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  1. twt_thunder

    Maps contest for 2018

    next year I'll join too for the fun of it
  2. twt_thunder

    Some info from TheWolfTeam

    thanx, if there are mappers around here there will be some interresting repos over at twt's github https://github.com/thewolfteam/md3_models_for_Wolfenstein_Enemy-territory as an ex.
  3. twt_thunder

    Some info from TheWolfTeam

    this should do the trick I belive, Kate affiliates.txt
  4. Again something wierd happend to our site and we are tired of needing to backup, fix, upload stuff. So We are doing some BIG changes. Our main site and forum will now be hosted at ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/company/thewolfteam our prefabs if not hosted here or on wolfiles will be on github: https://github.com/thewolfteam There will also be tutorials on github: https://github.com/thewolfteam/Mapping_Tutorials/wiki I am sorry for all inconvinience this may cause, but also me and the others would like some time to do other things like mapping and playing. myself is very occupied in ETLegacy development atm trying to give us a better game visually and is pretty deep into renderer2 and bringing normalmapping,specularmapping and other cool stuff to the game. so if you want to contact us, you either need an ModDB account or you can join us at Discord at following link: https://discord.gg/MQmCMfu here you most of time can actually chitchat live with us Happy Hunting, Thunder
  5. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

  6. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

    Map are updated and so are waypoints, have a blast with it
  7. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

    they come things just takes time Kate
  8. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

    The map is in a storyline of 3 maps : china_beach - trenches - saigon So this one will stay as it is to follow story line.. but perhaps someone do another version when source is released.. Just waiting for some more feedback around BTW {WeB}*GANG$TA*, Yes Kic is a member of twt
  9. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

    Now finally things should work, please do test the maps on servers http://www.thewolfteam.org/cmdownloads/trenches/
  10. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

    still problems with that damn forward spawn...
  11. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

  12. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

    there is some wierd bugs in this map we are trying to solve
  13. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

  14. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

    also downloadable at twt
  15. twt_thunder

    TWT Maps

    Alps trail is out