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  1. Topcat

    Guess who's back!!

    Welcome back Nitekiller
  2. Topcat


    Good to see you back Master, nice playing with you.
  3. Topcat

    Cup in Russia

    Good luck to you in France, im sure it will be a great match. Both great teams.
  4. Its not smooth with ETL for you ? Or did you mean now smoother?
  5. Looks nice, havent tried et legacy yet.
  6. Topcat

    will like to join

    A big yes from me also
  7. Topcat

    This is for Toppy! :P

    hehe bier thats how I got the name from that cartoon
  8. Topcat


  9. Topcat

    This is for Toppy! :P

    lol funny And no Kate I dont have a cat hehe.
  10. Topcat

    Hi !

    Never had any problems with you and if you like to be an ETS member its fine with me
  11. Topcat

    Here's to a New Year! [Stiggles Applies!]

    Welcome back Stig, its okay with me, lets see how it goes
  12. Topcat

    Rocketrace Bots seem lost

    Will keep an eye and see if I notice anything
  13. Topcat

    Merry Christmas!!

  14. Topcat

    [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    The bot problems is that bots dont know where to go with the keycard, they just run around in circles back and forth not knowing where to go with it. I like the goldrush version we have on now
  15. Topcat

    Request for Asylum

    Yes welcome la7ette