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  1. You might try looking at Heroes and Generals. F2P, pretty fun. I play it now and then.
  2. Received Invitation from: Pappy In Game Name: The Stig / Stiggles Real name: Eric M. Location: West Tennessee, United States Gender: Male Age: 16 1/Reason you want to join: Answer questions 1. What is the best thing about the Ets server?: The people, it was a great community when I was hear in WF, and many of them are still here. 2. What is your opinion on the folow things: -the map rotation: Very Excellent! It is constantly updated, so you never get tired of the same old maps. -the regulars on the server: Awesome! I've played with Napoloen, Bob, and many others, and not once have I had an issue. -the Ets Friendly group on the server: Even better! 2/Reason you want to join (Please put a yes or no beside the choices provided) : 1) To have more power on the server: NO 2) To be part of a friendly community of gamers: YES 3) Other reasons (give them): To come back, as my new years resolution (one of the two) is to be back and active here. Are you presently or have you ever been in a clan? Outside of ET, I am currently in one. In ET, yes, I was once in WF. Clan name and Reason for leaving? (if you answered yes to above question): Went inactive. During that time, there was a sort of reform, in which I was stripped of rank. Do you have Teamspeak? Yes. How Many Hours A Day Do You Play ET ?: 1-3 How Many Hours A Week Do You Play ET ?: 4-9 During school months, 5-15 during the Summer and Breaks. Prefered Class: Soldier Primary Weapon: MG42 Backup Class: Medic Secondary Weapon: Thompson / MP42 Hobbies: Gaming, and my Youth Police Division. Favorite Movie: "Patton" (1970) What music do you listen to: Country / Dubstep / Rock Have you read and do you agree with all rules and regulations? AMEN, I HAVE. http://enemyterritory-stuff.net/forums/topic/58-servers-rules/
  3. Lord all mighty. Some of you might know me from WF, I sort of began to break off sometime around when WF merged with ETS. I've not spoken with anyone since. No, I've not died. I've just crashed on the hammerhead, gotten distracted. I had a few good friends here, and it would be absolutely awesome if I could talk to McBeth, Topcat, gump, and Anto, and catch up on what I've missed. It's been forever, and you guys were the best group of people I had known when I was in WF. I'd like to even get to talk to old WF members that I left out, like ultra and you all. I might think about coming back and joining ETS again, and get back into Wolfenstien as much as I used to be. Audios amigos!
  4. I am, sincerely, really, sorry for being away for such a long time. I am now finished with my 1st semester of school, which was hard as all hell, and am not onto the second semester, which, is NOT as difficult. I am sorry If I have annoyed, or been an inconvenience to anyone here back at my ''life-away-from-life'', and hope to be on at least every day. See you on the server, and happy hunting!
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