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  1. Cobra

    Cup in Russia

    Well Played France .. England on the other hand have a lot of work to do .. We are useless in the final 3rd .. We need more aggression like in the Premier League and more crosses in the box .. Fix that then we will be good .. We just get to the box then keep tapping it about until we lose it
  2. Cobra

    Cup in Russia

    Good luck for the final Kate !!!
  3. Cobra

    Cup in Russia

    In the Semi final yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!
  4. Cobra

    Cup in Russia

    Sterling only does good for club hes crap for country
  5. Cobra

    Cup in Russia

    Damn heart pounding out my chest with penalties ... ok Sweden you are next
  6. Cobra

    Cup in Russia

    If we beat Colombia i think we will make it to the final Cmon you Lions !!!
  7. Cobra

    Cup in Russia

    Had 2 clear penalty claims also ... damn ref was useless never used the VAR .. Kane bundled twice from corners
  8. Cobra

    Cup in Russia

    Cmon 3 Lions !!!