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  1. My demos of Random stuff

    i gots a plane ticket! in capuzzo wooooo! i captured it in my newest demo.
  2. will like to join

    Another YES from me! A very nice player to have around!
  3. some news

    I fell for this good! you are a master lol!
  4. some news

  5. New World War 2 FPS Games

    I hope the splats will be good in this game, I want The Guts damit!
  6. 2018-03-18-194149-le_lac.jpg

    This is my surprise crush on this map, the door closed on me! and what a mess lol.
  7. Mams

    i have no comment...
  8. St. Patrick's day Parade

    For anyone wondering, this is what i participated in today it's a 2 mile march through stroudsburg and east stroudsburg on main street. This link gives general information on the parade: https://www.poconomountains.com/event/annual-st-patricks-day-parade/13148/ Just note that i wasn't in a band, I was in another area in the parade, i had a blast! It's one thing to watch a parade, it's another to be in it marching!
  9. Ets Silent Folder

    Version 1.0.1


    This silent folder contains everything needed to play on the Ets Main silent server. (except maps) The silent client binaries are also included, select your platform when you download. Install the silent folder into the root of your Enemy Territory Installation. // Notes // This file replaces this one found here: https://enemyterritory-stuff.net/files/file/867-ets-silent-folder/
  10. My demos of Random stuff

    absolutely, and often with failed results due to the axis tardbots. getting a plane ticket has never been so dam hard.
  11. 2018-02-23-130653-capuzzo.jpg

    well, from the tank tracks on the left of the scene, i believe we all know who it was
  12. My demos of Random stuff

    This is a list of demos that i recorded just for fun and some of them are awesome. My stunt in clavier: 2018-02-25-162254-clavier.dm_84 Capuzzo Plane (crush): 2018-02-26-131149-capuzzo.dm_84 Me, Napo, and LUIS, on the fan in clavier: 2018-02-27-203728-clavier.dm_84 Capuzzo Plane (successful flight): 2018-04-06-181739-capuzzo.dm_84
  13. [MAP] Arta Beta 1 released

    @-SSF-Sage There's always more to learn! you never stop learning, even when ur old and grey.
  14. 2018-02-23-130653-capuzzo.jpg

    This guy made a mistake and now he's all over the ground! also he's smiling next to his helmet and intestine. :3 (Guts)

    © Public Domain, (Use Freely!)

  15. 2018-02-20-100603-et_assault_beta4.jpg

    The brightest red Splat i ever seen! (Guts)

    © Public Domain, (Use Freely!)