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  1. According to what Spyhawk at ETL said, the errors would have always been there in times past with different versions of ETL. But they were "silent." In other words, invisible. In the latest version, they chose to make them readable so that admins could correct their custom paks or map scripts. Near as I can tell, it's not affecting gameplay. :)
  2. Dunno if anyone else is experiencing lots of .wav file errors in their console. (Most probably never open the console to see them anyway.) :) They show up in red. You usually have to scroll up or down in the console to see how the game loaded. They only appear once I log onto the ETS server. They are not there beforehand. I contacted ET Legacy crew an here's what I got back from them: ________ From the source code: if (FS_FOpenFileRead(sfx->soundName, NULL, qfalse) <= 0) { // changed from debug to common print - let admins know and fix such missing files ... Com_Printf(S_COLOR_RED "ERROR: sound file \"%s\" does not exist or can't be read\n", sfx->soundName); return qfalse; } The errors always existed but were silent. Looks like something has to be fixed by the admin (custom sound paks? maps scripts?). (I replied...........) Cool. So it’s not on the client end then if I understand you correctly. (They replied......) Correct. The client now merely tells you there is an error, instead of hiding it. This make it easier for admins to correct their custom paks or map scripts. As a player, you can safely ignore it. --Spyhawk _________ I have attached a couple of screenshots as an example of what I'm seeing. Thanks in advance.
  3. All good now! :) Thank you for all you do. Sorry to be a bother.
  4. Can't get onto server after update to new version. Error says: "silent/~ets_spreesounds_001-dev.pk3" is containing an invalid character for the et: legacy file structure. Downloading file denied. I can get onto other servers OK. :( Here
  5. I know. I know. I'm replying to my own topic. But......contacted the crew at ET Legacy forum and turns out it was because I had selected the "renderer2" option. Switched back to the "vanilla" option (renderer1) and it works fine now. This thread may now be closed. Issue is resolved.
  6. New computer. All runs well in all other games. I use et Legacy. The game console is normal when I join the silent mod server. But as soon as I begin playing, the console fills with Texture 21 and Texture 22 selection failure notices. As a result, on some maps (but not all) I get heavy tracer effects in skies, etc. I've tried resetting game setting to default or recommended with no luck. Suggestions? system specs alt.txt
  7. Kate finally convinced me to sign up. Luv your servers!
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