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  1. Updated my signature again, to reflect the new color change!


  2. PsychoPappy 4

    P E A C E

    I can recommend this song to just about anybody who suffers with anxiety it's a beautiful calming song. often i listen to this song when i sleep.
  3. PsychoPappy 4

    It ' s me

    Nice Song! sounds Empowering.
  4. PsychoPappy 4

    ET and youtube

    So awesome that you made this video, but what a kill junkie you were lol! i even spy a NAPO in there! XD The good old days with NoQuarter!
  5. PsychoPappy 4


    here's my version of this .pk3 that optimizes more than just the hunkmegs:
  6. PsychoPappy 4


    This Elevator is the same as the one used in Clavier.
  7. PsychoPappy 4

    Welcome IPS Temp Admin

    i think i see what you are trying to do here, when somebody joins the site an admin puts a message out to the person who joins, welcoming them to the site. but here is what my automatic welcome message would say: Hello <Insert Username Here>, Welcome to the Enemy Territory Stuff website, Feel Free to browse around the site and get to know the other members. If you need any help around the site, please don't hesitate to ask our site staff for assistance. <Member> Joined on Sep 29, 2018. Also, bethy i suggest you change the Users' Site badge to say: Registered Users
  8. PsychoPappy 4

    rotation ip

    I'm thinking about baserace, saberpeak, v2_factory, and original venice. also get ready to add resurrection! :3 Cortex????????? Clavier?????? goldendunk????? nfl_b2?????
  9. PsychoPappy 4


    Welcome to the site AnotherWhiner! Make yourself at home, set up an avatar!
  10. PsychoPappy 4

    happy birthday Toppy

    WoooHoooo!!!!! not really, i never drink...
  11. PsychoPappy 4

    happy birthday Toppy

    Happy Birthday Toppy!
  12. Happy Birthday Toppy!

    Here's a delicious cake, it has tuna and catnip in it, topped with vanilla frosting and a hint of Lasagna!


    1. Topcat


      Thx I Iove lasagne :D

  13. PsychoPappy 4


    In my eyes, i can't give a dam about my K/D ratio. most of the time, i have more deaths than kills. (most deaths are "probably...... intentional....") My distinctive style of gameplay is that i like knives, poison needles, and anything that Gibs a person into a pile of Guts! especially you'll almost always see me running like a rabbit in a map looking for good places for gibs, like um, a tank, a truck, cliffs (like in fasthold with the mountains and the castle) and any other random shenanigans that i can perform while sort-of helping my team. mainly i just play around in the game and have a blast, while making as much of a mess with splats as i can! also not a big fan of using guns, i'm more likely to use pistols, but guns in general are kinda boring, i fucking hate the PPSH though in silent.... the guns in NoQuarter are FAR better, like the shotgun. and i LOVE kicking people in the ass with my boot in NoQuarter, thats one of the things i miss the most about nq with ETS/WF P.S. i often splat the corpse of those i kill in the game, just for the splat! anyway... back on topic: i don't really see any problems with ashi0k. there is a very clear difference between someone who is cheating and someone who is not, and ashi0k is definitely not a cheater. it's just that his style of gameplay is not exactly the kind that most ETS members are accustomed to these days. we are accustomed to people who are not that great at getting kills, we are just average-skilled players who are just here to have fun and do the objective while also messing around in the maps, and with each-other. There was once a time though when the average player was more-skilled back in the *WF* days, the average player was harder to kill compared to today, plus we ran NoQuarter 1.2.3 so the weapon variety was also much higher.
  14. Version 1.0


    Auto-Optimize ET Settings Purpose: Automatically sets the optimized settings for ET. Settings changed when using this pk3: seta com_hunkmegs 256 seta com_soundmegs 64 seta com_zonemegs 48 seta com_maxfps 125 seta cl_maxpackets 100 seta rate 56000 seta snaps 40 These settings will optimize your ET Gameplay while also preventing the hunk_alloc errors. // Installation // Cut and paste the PK3 included in this .zip into your "etmain" directory. Note: you will need to launch the game and then restart the game after installing this PK3 for the new settings to take effect.
  15. PsychoPappy 4

    Andreas aka Ante Application

    That in-game name is familiar, i believe i remember seeing you back in the WF days. YES!