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    ET: Legacy 2.76 'The enemy is weakened!'

    All good now! :) Thank you for all you do. Sorry to be a bother.
  2. anotherwhiner

    ET: Legacy 2.76 'The enemy is weakened!'

    Can't get onto server after update to new version. Error says: "silent/~ets_spreesounds_001-dev.pk3" is containing an invalid character for the et: legacy file structure. Downloading file denied. I can get onto other servers OK. :( Here
  3. New computer. All runs well in all other games. I use et Legacy. The game console is normal when I join the silent mod server. But as soon as I begin playing, the console fills with Texture 21 and Texture 22 selection failure notices. As a result, on some maps (but not all) I get heavy tracer effects in skies, etc. I've tried resetting game setting to default or recommended with no luck. Suggestions? system specs alt.txt
  4. I know. I know. I'm replying to my own topic. But......contacted the crew at ET Legacy forum and turns out it was because I had selected the "renderer2" option. Switched back to the "vanilla" option (renderer1) and it works fine now. This thread may now be closed. Issue is resolved.
  5. anotherwhiner


    Kate finally convinced me to sign up. Luv your servers!