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  1. This is for Toppy! :P

    this video can lighten moods

    A big YES!! Welcome as a member of Ets Amigo!
  3. This is for Toppy! :P

    Holy shit Bier, that's fucking perfect!
  4. This is for Toppy! :P

    LOL its toppy playing ET! get the joke?
  5. This is for Toppy! :P

  6. Map requests of the week.

    oh i also forgot to add V2 Factory to the request lol!
  7. PsychoPappy 4

  8. Western b1_5 ( test ) + waypoints

    A good map with some fun side things to do, like clay shooting, darts, and trickjumping. although unfortunately as soon as someone or a bot plants dynamite on the door to the dynamite/detonator, it locks out the TJ area.
  9. Map requests of the week.

    i mess with wtc_heist on my test servers, its a decent map with a simple objective, i do lack waypoints for the bots on it though.
  10. Here can be a thread for anyone who wants to request a map. My requests are: Saberpeak Vio_Grail (The Holy Grail) Pirates wtc_heist (is a map most of us never seen before and needs waypoints) Thats about it for the week for me but cortex and clavier still run through the mind XD.
  11. Arta Beta 1 + waypoints

    Love it, It's a fantastic map with a good layout! the only downside is the weather lol.
  12. Hi !

    sure! you are a good player and it's great to have you on board as a member
  13. Generic Silent 0.9.0 Menu

    Version 1.0


    I have developed a generic menu for those having trouble like i did getting a menu to work on Silent 0.9.0 without crashing your servers, All you need to do with this menu is simply customize it for your servers*. *This package is for server admins who have some degree of knowledge for coding menus on ET, you don't have to be an expert to customize this menu but you need to understand some basic ET programming for modifying this menu's pk3.
  14. Holy shit!!!

    the event was a horrible accident, but i gotta say those explosions are quite beautiful though, like enormous fireworks that can be seen for lots of miles! just the loud bangs following the explosions are not exactly pleasant. (ear drum destroying judging from the video)
  15. Holy shit!!!

    Looka deez booms!!! Tianjin China - August 12, 2015