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  1. Pappy checks your pm and staff section :rock:

  2. I instantly know that it's cortex, one of my favorite maps! direct map download links are presented here: cortex_who_antifronted cortexbeta_who
  3. PsychoPappy 4

    Windows 10 and FPS

    Here is my way of fixing fps issues in ET on Windows 10, or any other ET problem related with Windows 10. Step 1: Download a Windows 7 SP1 ISO from somewhere on the internet. Step 2: Burn that ISO to a Disc, or make a bootable USB drive from it. Step 3: Boot the computer from the DVD drive or from your bootable USB stick. Step 4: Destroy all the partitions on your harddrive, and install Windows 7. Step 5: Install the drivers for your Hardware. Step 6: Install ET in a custom "Games" Folder in the root of your C:\ Drive, and optimize your ET settings. Step 7: Profit! or to put it bluntly, ditch Windows 10, it's Garbage! Install any OS other than Windows 10. Linux Perhaps?
  4. PsychoPappy 4

    [ETL] Ice

    In my tests it worked with hunkmegs set at 64, but not at 56. Optimizing the map a little may help it work with even the default setting, since the map apparently uses about 50 megs. hunkusage.dat: maps/etl_ice_v2.bsp 49284000
  5. PsychoPappy 4

    [ETL] Ice

    the problem does indeed lie with the fact that most people do not know how to adjust the settings, and some don't know how to even use google. i would say it bluntly that "if you don't know how to use google, then you shouldn't be using a computer." but it may be possible to reduce how much hunk memory the map requires with a little optimization. such as by compressing the images a little to reduce their size, and thus, how much memory they take-up. i know how to do that, as i am nit-picky about those kind of things when i make packages. i even go so far as to use kzip to compress the files into .pk3's and dam does it work, i can shave up to 2MB off the filesize by using that. i'll point you to a few resources: Kzip: http://advsys.net/ken/utils.htm - then download "kzip.exe", it's a command-line utility that has the best possible .zip compression. Optimizing images: https://tinypng.com/ - Tinypng can optimize images with minimal quality loss, i suggest you give it a try. and here's how to use kzip to master a .pk3 take note that mastering a map is a little different, just put kzip.exe into the root of the map's pk3 (where the readme usually goes) and then use "kzip /r <mapname.pk3> *" and it will compress the files into the smallest possible pk3, and once it's done, go into the newly formed .pk3 with 7zip and then delete kzip.exe from the root of the archive since it compresses itself in there too. how_an_ets-menu_is_mastered_with_kzip.mp4
  6. PsychoPappy 4

    [ETL] Ice

    I'm throwing this on my test servers now. **UPDATE i get the same "requested feature was omitted at compile time" error. Both test servers are affected, NoQuarter 1.2.9b6, Silent 0.9.0 When ET Legacy maps get developed, they should be backwards compatible with ET 2.60b.
  7. Updated my signature again, to reflect the new color change!


    1. Kate



  8. PsychoPappy 4

    P E A C E

    I can recommend this song to just about anybody who suffers with anxiety it's a beautiful calming song. often i listen to this song when i sleep.
  9. PsychoPappy 4

    It ' s me

    Nice Song! sounds Empowering.
  10. PsychoPappy 4

    ET and youtube

    So awesome that you made this video, but what a kill junkie you were lol! i even spy a NAPO in there! XD The good old days with NoQuarter!
  11. PsychoPappy 4


    here's my version of this .pk3 that optimizes more than just the hunkmegs:
  12. PsychoPappy 4


    This Elevator is the same as the one used in Clavier.
  13. PsychoPappy 4

    Welcome IPS Temp Admin

    i think i see what you are trying to do here, when somebody joins the site an admin puts a message out to the person who joins, welcoming them to the site. but here is what my automatic welcome message would say: Hello <Insert Username Here>, Welcome to the Enemy Territory Stuff website, Feel Free to browse around the site and get to know the other members. If you need any help around the site, please don't hesitate to ask our site staff for assistance. <Member> Joined on Sep 29, 2018. Also, bethy i suggest you change the Users' Site badge to say: Registered Users
  14. PsychoPappy 4

    rotation ip

    I'm thinking about baserace, saberpeak, v2_factory, and original venice. also get ready to add resurrection! :3 Cortex????????? Clavier?????? goldendunk????? nfl_b2?????
  15. PsychoPappy 4


    Welcome to the site AnotherWhiner! Make yourself at home, set up an avatar!