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  1. ETS Member's Posters

    "Kate's got a gun, you better run!" .
  2. !userlist

    I've no idea why that's happened, Kate. It may be a glitch, pertaining to that particular map. Schnoog would be the best person to ask.
  3. ET: Legacy

    LMAO ! Kate, I've played Wolf: ET since it was first released and for the majority of that time I've had less than 50 FPS .
  4. Wolf Enstein

  5. Hello

    Welcome back, TL .
  6. Love this map .
  7. tm_lcity_b5 + waypoints

    Ah, I see, the bots have no "switch" or "door" goal. I'll take a look at them, Kate.
  8. Ah, okay, Macc. I thought I'd missed the official release of the map there . @ Kate - I'll take a look at the waypoints for you and see if I can identify the problem.
  9. Have you officially released this map, Macc ?
  10. hallo :P

    Welcome to the website, Rogan bro .
  11. ET: Legacy

    I've already voted for ET: Legacy .
  12. American Civil War Mod

    His new version of "American Civil War Mod" has now been advertised on Wolffiles and Splatterladder, folks. Splatterladder Wolffiles
  13. ETLEGACY 2.74

    The Devteam are wanting to remake all popular maps, Kate, this will mean replacing all the old textures with new ones, this will obviously take time to complete .
  14. American Civil War Mod

    Yes, Kate, I started the game and go it to run . Thank you .