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  1. Wreckdum


    Topcat - all us Canadians look alike ;) Kate - I definitely recognize those names but I came in later on USEF so some had already left or were on their way out. PsychoPappy - those were years I was on the server. I have a terrible rep for names but if I hear them then I usually remember. I was definitely on in the Soulrider years, he was good at keeping the team solid. Super happy to be part of ETS and I’ll see you all for a good several rounds on the weekend. Cheers !
  2. Wreckdum


    Thanks Bier, cheers to many more rounds ;)
  3. Hi everyone ! Great to be on board :) I've been playing ET for years, with a little hiatus between. I'm so glad there is still a following because even with all the new games, this is where my heart still is. Look forward to being on both sides of the knife and gun with you all !
  4. Wreckdum


    Hey Topcat ! I'm familiar with the name ICPower, I've played on the server when he/she was on. But I don't recall the name from my past USEF days.
  5. Wreckdum


    Thanks for your consideration 🙏🏼
  6. I can't vote yet but you've got my vote SC88 ! Awesome teammate or stabby enemy ;)
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