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    Accidents happen.
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    Oh my...
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    gktradiant maps tutorial

    When you are ready to zip-up the map into a .pk3 file, i recommend using kzip. Kzip can be downloaded from here: http://advsys.net/ken/utils.htm an example usage of kzip in cmd is: "kzip /r filename.pk3 *" it's really easy to use this program, and it compresses a .pk3 file to as small as it can possibly be, thus reducing download time and disk space that it takes up. here's a video that shows basically how to use it, i mastered a server menu: how_an_ets-menu_is_mastered_with_kzip.mp4
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    My demos of Random stuff

    i just posted more demos of my random shenanigans, i got stuck at the commandpost back in may. also i got roadkilled by the plane as it was coming down to land
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    ETS and RTCW

    Interesting, i never thought that RtCW was still alive at all since ET. i always thought it was dead considering that ET came not long after RtCW.
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    Guess who's back!!

    welcome backz!
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    it's great to have you around Master! There are a few of us ET old-timers that are still around, because the game has qualities that can't quite be matched. such as the splats!
  9. I run Vanilla ET for my main game and developments, i use ET Legacy to test out stuff including my developments. ET Legacy isn't yet better in performance in my case, though for newer computers maybe.
  10. PsychoPappy 4

    Unreal 4 Engine

    Unreal Engine has really beautiful visuals! a game by the name of "Titanic: Honor and Glory" uses this engine, and it's freaking stunning! you can download a demo here: https://www.titanichg.com/demo
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    My demos of Random stuff

    i gots a plane ticket! in capuzzo wooooo! i captured it in my newest demo.
  12. PsychoPappy 4

    will like to join

    Another YES from me! A very nice player to have around!
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    some news

    I fell for this good! you are a master lol!
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    some news

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    New World War 2 FPS Games

    I hope the splats will be good in this game, I want The Guts damit!