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  1. Herr

    Usually we are already a bit acquainted with new members... But as this is not the case now, I'll trust the judgement of La7ette!
  2. Addicted to ET when ...

    33.33333% now...
  3. Request for Asylum

    I love to play with this guy! Has everything we want from an ETS badge carrying member, so thumbs up from me!
  4. Anidees

    and an ashtray!
  5. Capture 17.PNG

    Getting there already, kate?
  6. Joining the group Request

    Wow! That will make a great desktop wallpaper. Sweet!
  7. Joining the group Request

    Thats witty enough for me! :-) And sorry for that RPG to the face. Next time I will try to aim about 3 feet lower! Welcome!
  8. I would like to join Ets

    Hey! Even more hardrockers! This clan rules even more with every new addition! Welcome! Is what I say... Played many a map with Harvester already. Real decent teamplayer! (Not to be the wise-nose over here, and not even being a native English speaker, but you spelled Harverster like that intentionally?)
  9. I would like to join Ets

    Played many a map with Deaditeprime already. Engineer, Sci-Fi, Rock and Metal... I say 'Welcome!!' too!
  10. Possibly Returning

    Nice... Hope to get acquainted!
  11. Hello

    Hi Toudylord, Welcome back. Hope to see you soon on the server and get acquainted.
  12. knobby

    Welcome! Luckily the Brexit is not an issue here! Hope to get acquainted soon!
  13. zugzwang

    Yes for sure! Friendly dude!
  14. Nice! I can see we have already one thing in common. Our age! :-)

  15. Fucking world

    Again I have no words for this kind of 'humans', destroying the lives of so many people and their families. The words I do have are surely to 'politically incorrect' to not be considered 'freedom of speech' anymore... 50 children... For god's sake!!