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  1. Hi and welcome on the forum, alway nice playing with you on server
  2. Yes welcome Harvester you seem like a nice guy, always good playing with you.
  3. And Anto and Gump is not around anymore on our server, but we still have some guys here like oldmanjones, bier, jeropa ect. - Hope to see you on server some day.
  4. welcome
  5. Yes old wf days
  6. Yes strange, on map italy the bots all seems to re-join, dunno if that is what caused this bot to be on userlist32
  7. Welcome back
  8. Yes maybe best to remove the map vote
  9. Yes of course Knobby, welcome back
  10. What is this ? 2 mins seems a long time for a respawn lol.
  11. Im gonna say yes
  12. Yes sometimes the ramp cannot be fixed, the little repair box that you normally have to build the ramp does not show up. One time it showed up later on after tank was almost at the radar. Not sure if this bug is there everytime but it always used to be working.
  13. That was funny haha, I dont remember ever seeing that magazine before on this map until today, but if I did it must have been long ago so maybe I forgot.
  14. Cool hope to see more screenshots soon