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  1. NickaBrick

    Request for Asylum

    Great guy, good with me.
  2. NickaBrick

    Rejoining the group!

    Yes, welcome back
  3. NickaBrick

    PsychoPappy 4 iz' back!

    Awesome to see that you are returning, and I am glad to see yet another old member returning
  4. NickaBrick

    Hi all

    Glad to see another old face around here... Welcome back
  5. NickaBrick

    xposed + waypoints

    Have not played this map in ages, would love to see it again only if the issues are fixed... AKA the hunkmegs/barrier 2 axis spawn point.
  6. NickaBrick

    I would like to join Ets

    I have been gone for quite a while with school, but I am back now that exams are over with. I am a late yes and welcome! I have not played with you but I am looking forward to! On a side note, your English is really good
  7. NickaBrick

    Possibly Returning

    We have actually played with each other before a while back But yes, reacquainting would be awesome!
  8. NickaBrick

    Possibly Returning

    Hello, it has been a while since I have even been on here. I have been very busy with my last year of high school, working (etc...). I would just like to say I may return to the forums and Enemy Territory sometime soon (not sure of a date), as I really do miss the game and community. As long as it is fine with Beth and the staff here, I would like to return within the clan if possible. Thanks, ~Nick
  9. NickaBrick

    Hi Guys!

  10. NickaBrick


    Welcome back
  11. i am looking about your chat box issue

  12. NickaBrick


    Welcome Ray
  13. NickaBrick


    Hi Heinie, welcome