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  1. Hey! Even more hardrockers! This clan rules even more with every new addition! Welcome! Is what I say... Played many a map with Harvester already. Real decent teamplayer! (Not to be the wise-nose over here, and not even being a native English speaker, but you spelled Harverster like that intentionally?)
  2. Played many a map with Deaditeprime already. Engineer, Sci-Fi, Rock and Metal... I say 'Welcome!!' too!
  3. Nice... Hope to get acquainted!
  4. Hi Toudylord, Welcome back. Hope to see you soon on the server and get acquainted.
  5. Welcome! Luckily the Brexit is not an issue here! Hope to get acquainted soon!
  6. That info, Sage, makes me reconsider and go for option 1. But for mappers it might be a bit more work, creating those 'recreational activities' in the waiting room. It sounds promising though...
  7. Just what I thought... :-) But if I'm forced to choose, I'd go for option 2. What's the use of running circles in a room...?!
  8. Yes for sure! Friendly dude!
  9. Nice! I can see we have already one thing in common. Our age! :-)

  10. Again I have no words for this kind of 'humans', destroying the lives of so many people and their families. The words I do have are surely to 'politically incorrect' to not be considered 'freedom of speech' anymore... 50 children... For god's sake!!
  11. Many of his songs were translated to Dutch, performed by Dutch artists, and they still sounded good, but I know he is the source. Brings back good memories...
  12. Maybe Kate fixed that already. When we posted that the server was in test...
  13. I Agree! But I hear nobody about the high firing rate of the weapons? I like it... :-) And... Map downloading now works perfectly, 1.4 Mb/s instead of 17Kb/s! Big thumbs-up!
  14. That would be awesome!
  15. Hey Dirk,

    How are ytou?
    Have not seen you around for a while now on the server. You activity shows you are still around, but maybe you play at other times now? Just curious....


    1. DirkPitt


      Hi there Bier, I'm still around but I am back to working. So my time online is a little off and on. Also we are in the process of moving, we sold our house in February and we move into our new place in July. We spent almost 3 months looking for a new place so that also cut into my playing time. Once we move in July I will be online a little more. See you soon.

    2. Bier


      Hey Dirk,

      I can imagine all that keeps you busy. These things need proper attention....

      After the holidays over here i´m going to take quite a similar road. After 15 years living in our current house, we think it´s time to move also. Our 2 boys are a LOT bigger than they used to be, and it´s all getting a bit cramped at times... Alas the housing market over here is a true disaster, with almost no interest on mortgages and not enough houses available, prices soar! One really has to get lucky to find something acceptable...

      But in a few weeks it´s July, so I wish you a smooth transition in advance, and hope you don´t break anything important! :-)

      Good luck!!