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    Indeed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11_nsW151tg
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    Received Invitation from: beth In Game Name: zugzwang Real name: Austin Location: the states Gender: male Age: 20 1/Reason you want to join: Answer questions 1. What is the best thing about the Ets server? My ping, the friendly bots, the people, the double jump, etc. 2. What is your opinion on the folow things: -the map rotation: I already posted about the maps I'd like to play. It's fine. -the regulars on the server: I have no problems with them. -the Ets Friendly group on the server: No problems 2/Reason you want to join (Please put a yes or no beside the choices provided) : 1) To have more power on the server: YES/NO No 2) To be part of a friendly community of gamers: Yes 3) Other reasons (give them): Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? Yes to the latter Clan name and Reason for leaving? (if you answered yes to above question): WF was the most recent, and I left because I had other things to do. Do you have Teamspeak? Not currently How Many Hours A Day Do You Play ET ?: too many How Many Hours A Week Do You Play ET ?: (too many*7) = way too many Prefered Class: Medic Primary Weapon: SMG Backup Class: Engineer Secondary Weapon: SMG Hobbies: Chess as my name suggests, though it's more like my life. Favorite Movie: I can't remember. I like a lot of the Hitchcock films, though. What music do you listen to: I'll listen to mostly anything, as long as some thought has went into it. Have you read and do you agree with all rules and regulations? http://enemyterritory-stuff.net/forums/topic/58-servers-rules/ Yes
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