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  1. Version 1.0.0


    UJE_vulcano_escape_B6 Map made by: [UJE]Happy B6 version 13-07-2009 The Axis are stuck between two vulcanos that are about to erupt, they need to get away from there before they do // Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Escort the Churchill tank" 2 "Primary Objective:**Opening the gate" 3 "Primary Objective:**Build the bridge" 4 "Primary Objective:**Get the flag" 5 "Primary Objective:**Escort the truck" 6 "Secondary Objective:**Construct the Command-Post" // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from escorting the Churchill tank" 2 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from opening the gate" 3 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from building the bridge" 4 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from getting the flag" 5 "Primary Objective:**Prevent the Axis from escorting the truck" 6 "Secondary Objective:**Construct the Command-Post" * Adjustments for B2 after testing B1* - The Gate is now working without any bugs. - A path by the brigde. - The MG for the Allies is gone. - A map bug in the terrain of the snow is gone. - More paths in the crack with lava. - One more path to the truck barrier. - The tank stops when its finsihed, no more repeating sounds. - A sign by the switch. - A map for the limbo - menu. - Small adjustment in the .arena. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- * Adjustments for B3 after playing a lot in B2 - Allied Last Spawn, the doors are somewere else. - Axis spawn with the green ligth have the exit on the other side. - An extra entrance at the beginning. - Some models are now gamemodels, so they arent black anymore. - Some trees outside in the beginning. - Door at the beginning is now allied only. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- * Adjustments for B4 after one year - Extra exit for allied first spawn. - At tank bridge 2 walls for axis to shelter for those mg's that were laying there all the time. - At vulcano, can the allies better attack the last path of the tank, bars have been deleted. - Entrances to flag have become larger. - Same corridor for axis above barrier as been made at the end of the truck path. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- * Adjustments for B5 after some tests - Allied CP location changed. - Roofs above truck gone, so arty can be trown. - MG first axis spawn moved. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- * Adjustments for B6 after B5's first test - MG now on platform. - Tank now drives on track. - Allies can't get to axis first spawn. - Axis can get easier over the wall, with path. - Some terrain near Axis CP clipped, because of head vanishing. - Sound at bridge reduced. - Lava underneath bridge not invisible anymore. - Corridor after bridge widthened. - Allied CP moved a little bit, because of stuckness. - Capturable flag, one mm down, because you could see a little tip of the flag when nobody touched it. - Deleted ambient, added some lights, here and there. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- * Adjustments for B6 after requests - Added objectives in Limbo menu. - Added cams for objectives in Limbo menu. - Fixed spawnprotection.
  2. use it to your own risk when the masterlist is down, and ID is keeping quite at the background I've been working on a new masterlist. It would be nice if all server admins could add this master to the server config. I've also modified the ET 2.55/2.60b game file to load up this new list. As soon as ID's master is back up, we will synchronize with their list continuously as well, so you do not need to revert back later. I'm still working on some improvements on the background, but this is a start, didn't want you to wait much longer For server admins Put the following in your server config, then, if you don't want to restart your server immediately, go to rcon and also copy paste the command there. set sv_master5 "master0.etmaster.net" For players Option 1: Download and install Rudi's hosts service, this patch will run as service and send the masterlist through from etmaster.net as long as ID's masterserver is down, if ID's master will be back up, it'll load from there. This tool does not require you to change any files. This option is recommended! Option 2: Download the new ET.exe files Windows: 2.55 is HERE or 2.60b is HERE Linux: 2.55 is HERE or 2.60b is HERE Mac: 2.60b is HERE Option 3: Modify your hosts file and add this to the bottom (USE ONLY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE THE NEW EXE FILES, YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO IT BOTH) etmaster.idsoftware.com
  3. Aperçu Activité Roadmap Demandes Calendrier Wiki Forums Dépôt Quickstarter ET: Legacy About Download FAQ Installation guides Windows Mac OS X Linux Tutorials How to update an existing Enemy Territory dedicated server to ET Legacy (in 5 min) Compilation Guide Wiki Page de démarrage Index par titre Index par date Wiki » Mapping and Textures - map makers’ page Links Important CVARs and commands for map makers and scripters Commands entitylist/entitylist X csinfo/csinfo X Debug start params and CVARS Editors pak0.pk3 file info Unused models/textures/data in genuine PAK files Missing models/textures in genuine PAK files Map optimizations Configstrings or the configstring The map runs into MAX GAMESTATECHARS EXCEEDED error Trigger names and names in *.script and *.sound files New assets How to see what’s inside the string? Map entities & avoid laggy servers How to find possible lag locations (the real ones) Legacy engine and mod info for mappers Engine Mod Must read for mappers Invalid images of shaders Mapping and Textures - map makers’ page All about mapping & game assets. Feel free to add any info, links and hints about ET mapping. Links You’ll find interesting links for mappers and info about models & texturers on our link page. Also nice to know: ET Player Models Documentation and entity & spawns functions Important CVARs and commands for map makers and scripters Before any release of your map you should run the game with different commands and some CVARs set. Read this page to interpret the results and run both ways: game- and listen servers. Commands entitylist/entitylist X csinfo/csinfo X Debug start params and CVARS Run a map in developer mode: +devmap <mapname> +set developer 1 Run script debugging (X of g_scriptDebugLevel is the level of detail) : +set g_scriptDebug 1 +set g_scriptDebugLevel <X> Editors - under construction - pak0.pk3 file info Unused models/textures/data in genuine PAK files gameinfo.dat - default values for game type and some other obsolete values models/multiplayer/flagpole/flag_waypoint.md3 genuine logos Missing models/textures in genuine PAK files flak38 textures & model (aagun) Map optimizations While doing a map mappers can optimize the map and FPS with VIS-blocking, portals and other techniques but there are more things to optimize. Strictly speaking mappers should know some info before they start with editing in map editors so the map can even be used without issue on bigger servers. Configstrings or the configstring The configstring internally controls the game and is splitted into single configstrings. Configstrings are strings containing data related to the game and game state. These are set on the server, and automatically sent to each client. Each configstring is identified by a number, which is referenced by a #defined in the ET gamecode - see game/bg_public.h. A group of related configstrings up to 64 such as CS_MODELS, CS_PLAYERS usually have a symbolic name for the first value, with a number (entity number in the case of CS_PLAYERS) added to to get a particular value. Important to know: Each connected player adds about 140 chars to the configstring pk3 files on the server are part of the configstring (admins shouldn’t put more than 20 maps into etmain folder) Server side forced cvars are part of the configstring! Fireteams reserve configstrings (this is the most case for ingame MAX GAMESTATECHARS EXCEEDED error + object trigger info) When using colors 2 additional chars are added (player names, announcements etc) The map runs into MAX GAMESTATECHARS EXCEEDED error This happens when the configstrings size - the configstring in total - reaches the limit of 16000 chars. This bug is heavily dependant on how many maps/pk3 files are in path because all pk3s in path (fs_homepath and fs_basepath) are stored in the CS_SYSTEMINFO (see cmd: "csinfo 1") twice. By name and by checksum. It’s also dependant on how a map is designed and which settings are done by an admin (see above part "Important to know") What you can do as a mapper/scripter: Shorten the strings - all names! This starts with the name of your map or the name of the pk3 and ends with file names. In general keep names of any game objects short! The configstring is related to admin settings but also considers used names for objects of the map. The Legacy mod has got an additional command to get the size of the configstring. Console "csinfo" cmd will print the total size of the configstrings. You can also add a parameter to this command to print the content and size of a single configstring "csinfo 1". Trigger names and names in *.script and *.sound files Ensure trigger names aren’t too long. See CS_OID_TRIGGERS part in the configstring. Bad example: wm_removeteamvoiceannounce 0 "1944_nordwind2_axis_steal_tank" wm_removeteamvoiceannounce 1 "1944_nordwind2_allies_protect_tank" Better: wm_removeteamvoiceannounce 0 "ax_steal_tank" wm_removeteamvoiceannounce 1 "al_protect_tank" ... and bad sound definitions - see CS_SOUNDS: 1944_nordwind2_allies_tank_stolen { sound sound/vo/1944_nordwind2/allies/hq_allies_tank_stolen.wav voice streaming } Better: allies_tank_stolen { sound sound/vo/1944_nordwind2/allies/hq_allies_tank_stolen.wav voice streaming } The last example is even better if you shorten the path of name of the sound (w/o '1944_nordwind2’). New assets Whenever you add new assets or objects: Use short names. For names of: Shader definitions Files (sound, models) Finally if there are less chars in the configstrings the server has less data to communicate! How to see what’s inside the string? In ET main you can use the /configstrings server cmd to get some info about the string. Some mods have special commands. In legacy mod or NQ f.e. there is /csinfo or /csinfo <configstring_No>. Map entities & avoid laggy servers Above we did talk about game objects - the game entities. In total ET can deal with 1024 entities but for server games it’s recommended not to process more than 500 entities at the same time. One reason is that snapshots only store and process 512 entities - see MAX_ENTITIES_IN_SNAPSHOT 512. Mappers should know snapshot entities are a subset of game entities. They are created per client, related to the view and contain all the delta info for the gameplay. Entities are: players, events, triggers, game models, bullets, dropped weapons/items, spawns, movers ... Some of the these like bullets are probably never observed by mappers. It’s finally also of interest to know how the server is set up. How many med- or ammo packs are dropped on death? More players create more entities ... Run the /entitylist command on your map. Unfortunately this command can’t show all used entities. Some of them (tracers f.e.) are processed during a snaphot and are not cought by the entitylist cmd. From my experience servers start to lag when 'entitylist’ shows about 480 used entities in general. Depending on player/bot count. Maps starting with about 300 entities (no player connected) ensure high player counts. Maps as fueldump (about 400) start to lag when there are more than about 34 players connected. Simply add some omnibot waypoints to your map and start a local bot server. You’ll notice the player limit in your lagometer Obviously there is a conflict between nice looking (also good gameplay) maps and having no lags on the server. Just think about each entity when creating a map ... How to find possible lag locations (the real ones) From my experince (IR4) after dealing some years with the engine I figured out there is a real lag when many game objects have to be freshly rendered into the game (this isn’t a real surprise is it?!) You can reproduce these lags on stock maps especially when many players are on the server and in sight. Start a listen server with 20 bots (or join a populated game server) and enable the lagometer (cg_lagometer 1). Watch the lagometer at given map loctions - see attached screenshots: Fueldump near last asis spawn on the stairs and Goldrush path to first barrier (the popular route for bunny hopping). On both paths there are granted lag spikes. So what’s going on? It took me a long time to understand this probably because I don’t set the related debug cvar any day. At both locations there is a massive update of potential visibility data. Set r_showtris 2 (or see screenshots at bottom of page) to see what I’m talking about. Legacy engine and mod info for mappers The ETL engine and legacy mod support some extra options for mappers: Engine The Engine supports *.ogg sound files Mod Extra script_movers spawnflag 1024 - sets flamer damage only Extra trigger_multiple spawnflag 512 - trigger can be used by disguised players only Extra trigger_multiple spawnflag 1024 - trigger can be used when player is carrying an objective only surface parm 'slag’ in shader definitions enables mud movement in/under water entity misc_aagun is available and basically working see attached file (harc = 360, varc = 45) wm_set_main_objective command in map scripts does no longer expect a number - in order to make it work use the target (not targetname!) of trigger objective info (TOI) - see oasis.script of pak3 Must read for mappers Invalid images of shaders It turned out there are shaders defined with an invalid image (not in path). Whenever you include these in your maps ensure you add the given image explicitly. Don’t trust definitions of decals.shader file! Important - we did identify more shaders without image see https://dev.etlegacy.com/issues/992 Examples: textures/decals/corrosive_sign { qer_editorimage textures/xlab_props/sign_c17.tga (*not in genuine pak2*) polygonOffset surfaceparm pointlight implicitBlend textures/xlab_props/sign_c17.tga (*not in genuine pak2*) } textures/decals/burnm_01a { qer_editorimage textures/decals/burnm_01.tga (*not in genuine pak2*) polygonOffset surfaceparm pointlight implicitBlend textures/decals/burnm_01.tga (*not in genuine pak2*) } textures/decals/hay { qer_editorimage textures/props/hayd.tga (*not in genuine pak2 - textures/props/hay.tga is in path?!) polygonOffset surfaceparm pointlight implicitBlend - } fueldump.jpg - lag location (235,533 ko) IR4T4, 28.03.2016 08:37 fueldump_r_showtris_2_1st.jpg - r_showtris 2 enabled before (501,46 ko) IR4T4, 28.03.2016 08:38 fueldump_r_showtris_2_2nd.jpg - r_showtris 2 enabled after (774,583 ko) IR4T4, 28.03.2016 08:41 goldrush.jpg - lag location (254,839 ko) IR4T4, 28.03.2016 08:42 goldrush_r_showtris_2_1st.jpg - r_showtris 2 enabled before (551,919 ko) IR4T4, 28.03.2016 08:42 goldrush_r_showtris_2_2nd.jpg - r_showtris 2 enabled after (717,8 ko) IR4T4, 28.03.2016 08:43 aagun.zip (50,194 ko) IR4T4, 23.09.2016 12:30
  4. i just been on our ets DOI server still dunno how to load more maps lol
  5. @Kemon i been on an et legacy server and had an horrible FPS
  6. @ Kemon i will contact you
  7. sources splatterladder _____________________________________________________________ Starting from the next 2.76 release, only the "XP" earned in the current map or campaign will be displayed. The Skill Rating has been gradually implemented in the past Legacy release, with the final version being currently tested on our official test server. Connect now to etlegacy.com to have a preview of the system! _____________________________________________________________ The idea is simple: Skill Rating is a new, proven metric that can be used to compare skill of players over time. As FPS require skills in multiple areas like reflex, planning, tactical analysis or teamwork, with the relative importance of these skills depending on the map, game mode, player roles or team compositions, a skill rating can be defined as a measure of "all parameters of a player that help his team to win" and calculated using a statistical approach. The idea of using statistics to estimate the skill of players isn't new. ETPub implements such a metric with its "Player Rating" that gives a normalized skill score. However, "Skill Rating" of Legacy mod is modeled after TrueSkill, a more modern algorithm that has been developed by MicroSoft for its XBox matching service. • It has many advantages over the ETPub's PR, and is very well documented. • It has been extended to take map bias into account. • Ranks will also be adjusted to reflect the rating of the player, instead of reflecting the skill levels and XPs. The better you perform the faster you'll rank up. However beware, several 'bad' matches and you might lose a rank again. What is Skill Rating? It is a value between 0 and 50 assigned to each player. It represents its ability to help his team to win the map. Rating will be updated after each map played at intermission. New players will have a rating of 0, and it will increase over time. The rating value determined by using the strength of the team, time played in each team and the map. The performance of disconnected players is taken into account. What do I need to do to have a good Skill Rating? Do whatever is necessary to win the map. What are the percentage numbers displayed on scoreboard (using double Tab)? The first value represent the real time estimate of each team winning the map, while the second is the map bias. The numbers show that the current game is unbalanced! The rating system takes balance into account when updating rating. It is thus "fair" to lose an unbalanced map. Winning a map against a much weaker team will not increase your rating much, but losing against a weaker team will make your rating drop sharply. Conversely, to increase your rating quickly, join the weaker team and win as an underdog! More information on ET: Legacy Skill Rating HERE ET: Legacy website HERE Source - SplashDamage - KeMoN
  8. tested in private with Topcat and waiting for waypoints now and to have the public release to can play this map on our etmain server
  9. Version 1.0.0


    // Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Keep the Top Secret Documents from being taken by the Allies." 2 "Primary Objective:**Keep the Allies from constructing the Radio Transmitter. If they manage to construct it destroy it at all costs!" 3 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the Bunker Door to keep the Allies from reaching the forward bunker." 4 "Secondary Objective:**Defend the Sea Wall entrance where the Allies have an alternative route to the top secret documents." // Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Steal the Top Secret Documents." 2 "Primary Objective:**Construct the Constructible Transmitter and transmit the stolen Top Secret Documents." 3 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Bunker door and capture the forward bunker." 4 "Secondary Objective:**Destroy the Sea Wall entrance where you can find an alternative route to the top secret documents."
  10. i still have missed textures when i use etlegacy and not when i dont using legacy 74
  11. dont have video drivers problems with 2 different computers
  12. ip
  13. Latest Update: March 9, 2017 [-]March 9, 2017 - Steam Client Update Released A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded. General Added a setting to disable group event and announcement notifications Removed sign-on notifications for friends who are already online/in-game when you first sign-in Fixed several reported crashes and hangs Fixed an issue where some workshop items would be downloaded repeatedly Fixed an issue with recently played games missing from the task-bar menu Fixed an issue with recently played games appearing in the wrong order Fixed scheduled future game updates being invisible on the Download page Fixed install dialog getting stuck while preallocating disk space Fixed Windows taskbar showing pending progress even when there are no updates available Fixed video player failing to start for Windows users with non-ASCII user names Improved error handling when game files are locked by other programs during updates Improved library sort order for games that start with punctuation or Unicode characters Updated Web control to CEF v56.0.2924.51 Big Picture Added confirmation before Restarting/Suspending/Shutting Down from the system menu Fixed an issue causing some controller navigation actions to be ignored Removed unintentional navigation input coming from racing wheels and flight sticks macOS / OS X Fixed an issue which caused some games to crash immediately under OS X 10.9 or earlier Improved color fidelity in the Steam UI on newer 2015 iMac and 2016 Macbook Pro displays Steam Controller Added better offline controller support. Controller Configurations and Pesonalization will now download for offline use after the first online game launch. When offline, edits are local only and will not be uploaded to the cloud. When returning to online mode, the previous online configuration will be restored, but your saved local edits will be available for selection Added Controller Config Preview. When importing a configuration, it will now be previewed first and then it can be accepted or backed out without applying the configuration. While previewing a configuration, all its settings can be viewed, but not changed Added Steam Controller Configuration Links. When browsing configurations, a link can now be copied to the clipboard by pressing the Start button or Control+C. Following this Steam link will how the configuration and it can be optionally applied to the game it corresponds to. This link can be opened via a browser or at the commandline. From the command line, use "start [link]" in Windows, "open [link]" in OSX, and "xdg-open [link]" in SteamOS/Linux. Note that a controller must be active to apply a configuration. Links will be shown in the controller type they were created for, but will be converted to the controller type they are being applied to on application Changed configuration sorting to use a rolling 30-day window. The most popular configurations over the past 30 days are sorted to the top. Added voting to configurations, and added support to optionally sort configurations by votes instead of usage. Added Lock Gyro at Extents option for Joystick Move. When turned off, the controller will no long lock at the full extents, matching old behavior from October Fixed dead-zones on some controllers being too small when using joystick mouse, resulting in drift Fixed a bug where multiple non-Steam Controllers could control the same player Added support for multiple additional PS4 and third-party PS4-style controllers Added audio support for official DS4 v2 Slim controllers Added power-off timeout functionality for PS4 controllers connected over wireless Disabled controller power-off timeout while the configurator is open Added mouse dampening option for Mouse Region mode Fixed XInput controllers getting bad configuration settings if connected prior to Steam login Fixed a bug where configurations for guests could be saved under a generic guest account rather than under the signed-in local user. In-Home Streaming NOTE: recent NVIDIA drivers may cause issues with hardware encoding in Steam, please revert to driver version 376.33 for now if you are unable to stream properly. Increased desktop capture to 60 FPS on Windows 8 and newer Added an option to change desktop resolution to match the streaming client under advanced host settings Added a separate option to enable NVIDIA ShadowPlay capture under advanced host settings Added a recovery path if your graphics driver crashes or resets during streaming. Graphics driver resets may still crash your game anyway. If you experience frequent crashes, we recommend that you disable hardware encoding. Steam VR Fixed green screen when capturing a multiple-monitor desktop with NVIDIA ShadowPlay capture in VR [+]January 19, 2017 - Steam Client Update Released [+]December 12, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]October 13, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]September 23, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]August 16, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]July 7, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]June 10, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]May 4, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]March 31, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]March 28, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]March 8, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]February 2, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]January 1, 2016 - Steam Client Update Released [+]December 10, 2015 - Steam Client Update Released [+]November 10, 2015 - Steam Client Update Released [+]November 5, 2015 - Steam Client Update Released [+]October 14, 2015 - Steam Client Update Released [+]October 8, 2015 - Steam Client Update Released [+]October 7, 2015 - Steam Client Update Released
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Axis Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Defend the generator-room door from being breached to prevent further allied infiltration!" 2 "Primary Objective:**Defend the main generator to maintain active security systems!" 3 "Primary Objective:**Defend the missile controls until the V-2 finishes fueling!" 4 "Secondary Objective:**Build and defend the command post to disable allied re-supplying!" Allied Objective Descriptions 1 "Primary Objective:**Dynamite the generator-room door to gain access to the main generator." 2 "Primary Objective:**Dynamite the main generator to disable the security doors and establish a forward point of attack." 3 "Primary Objective:**Dynamite the missile controls before the V-2 rocket finishes fueling!" 4 "Secondary Objective:**Build and defend the command post to eable forward re-supplying!"