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  1. Dam, USEF was the clan me and my brothers played with just before we found *WF*, my brothers played on USEF from about 2006 until early 2007. i never left here since then, but sadly my brothers have moved-on in life.
  2. SIR YES SIR!!!
  3. you have a big fat YES from me!
  4. Welcome to teh site Loki! :icon_pidu:

  5. man, silent just gets better and better... i can't switch weapons since the dynamite is stuck, it's as-if i was holding the mouse1 button, but i wasn't! 2019-04-30-172604-spearhead_b1.dm_84
  6. Welcome back GEEK*JR!! sorry to hear about your motorcycle accident, motor vehicle accidents are no fun. i wish you a fast and full recovery! and man, feeling old at 39, i'm 23 and sometimes even i feel old looking at how far things have come throughout life... things sometimes get weirder and weirder as you get older. : \
  7. With open arms: YES!!!
  8. holy fuck! PryDpanik!!! Welcome back man!
  9. PsychoPappy 4


    yeah, my plan for an upgrade is sometime next year. when i do get a new laptop, this laptop will become a secondary laptop for a few more years.
  10. Welcome to teh site old friend! :3

  11. PsychoPappy 4


    Just Replaced the screens on these iPhone SE Phones. Note that the one on the left is running it's native iOS firmware from it's release in 2016. ;) And each phone has a label of it's motherboard and iOS version: N69uAP 9.3.3 (Left) and N69AP - 12.1.2 (Right) you can learn more about the iPhone SE here: https://www.theiphonewiki.com/wiki/IPhone_SE
  12. Thanks! the animation does look quite early 2000's like. :3
  13. yesterday, i marched in the 2019 St Patrick's Day Parade in Stroudsburg, PA!

    it waz quite a hike, at roughly 2mi (around 3.22km) distance.

    Marching in a parade is an interesting experience, you wave at people as you pass by and toss candy to children, and you are visible to thousands of people!

    you also end up on TV as well, since our local news stations televise the parade.

    Here's some info on this parade from our local newspaper site:


    1. Bier


      It seems to be geo-blocked....

    2. PsychoPappy 4

      PsychoPappy 4

      BAH!!! wish you had a VPN. :\

    3. Bier


      That will be arranged very soon!
      Only hard to select a vendor with the best balanced speed/privacy/easy-of-use proposition...

  14. Just when you think spring has come:
  15. your profile picture is mesmerizing :P

    it's like an Interdimensional portal, the same scene through the TV, forever.

    1. Bier


      It's called the 'Droste' effect. Named after a Dutch chocolate brand that had such an effect in the artwork of their boxes, way back in the '50's...

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