 5. Primary: Do not allow the Allied truck to escape with the gold. 6. Secondary: Stop the Allies from breaching the West Depot Wall with dynamite. 7. Secondary: Stop the Allies from breaching the East Depot Wall with dynamite. 8. Secondary: Build a command post at the abandoned cabin, and do not allow the allies to do the same. <--------------------Permissions------------------> All original and composed textures or assets in this level remain property of the sources respective owners. You MAY distribute this PK3 in any not-for-profit electronic format (BBS, Internet, CD etc.). You CAN'T recompile this map, remove the original informations OR readme.txt from the .pk3 file. If you have any questions regarding this map, please contact me (this can be done via e-mail OR private message at Splashdamage.com). HOW TO USE IT? 1. Move supply_pro.pk3 into "(enemy territory path)/etmain/" directory. 2. Use "/map supply_pro" (also /devmap) to load the "Supply Depot (pro)" or... 3. ...connect to a server with this map and enjoy! If you want to contact the author, see the readme.txt file inside "supply_pro.pk3". Some things like trick jumps may differ from the original version. EB didn't give me the source file as he unfortunately lost it with a PC crash. So it took me some time to reclaim on my own but it's perfect ;-) I wouldn't release a low quality map anyway, would I! Enjoy this version created specially for large & public servers. eTTp`Igloo Checksums were generated using HashCalc ((C) Copyright 1999-2007 SlavaSoft Inc.): ( supply_pro.pk3 ) MD2: f858684c77a37d5191cf2c79a15c12b3 MD4: c0a15d99ea2e1d7d6cf95fb667cd4656 MD5: 949a3f09d334478c1fda8bec6a4faa9a SHA1: 85de2ba0faa18aebf9227f1db186b0d8f989fe26 SHA256: 2acc44c9cfa363226f90044a421dd354ade8fc355bf87d508b47c1ae57f7fd2c SHA384: cd0c46ed5df85967ff236225b153e10c3255b2b184d61b7b03b2b3fbacf71e250c92bf6aa6f789828358ada3f1c7f13f SHA512: 2f18830e22a0cf3720e306747e1416845d5c2caf9281e715e68bbffce50d96cd2454b59f3e13a4ce0f3dc77970e0c88b6f76d1cba16f42ec047c39dcb1266835 ADLER32: ec27aaa5 CRC32: 19dfab8b TIGER: b422e80a38bb7524345d705c837649239108465734732ffb PANAMA: 67bd6fb9b19c3192e9e5186bc6fd92d5c71df17ab06436db2c06978420ca9d25 RIPEMD160: 19813310b3c2a74cee491877a0ee792b08356993 This is the only trusted version of the map. eTTp`Igloo
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Author : Massive Email address : [email protected] ------------------------------------------------- Map Information ------------------------------------------------- Game : Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Title : Le Mont St. Michel (Final) Filename : lmsm_final.pk3 Version : Final Version Release date : 08/05/2006 Decription : A medium / large sized map designed for public play, reomended for 7 to 20 a side. Installation : Place the lmsm_beta2.pk3 to your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or bring down the console and type: map lmsm_beta2. : NOTE : Reduced HunkMeg usage - Beta1 required seta com_hunkMegs "265" ] in autoexec.cfg Beta2 should use a lot less - it will run standalon in the default setting of 56, although you may need to optimize your server settings to enable players with defualt settings. Please let me know of any hunkmeg issues and solutions omn the forums. I could possibly optimise further in the final release if there are still problems. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Objectives --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # The Allies need to secure the town by taking the church; gain entry to the abbey by blowing the abbey doors or any other means; Locate the Axis Normandy Defence Pans and Take them to the Gun Boat waiting on the North Side of the Island # The Axis need to prevent the Allies establishing a foothold in the Town by holding the Church. Do not let the allies into the Abbey; if they get in protect the normandy defence plans at any cost, do not let them get them off the Mont. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Map Information/Credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks & Credits Blushing Bride, Kevin "chavo one" Ferree and NOP for allowing me to borrow & adapt various elements of their map - Cathedral, Venice and saberpeak. Special thanks to the guys on the Wolfensteinx Surface forums, especially Detoeni & WeblionX who put in effort and time to help me learn & solve mapping problems. Thanks also to Jecoliah for his debugging and the exchanges we had whilst learning together. Many thanks to everyone at http://www.splashdamage.com/ for information about mapping & their help on the forum. Thanks to Ydnar for the sky and sea merge stuff from his example shaderlab map. Thanks again to Detoeni for access to his alpine assault search light models. ken 'kat' beyer for the ladders & I really wanted to work in your kubalwagon, but size restrictions meant cutting the raod entrance to the town :-(. Thanks to to the guys at DooC clan for helping with playability testing as well as Shunter and other PIT members & friends. And thanks to anyone else who feels that they deserve thanking who i might have forgotten. Send me an email and ill make a big thanks to you in the next release. Major changes in Final *Increased areas for mining. *Have to now get onto the boat with the objective, not just near it *New buildable fence at the top of the escape stairs. *New Buildable fence with door in the highsteet before the church. *When Abbey doors are blown, the spawn does NOT auto switch. *Need to now build a command post to enable the allied spawn in the abbey. *Found the "door to nowhere" & fixed. Major fixes in Beta 2 *Lots of brush simplification & technical jiggery pokery to reduce BSP size & Hunkmag usage *FPS improvements : 15%+ by my measurements *A large but'dead' game area removed *Rope access to abbey removed (I can re-introduce the feature if enough people ask,though it will need to be at a different part of the wall) *Street signs added + subtle indicators & hints for direction finding *Some texture tidying & clipping to smooth plaeys passage *Some door widening to ease gameplay *Filled out ambient sounds to cover whole map *Unwanted ww11 sybolism removed *Exploit where players could walk into pillers fixed (thanks Jec) *Blocked door at abbey - unbloacked *Stretched windows - unstretched *Malfunctioning boat guns removed *Many gaps in brushes fixed *Noise added to doors *Z fighting on stairs to abbey allied spawn *Missing caulk on abbey church tunnel entrance. Fixed in Beta1 - after Aplha v1 Release. *Ladder near green restaurant lengthened so you can get out. *barbwire added to wall underneath cloister - to increase difficulty og allies escape jump. Also crates added & some walls lowered *Offensive Poster removed (appologies for my ignorance) *Added texture to rocks (& changed from desert to temperate, not that anyone will notice) *Axis door in Abbey door changed to swing the other way. *Ship fixed - ladders climbable all clip brushes in place etc also includes front firing mounted heavy MG - thanks NOP. *when abbey doors are blown - axis now auto spawn at abbey & not the church if they still hold it *the cliffs can now be landmined *Put a ladder in the pit Gauki (I think) said he couldn't get out of *more lights added *I found the bread to go with the sausage. *Many minor texture glitches *I had to add a clip to prevent access to some of the abbey roofs, all town roofs should be accessible as before. *There was a request to widen the window above the abbey doors, which I've done. ------------------------------------------------- Copyright © 2006
  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Map by Godfathersick boy "THIS MAP IS NOT DESIGNED FOR LMS-MODE!"
  11. Version 1.0.0


    An abandoned area on the outskirts of Marrakech is being used by the Axis top scientists to test top secret new weaponary. Battle rages through this abandoned area as Allied Special Forces attempt a suprise attack on the towns garrison to try and steal the plans before Axis re-enforcements can arrive" briefing "The Allies must infiltrate the Axis held town and locate the labratory, steal the top secret documents case and escape with it back to a nearby truck. The Axis must defend their town and prevent the Allied soldiers from escaping with the plans" axiswintext "The Axis defences were tougher to crack than the Allies suspected, and they were unable to get in to steal the documents as they wanted. Allied Supreme Command are unimpressed with the quality of troops made available to them. The Axis forces have shown themselves to be heroically skilled in defence and can rest secure in the knowledge that their military ability has been proved superior to the Allies. The Axis will retain sizable forces in North Africa for some time yet.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    jump!!! Map by |>EU<|jump and $eniorEa$t"
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This is the second version of my map, it contains some secrets, but you'll have to find those out for yourself... **Objectives: **The Axis and The Allies have to Destroy the opponent's battery's and genereator and defend their own, capture the forward spawn for better acces to the objectives. **Map made by **dP:Hy4ra [dF]!"
  14. Version 1.0.0


    The Axis have constructed a secret factory deep in the south of France where they have been manufacturing large hidden caches of secret weaponry. In order to succeed, the Allied troops must invade the elusive factory and disable the High-Voltage Generator. Symotaneously, the Axis must defend against the onslaught by building a Gate and Command Post while protecting the Generator from Allied Engineers.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    map "ChaosTH" longname "King of the Hell" King of the Hell - Chaos version by Saussage Warrior -- based on kothet2 and inspired by Ressurection