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Halloween for ETS 

From Wednesday 18 till 31 October our Silent server is going to change to Halloween.
all are welcomed to come to play with us the Halloween maps and with a new Halloween soundspack .





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  1. happy birthday Stoer

  2. GreatPyramid

    Hey Amadeus I testet the map in all mods like etmain , noquarter , nitmod , etpro etc. and only noquarter was unable to end the map. The Problem was in the mapscript . I found in every version of this map lines like this ->> "@@@" in the mapscripts. This was the reason why the map in noquarter does not end. Because i dont know which mapversion you are using i make i short tutorial for noquarter.. Go via ftp or scp to your server in your nq folder and create ( if does not exist ) a new folder called "mapscripts" Open your noquarter.cfg and find the line "set g_mapScriptDirectory" ... enter "mapscripts" as value. i.e. set g_mapScriptDirectory "mapscripts" Open the GreatPyramid.pk3 with winrar or 7zip , extract the GreatPyramid.script and open it with notepad++ or similar texteditor. Search for the lines "exitpoint2" and "exitpoint4" and remove the "@@@" in front of "{" i.e. before: exitpoint2 { death @@@ { trigger game_manager Allies_win } } after editing: exitpoint2 { death { trigger game_manager Allies_win } } Save the script and upload it to your mapscripts directory in your nq folder. Restart your server and done Hope it helps. Regards Stoer