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  1. Comida-Japonesa

    Someone help me make the shader to work the textures

    I'll see if it helps then I'll tell you if it worked.
  2. Good afternoon, fine, then the next, when I put the textures through etmain and then apply them using gktradiant and then I open the normal map, now when I try to put it through the map folder I created trying to use some shaders there not working, someone could help me please I'm newbie in the editor, I wanted to know how the map creators can make the textures work by the map file I created instead of the etmain folder.
  3. Comida-Japonesa


    Version map test


    prototype map experience test
  4. Comida-Japonesa

    octagon arena

    Version v1_sky_fix


    octagon arena sky fix
  5. Comida-Japonesa

    script win the destroy the objetive

    how to make a script so that one of the teams wins the game after destroying the objective, someone help me please
  6. Comida-Japonesa

    gktradiant maps tutorial

    Good evening, please someone could give me a complete tutorial on how to make the maps for the wolfenstein enemy territory because I'm still at the beginning and every day I'm learning something new, since I thank you
  7. Comida-Japonesa


    Version 1.0.0


    this is new command map created by - comida japonesa