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  1. Merry Christmas!!

  2. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    The bot problems is that bots dont know where to go with the keycard, they just run around in circles back and forth not knowing where to go with it. I like the goldrush version we have on now
  3. Request for Asylum

    Yes welcome la7ette
  4. Ode to Wolfenstein

    haha funny video
  5. haunted mansion has a Halloween feel to it, is why we sometimes play it around Halloween time.
  6. Rejoining the group!

    Ofc. welcome back
  7. PsychoPappy 4 iz' back!

    Good to see you back and hope all is fine with you now, hope to see you on server
  8. Joining the group Request

    Yes good to see you applied welcome
  9. Greetings All

    Hi and welcome on the forum, alway nice playing with you on server
  10. I would like to join Ets

    Yes welcome Harvester you seem like a nice guy, always good playing with you.
  11. Stiggles has returned!

    And Anto and Gump is not around anymore on our server, but we still have some guys here like oldmanjones, bier, jeropa ect. - Hope to see you on server some day.
  12. I would like to join Ets

  13. so nice remembers

    Yes old wf days
  14. !userlist

    Yes strange, on map italy the bots all seems to re-join, dunno if that is what caused this bot to be on userlist32
  15. Possibly Returning

    Welcome back