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  1. Bier


    Chef: Close your eyes, children!
  2. Hehehehe.... Luis my amigo, this would almost imply that you do not have so much trouble with the English language... :-)
  3. Hahahaha!! I had a kinda similar picture...
  4. Bier


    Every worn patch is a token of love for this machine! It must feel like a physical extension of yourself by now. This almost brings a tear to my eye, seeing equipment carrying this patina of usage...
  5. Bier


    Can't be too dodgy... It's a Toshiba! My favourite laptop brand for years! Have a Satellite Pro A50 myself now, and worn out many predecessors... You practically have to do euthanasia on them if you want to have an upgrade because it won't die gracefully by itself. :-)
  6. More Tunes!! Just think PsychoPappy whenever he sings PsychoKiller! :-)
  7. Bier

    Fall 2017 Deer Trail Cam

    You are cruel man, that is one of Bambi's descendants... Nah! :-) I can almost taste it! Fire!!
  8. Bier


    Funky.... That the dodgy laptop you are always talking about? :-)
  9. Remember the tune at the start of the Radar map? With the two radars that must be blown up and the babyarm...?
  10. Yeah... Language so colourful it stands on it's own... ;-) But did you find the reference I mentioned in the first song?
  11. Bier

    Configs & Scripts

    Quite extensive. I specially like the numkp binds and volume setting. I'll try this out as soon time permits!
  12. He's probably the dark one... He trickjumped out of the box!
  13. Nice song, although I have to be honest that it is not the kind of music I usually listen too. I like some adrenaline inducing music to take me into The Zone and hurdle me through my code... When you was listening this when we played I had this on: (no pun intended. Really!) (And there is also some familiar tune in it... Can you guess it?) But something like this will also do: (Great cover, original by Suicidal Tendencies) Guess your have probably fled your room by now.... :-)
  14. " If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you. "

    LOL true, because you will hit the hard ground and splat all over!

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