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  1. Just when you think spring has come:
  2. your profile picture is mesmerizing :P

    it's like an Interdimensional portal, the same scene through the TV, forever.

    1. Bier


      It's called the 'Droste' effect. Named after a Dutch chocolate brand that had such an effect in the artwork of their boxes, way back in the '50's...

  3. Fuck yeah!!! from your friendly neighborhood PsychoPappy!
  4. hey toppy, here's the demo from when i pushed you off the mountain in fasthold: 2019-02-17-182645-fasthold_sp1.dm_84
  5. PsychoPappy 4


    For those wondering what my laptop looks like, here it is! My rundown Toshiba Satellite L755-S5355! Purchase date is December 2, 2011. OS's: Windows 7 x64 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS x64. CPU: Intel Core i7-2760QM GPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Integrated GPU) Display: 1366x768 Generic LCD Display. RAM: 8GB DDR3L (2x4GB) 1600mhz HDD: Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD ODD: Panasonic UJ272 BD/DVD/CD Multi Burner So yeah... despite being quite rundown, it still works, and was upgraded quite a bit over the 7 years i had it. still has the original keyboard too.
  6. The first thing i think of when he says "PsychoKiller" is me running around ET with my knife.
  7. Careful not to get mauled by bears, i hear their claws rip people to shreds, and that can only mean 1 thing... Guts!
  8. Careful, it's staring at you! :O
  9. PsychoPappy 4


    I restored this iPhone to this version of iOS because it's getting a Jailbreak, also apple's not signing it anymore.
  10. PsychoPappy 4


    Restoring an iPhone SE to iOS 12.1.2 (16C104) using Futurerestore with SHSH Blobs i saved for this device. Jelbraeks for teh win!
  11. unfortunately, i didn't find it. : \
  12. Probably true bier, that may very well be him! :P back in the 1970s i think.
  13. That second song, "BODY COUNT - Institutionalized" is pretty funny, like yeah in my opinion it sounds like shit, but it made me laugh! I JUST WANNA KILL SOME MOTHAFUKAS ON XBAWX!!!
  14. yeah, i can't help it... they are adorable.
  15. Hey toppy, when you were a baby, were you one of these kittens? :P
  16. This video from Titanic Honor and Glory is freaking amazing! Timeline of most interesting scenes: 00:00:55 = Titanic strikes iceberg. 01:14:46 = E Deck elevator foyer Flooding. 01:19:54 = Turkish Bath flooding. 01:23:48 = E Deck Grand Staircase Landing and Scotland Road Flooding. 01:49:20 = D Deck First Class Reception Room Flooding. 02:13:57 = C Deck Grand Staircase Landing Flooding. 02:31:53 = B Deck Grand Staircase Landing Flooding. 02:39:12 = Titanic Breakup and sinking.
  17. ignore the spam sign, just look at the face!
  18. Normally they go here: https://enemyterritory-stuff.net/forums/forum/64-medias/ but here is okay. Kate can relocate this thread if desired.
  19. And this is your ram on CHROME:
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