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    Hey Amadeus I testet the map in all mods like etmain , noquarter , nitmod , etpro etc. and only noquarter was unable to end the map. The Problem was in the mapscript . I found in every version of this map lines like this ->> "@@@" in the mapscripts. This was the reason why the map in noquarter does not end. Because i dont know which mapversion you are using i make i short tutorial for noquarter.. Go via ftp or scp to your server in your nq folder and create ( if does not exist ) a new folder called "mapscripts" Open your noquarter.cfg and find the line "set g_mapScriptDirectory" ... enter "mapscripts" as value. i.e. set g_mapScriptDirectory "mapscripts" Open the GreatPyramid.pk3 with winrar or 7zip , extract the GreatPyramid.script and open it with notepad++ or similar texteditor. Search for the lines "exitpoint2" and "exitpoint4" and remove the "@@@" in front of "{" i.e. before: exitpoint2 { death @@@ { trigger game_manager Allies_win } } after editing: exitpoint2 { death { trigger game_manager Allies_win } } Save the script and upload it to your mapscripts directory in your nq folder. Restart your server and done Hope it helps. Regards Stoer