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  1. Bier


    You are not doing your name justice, so, Great!! Love to see your answers on the application!
  2. Bier

    happy birthday Toppy

    Hey Topster, Happy Birthday M8!! Live long and prosper...
  3. Bier


    Great! A steady player on my night shift. So Yes, and please consider knifing Pappy too!
  4. Bier

    Dis is for beer*

    Haha!! And now I'm the victim of you honing these skills... Ah well, as long as it leads to something.
  5. I'm still not sure why the server would have a problem with this map... Why don´t we test? Let´s pick a night and play it 10 times in a row. :-)
  6. Bier

    some news

    Haha! Good One! I went for it all the way! If you can trick people when they are expecting to be tricked, you the man! Only the best AFD jokes have this effect, so don't apologize...
  7. Bier


    Like! (still can't)
  8. Bier

    This is for Toppy! :P

    Thought so.... You also have the age to have seen it on tv!
  9. Bier


    Hey Luis, Great to have you turn to Ets!!! Here the re-re-re-translation , just for good measure: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Invitation received from: PSYCHOPAPPY 4 Name of the game: Name WARPATH Real: LUIS ENRIQUE SALAZAR LOPEZ Location: TLAJOMULCO DE ZUÑIGA, MEXICO Gender: MAN Age: 17 1 / Reason why you want to join: answer questions 1. What is the best of the Ets server? THE COMPANIONS AND MAPS 2. What is your opinion on the following things: -the rotation of the map: GOOD -the usual customers on the server: EVERYTHING IS GOOD -The Ets Friendly group on the server THAT IS 2 / Reason for which you wish to join (Please, put a yes or no next to the options provided): 1) To have more power in the server: NO 2) Be part of a friendly community of players: YES 3) Other reasons (give them): Are you currently or have you ever been in a clan? DO NOT Name of the clan and reason to leave? (If yes to the previous question): You have Skype ? NO BUT YOU CAN IF YOU ASK ME Do you have discord? DO NOT How many hours a day does ET play?: 5 HOURS AND OTHER DAYS 7 How many hours a week does ET play? 40 HOURS Preferred class: ENGINEER Primary weapon: M1 GARAND Backup class: MEDICAL Secondary weapon: GUNS Hobbies: THE FAMILY AND AFTER THE VIDEO GAMES Favorite movie: THIS DIFFICULT What music do you listen to: ROCK MORE THAN NOTHING Have you read and agree to all the rules and regulations? YES http://enemyterritory-stuff.net/forums/topic/58-servers-rules/
  10. Bier

    This is for Toppy! :P

    Toppie ís a cat!
  11. Bier

    Hi !

    Decent player indeed. Nice to have you on board!
  12. Bier


    Usually we are already a bit acquainted with new members... But as this is not the case now, I'll trust the judgement of La7ette!
  13. Bier

    Addicted to ET when ...

    33.33333% now...
  14. Bier

    Request for Asylum

    I love to play with this guy! Has everything we want from an ETS badge carrying member, so thumbs up from me!