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  1. Our benevolent mistress Kate has just put that map into the rotation, as shown in this post. So it should be available on the ETS server...
  2. Could it be : Cortex Who Antifronted? https://www.google.com/search?q=wolfenstein+enemy+territory+maps+zeppelin+blimp&client=firefox-b&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:Cdlj7l9HxQE4IjjmH-ve4mRcOQVbT83QpzKNYCJgjg_1qg3NufqSU60hkpiUfn_1ESEu-WshJPpq0j6BZ0fP_1bN-uc2yoSCeYf697iZFw5ESHo3D6qJuBuKhIJBVtPzdCnMo0RDSzRVDwBO5AqEglgImCOD-qDcxEh6Nw-qibgbioSCW5-pJTrSGSmEQ0s0VQ8ATuQKhIJJR-f8RIS75YRXoINuhdx2EsqEgmyEk-mrSPoFhFfT6rL4CIWXCoSCXR8_19s365zbEV6CDboXcdhL&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjE7MOivYbfAhUFK1AKHUMzA-MQ9C96BAgBEBs&biw=1475&bih=904&dpr=1.25 Having seen this map I'm almost sure there must be another one with the same concept....
  3. I guess that we the players are the tiny soldiers... I still think it is the map that plays in a huge house, where everything is made on a huge scale so the players look very small. It has a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, and that huge stairs with the cable carts beside it. It also has a spawn right on top of a huge table... Done some googling, but it did not show up. Tonight I will browse through my .pk3's... It's also a typical PsychoPappy map. Maybe he can throw in his 2 cents...
  4. Yes, i'm hilarious, I know... But seriously, I only meant to describe a map I played that might fit your description. But if it does, I don't remember the name either, but we have more to search on... The map I describe really exists... We usually are very serious here at ETS...
  5. Where you have to bring CD's to a CD-player? The one that has firetrucks, blimps, a gameconsole and is on a huge scale? No... Don't know that map.
  6. Bier

    Windows 10 and FPS

    Already tried the: \seta r_primitives 2 setting? My AMD graphics card needed it.
  7. Bier


    You are not doing your name justice, so, Great!! Love to see your answers on the application!
  8. Bier

    happy birthday Toppy

    Hey Topster, Happy Birthday M8!! Live long and prosper...
  9. Bier


    Great! A steady player on my night shift. So Yes, and please consider knifing Pappy too!
  10. Bier

    Dis is for beer*

    Haha!! And now I'm the victim of you honing these skills... Ah well, as long as it leads to something.
  11. I'm still not sure why the server would have a problem with this map... Why don´t we test? Let´s pick a night and play it 10 times in a row. :-)
  12. Bier

    some news

    Haha! Good One! I went for it all the way! If you can trick people when they are expecting to be tricked, you the man! Only the best AFD jokes have this effect, so don't apologize...
  13. Bier


    Like! (still can't)
  14. Bier

    This is for Toppy! :P

    Thought so.... You also have the age to have seen it on tv!