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  1. The first video review of Vanguard: Normandy 1944:
  2. I play "Post Scriptum" now, Kate, a far superior game .
  3. I don't know, Kate, I don't play "Day of Infamy" anymore. Here's 4 new weapons screenshots from "Vanguard: Normandy 1944" :
  4. Yes, it will be released on "Steam" soon, for about £15.
  5. It's much smaller than "Battlefield 1", Pappy, I think this game will be about "Wolf: ET" size. Here's their website: Vanguard: 1944
  6. This is another game, it's actually been in development for a few years now, that is a team-based World War 2 game which focuses on objectives: I can get videos to appear in my posts now, I've no idea why that's the case. However, here's a link to their video promotion: Vanguard 1944 You can find them on "Facebook" here: Vanguard Facebook This game runs on the "Cryengine", not "Unreal4".
  7. We just increased out "RAM" allocation in our configs and we all stopped crashing. It was the same for other maps too.
  8. That's because they are using a basic config which only allocates a very small amount of "RAM" to the game, Kate. They only have to edit their config file in order to sort the problem. I love the "Venice" map.
  9. The latest video teaser from the World War 2 FPS title, "Post Scriptum"
  10. Most of their players are leaving the game and going to "Hell Let Loose", Stiggles: H & G Thread
  11. Hi folks, I was talking to Kate yesterday about any new World War 2 "FPS", (First Person Shooter), games coming out soon. Here's a couple of videos of 2 amazing new games on the way, first up is "Hell Let Loose" This next video was created by Yo$hik" and it's for "Post Scriptum" Our Clan has already bought "Hell Let Loose", we will test the "alpha" release soon. Both of these games are like huge versions of "Wolf: ET", where teamwork and objectives are the key to winning the maps .
  12. His new version of "American Civil War Mod" has now been advertised on Wolffiles and Splatterladder, folks. Splatterladder Wolffiles
  13. Yes, Kate, I started the game and go it to run . Thank you .
  14. I already have the new download too, Kate, that's not the problem. The problem is this comment from PAV in their SplashDamage thread: "The mode do not interest anyone, it was decided to remove the free download." - PAV Would you please post a reply to him, tell him we only need some new screenshots of the new version of "American Civil War" mod and a "read me" file" to instruct people on how to install and play it? Once we have that information we will advertise it on Wolffiles and Splatterladder. When we advertise this, lots of players will download and play it, it's an excellent, fun mod .
  15. I just read the news, over on SplashDamage, that PAV decided to remove the download for "American Civil War Mod", due to a lack of interest . Unbelievable. We were only waiting for him to post some new screenshots of the new version so that we could advertise it on Splatterladder and Wolffiles. Kate, these lads are French, can you speak to them, please? Ask them to post some new screenshots and to also include a "read me" file in the download with instructions on how to install/run the mod. I've already downloaded it and it looks excellent . SplashDamage ACW Thread
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