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  1. InspirationTuts

    The final part of Gordon's video presentation, folks, the panzerschrek has been finished :
  2. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    Yep, they don't know how to fix it. The fix is quite straightforward, but it's only easy if you know it . Here's a detailed explanation of the hunkmegs fix on one of our old Clan websites: Hunkmegs Problem Fix
  3. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    That means that they have no cap goal, they haven't been shown where the objective is or where it should be placed. @Kate I'm amazed that in 2017 you still have hunkmegs problems in Wolf:ET. We removed that problem years ago, simply by upgrading our old computers .
  4. [POLL] Maps to vote for!

    For Goldrush use Goldrush GALS, it eliminates the Axis camping the gold so much in the bank, there's new ways into the bank: Goldrush GALS For Saberpeak, make sure you have the new Allied spawn scripts or the Axis will own them. For Bremen, use Bremen Truckmod, the version where the truck can be destroyed, this gives the Axis a fairer chance to win the map: Bremen TM For Fueldump, use Fueldump Z Beta 2, it's a beautiful version of the map: Feuldump Z For some different Fueldump fun, play Tiger Dump, where the Axis attack the fueldump instead. This version is amazing and includes the superb Tiger Tank Model, created by Ischbinz: Tigerdump
  5. InspirationTuts

    Yes, Kate, they are finishing their version of "Bergen", which will be superb fun to play .
  6. InspirationTuts

    This is part 2 of Gordon's video series, creating the new Panzerschreck model for "Wolfenstein - ET: Legacy" :
  7. InspirationTuts

    Gordon from "InspirationTuts" has now started his new Panzerschrek model for "Wolfenstein - ET: Legacy", a weapon that I'd love to see being added to the game :
  8. InspirationTuts

    Gordon from "InspirationTuts" has now completed his new MP40 model for "Wolfenstein - ET: Legacy" : If you haven't already, please subscribe to his Youtube channel to show your support for Gordon and the rest of the "ET:Legacy" crew, folks .
  9. Request for Asylum

    Congratulation in joining the ETs|Clan, la7ette .
  10. ETS Member's Posters

    "Kate's got a gun, you better run!" .
  11. !userlist

    I've no idea why that's happened, Kate. It may be a glitch, pertaining to that particular map. Schnoog would be the best person to ask.
  12. ET: Legacy

    LMAO ! Kate, I've played Wolf: ET since it was first released and for the majority of that time I've had less than 50 FPS .
  13. Wolf Enstein

  14. Hello

    Welcome back, TL .
  15. tm_lcity_b5 + waypoints

    Ah, I see, the bots have no "switch" or "door" goal. I'll take a look at them, Kate.