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  1. Request for Asylum

    Great guy, good with me.
  2. Demos of weard stuff... and such.

  3. Demos of weard stuff... and such.

    Want me to try and convert these to video format and put them on our YouTube?
  4. Me admin abusing on my silent test server with 50 Bots!!!

    WIll do it either later today or tomorrow depending how tired I am when I get home.
  5. happy birthday920x920.jpg

    1. NickaBrick


      Thanks for the cake lol :P

  6. Rejoining the group!

    Yes, welcome back
  7. PsychoPappy 4 iz' back!

    Awesome to see that you are returning, and I am glad to see yet another old member returning
  8. Hi all

    Glad to see another old face around here... Welcome back
  9. xposed + waypoints

    Have not played this map in ages, would love to see it again only if the issues are fixed... AKA the hunkmegs/barrier 2 axis spawn point.
  10. I would like to join Ets

    I have been gone for quite a while with school, but I am back now that exams are over with. I am a late yes and welcome! I have not played with you but I am looking forward to! On a side note, your English is really good
  11. Possibly Returning

    We have actually played with each other before a while back But yes, reacquainting would be awesome!
  12. Possibly Returning

  13. Possibly Returning

    Hello, it has been a while since I have even been on here. I have been very busy with my last year of high school, working (etc...). I would just like to say I may return to the forums and Enemy Territory sometime soon (not sure of a date), as I really do miss the game and community. As long as it is fine with Beth and the staff here, I would like to return within the clan if possible. Thanks, ~Nick
  14. Hi Guys!

  15. yo

    Welcome back