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  1. yes from me! and by the way, you didn't have to call yourself "Ets icpower" here on the site, you could have gone with just your normal playername. :P but hey, if you want it like that keep it like that. welcome to being an Ets Member! :)
  2. you don't see it because it's 2:19am (titanic time), it hit the iceberg 2 hours and 39 minutes ago. :P
  3. yes, but i think it's best for the actual applicant to post their application with their own profile. it just doesn't really feel right to post on their behalf.
  4. i sometimes wonder some people can't post their application with their own account? i'd be happy to help anyone. as for my vote anyway, it's a yes.
  5. a big, wtf moment! The tank sank like the titanic!
  6. Who want's fried Bat Guts!
  7. i suggest using kzip when rezipping the .pk3 to make the filesize of the pk3 as a whole, smaller. means less download time, and less likely for download failure. here's a video of kzip in action: how_an_ets-menu_is_mastered_with_kzip.mp4
  8. feel free to throw on our clantags cuz my answer's YES!
  9. i set your level just be sure to add the tag, and if you need help, i'll be happy to help you.
  10. i been seeing you around on the server for a good while, a good modest player. Sure!
  11. after playing with you one the server for some time, you're a good player! Yes!
  12. Hi Pappy,

    Menu should be in etmain map. Also if one has allready an existing menu it should be overruled, so loaded later than the existing menue



    1. mRcOOL1


      But it also seems not to work at my side at all. I took out the menus I have

  13. sometimes, it's worth the upgrade! i need one. : P
  14. Guys, my left leg is broken.

    i have a Left Fibular Fracture, and it hurts like a fucking son of a bitch.

    It happened while i was carrying a box of my mom's meal replacement shake (slimfast), down the narrow shaky metal staircase just outside and below the front door on my mom's/step-dad's RV i overshot my step on that narrow staircase and fell hard on the ground, breaking my leg.

    i groaned loudly in pain, almost to tears.

    my mom called an ambulance, and i was at the hospital 35 minutes later, got x-rays, was given ibuprofen, splinted, given a pair of crutches, and sent home.

    the paramedics were awesome, and the care at the hospital was outstanding.

    and now i have to go through the painful process of recovering from this nasty accident, so it's going to suck for awhile and it's going to hurt like hell.

    and i hope i don't need surgery for this injury.

    i'll still be on the server as usual, but i need to suspend all my developments for ET while i recover.

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    2. Topcat


      Good to hear it wasnt fully broken, hope you have a speedy recovery 🙂

    3. PsychoPappy 4

      PsychoPappy 4

      Thanks for your well wishes everyone! 5f063488.png.a350c24f52420370e227adf72408cd74.png



      at least you don't need operation

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