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  1. Wolf Enstein

    RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN - Why was it so good?

    You're welcome, Kemon .
  2. This is the very popular Youtuber, JackFrags', latest video and it's all about our beloved "Return to Castle Wolfenstein". "Return to castle Wolfenstein or RTCW for short was one of my favourite multiplayer games growing up. A slick alternative to CS and Team Fortress at the time, but why was this game so good? Let's take a look! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thank you for watching." - JackFrags
  3. Wolf Enstein

    Unreal 4 Engine

    BlackthornE CL has posted an update on his work with "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" in the "Unreal 4" engine. Multiplayer testing :
  4. Wolf Enstein


    Check this out, ladies 'n' gents, Gordon's superb new V2 rocket model. There's also a destroyed version of the model available too, which means mappers can make good use of it in their projects, especially for "ET: Legacy" : If you haven't already, please subscribe to Gordon's channel and "like" his videos too, folks. He does all this amazing work free of charge.
  5. Wolf Enstein

    Unreal 4 Engine

    Yep, I've seen that video, matey, really amazing graphics .
  6. Wolf Enstein

    Unreal 4 Engine

    He's remaking the "Seawall Battery" map next, Kate .
  7. Wolf Enstein

    Unreal 4 Engine

    Ever wondered what "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" would look like when running on the "Unreal 4 Engine", folks? Well, wonder no more. Here's what the classic map, "Siwa Oasis", looks like when ported into "UE4" : Amazing work .
  8. Wolf Enstein

    Post Scriptum

    The latest video teaser from the World War 2 FPS title, "Post Scriptum"
  9. Wolf Enstein

    New World War 2 FPS Games

    Most of their players are leaving the game and going to "Hell Let Loose", Stiggles: H & G Thread
  10. Wolf Enstein


    In case you missed it, here's a great tutorial from Gordon of "InspirationTuts", creating a gun model from start to finish in "3Ds Max" : Gordon is making all these wonderful models, free of charge, for "Wolf: ET" and not one of you has posted your thanks or shown your support for him on any of his Youtube videos. Just think about that for a minute, folks.
  11. Wolf Enstein

    New World War 2 FPS Games

    Hi folks, I was talking to Kate yesterday about any new World War 2 "FPS", (First Person Shooter), games coming out soon. Here's a couple of videos of 2 amazing new games on the way, first up is "Hell Let Loose" This next video was created by Yo$hik" and it's for "Post Scriptum" Our Clan has already bought "Hell Let Loose", we will test the "alpha" release soon. Both of these games are like huge versions of "Wolf: ET", where teamwork and objectives are the key to winning the maps .
  12. Wolf Enstein

    My demos of Random stuff

    Everyone loves the Capuzzo Seafire, Pappy, we always try to fly out on it at the end of the map .
  13. Wolf Enstein

    capuzzo_final + new waypoints 2018

    Thanks for these, Sage bro, I'll add them to our servers ,
  14. Wolf Enstein

    [MAP] Arta Beta 1 released

    Now advertised on "Wolffiles", all the "RtCW Facebook" channels, "RtCW Steam" and the "Splatterladder" main page .
  15. Wolf Enstein


    Gordon has just released a timelapse video of the creation of his Sten MK V for "Wolfenstein - ET: Legacy". A detailed video on the creation of this superb new model will follow soon :